The Devil Made Me Do It

Doing some research, getting ready to hit spots in the Philadelphia area with the name ‘Devil’ in them. Boy, sure is a popular place name.

I found the ‘Devil’s Pocket’ neighborhood, which sports a perfect parallelogram symmetry/geometry, which I found intuitively interesting. Probably won’t get to the bottom of ‘hey, why’d you name this neighborhood that nice name, anyway?’, and 'hey, why’d you lay those streets out in that apparently intentional parallelogram?'but rather will simply go proactively take care of it.

Also ‘Devil’s Pool’, the most garbage-strewn site in Fairmount Park. Negative energy vortex, anyone? Might a fun, forever ‘sticky’ thread, busting of Devil place names (which could include sidebars like Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, et al).

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