The etheric suppression of free energy tech

I’ve been led on and inspired by the operators to do etheric work on the suppression of free energy/new energy technology. It’s been an intense 3-4 days, wasn’t easy as they went into full tilt rage, with me living right next to or on top of an underground base. I thought it good to post about, since I think it will help me to get a breather. Some of it is subjective info, so posted here under the psychic intel forum. Anyone with a powerwand and experienced with using heart energy, definitely recommended to work on this if you feel inclined. Probably some of the more productive things to do besides gifting.

Sharing an email conversation I had with Don about this, while this has been going on.


I’ve started doing etheric work to help the emerging of new energy technologies.

I think nothing enrages them more, but very fruitful I think for us. It’s 2017, high time for the

environment to become more friendly for innovators in that regard. :)

(I remember the first time I did this a few months ago , very much guided by the operators. It think it was like

a dark chamber within the NSA, sort of like a containment chamber that held inventions. Very dark energy it was,

and the etheric help was massive to release that.)


An effort like yours might be easy to track, Frode. It’s even been impossible for the inventors to give away their info due to extortion and murder.


Yes, and most of the ‘inventions’ that come out these days are often fakes to make it difficult for anyone who is interested
in that topic.

Their suppression of this type of tech feels like their ultimate sacred cow, but I think progress was made today.


The fakes are pretty easy to pick out, Frode, because they appeal for money and somehow get a lot of promotion. Real inventors fund their own efforts or capitalize them in a personal way. Stven J Smith apparently talked someone into giving him $1300 per month for a year to develop his, for instance. He was killed right away, after that. Wilhelm Muller spent hundreds of thousands over the years, including paying for traveling to Germany and China to demonstrate it to large crowds of scientists and engineers in teh early 90s. At the time he was selling a powerful magnet engine for $20,000 that fit in a suitcase. By the time I could afford one he’d been killed but he was on the threshold of mass producing them for $3,000, retail price, in Vancouver.



I appreciate you sharing that, I’ve had a few challenging days as they got plenty mad of course with the etheric work that has been done (with the highest of help).
In any case probably safer for me to do this than for anyone in the United States, which is the Bastion of this suppression. (different groups have been attacking

me from underneath this area though, I found out yesterday the Brits had setup shop down there. Satanists made a comeback and also attacked me from underneath the house last night,

and they payed for that. etc etc).

I think it was in 2001 I got interested in this topic, and here we are 16 years later and we still don’t have the technology freely available.

Getting rid of the etheric suppression probably happens in a timely way, once the darkness is gone from this topic, it won’t be so easy for them to stop natural progress.

There is lots of progress at this point in every other field of human endeavour, but this field has been held back. Not without reason, it’s their linchpin for controlling things at a material level.

Eugene Mallove is also one of those that got murdered, for advancing the cause of cold fusion or LENR.

Re-reading the fate of some of these inventors, really motivates me. Enough is enough. ;)


You’re on the right track by attacking this eherically, I think. The ether is always their primary theatre of operation, after all. All of the intel agencies base their poisonous efforts on sorcery and the high-tech stuff seems to be secondary to all that.
I might have mentioned that in early 2004 we did a radionics job on the Federal Reserve Corporation and by the end of that year the Chinese took control of it ;-). I can’t claim credit for it but if feels like we had a part in the victory.
The Chinese will probably advance free energy tech because they have no oil in the ground and they’re more powerful than the western sewer rats, after all. Their main concern has to be to prevent economic collapse in the West but destroying the energy cartel won’t necessarily do that. I personally know that everyone is eager to have free energy. The same is not true about healing tech because there are many generations of brainwashing in place to prevent the rapid spread of that. The enemy was too short sigthed to make up brainwashing about free energy, haha, even though it’s been around since the late 1800s.

Yes, I’ve been subjected to a lot of radionics and magic myself, but that has also trained me I suppose. The etheric suppression surrounding the issue of energy use on the planet is quite intimidating and there are challenging aspects of it, but I’m not deterred. Much progress has been made in few days, I’ve worked on it a lot. They attack me all the time, so it’s a full time job anyways. I got more EP devices along the the river yesterday, and that helps much, I think I’m reaching the tipping point with the local harassment.

I essentially rely on God, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, and the operators in all their forms and this is probably inspired work. Very important to have a pragmatic no-nonsense approch, I find, because they like to rely on irrationaly and ego to suppress this tech. Free energy has been viewed as a holy grail, but I think that is part of of the mind programming, like a carrot on a stick or a pie in the sky. Better to view it as a soon-to-be normal part of life, and a wonderful part at that, but normal. ;)
It’s interesting you are mentioning the Chinese, because that came up after the worst of the US negativity had been dealt with (which is still an ongoing thing, they got really mad). There’s been a sort of smugness from the Triads, it provoked me a lot that they think they can roll out free energy tech as a policy when they seem it fitting for their own purposes, when good honest inventors have worked so hard and been held back for so long, many of them worked for decades only to get an unfortunate fate.
I put it to the test today and asked the Triad plans regarding free energy to be blessed. I don’t think that went so well for them. ;) I sensed they have labs to develop that tech, but they are self-serving and want to control it or at least be the ones to take credit for it. I’ve sensed the Russians in tie with that, but they seem more content to want to bask in the achievements of Russian academia.
I don’t pretend to make decisions on what is going to happen, I’m very much a passive player in this except holding the intent (I’m deathly scared of doing anything wrong anyways). But as far as I’m concerned the progress belongs in the hands of the people, and we have probably reached critical mass already, it’s just a matter of releasing that etheric plug that holds it back.

(I think it’s the aliens that came up with the idea of suppressing free energy, they probably knew that from the get go it was a necessary step. Working on this issue seems to weaken their hold on the planet. There was these big, twisted or knotted cords that started leaving the planet in various places, and I interpret it as them loosing hold in that regard).

I think I’ll post this discussion of ours on EW, if you’re ok with that.


I’m not blind to the horrific nature of the Chinese regime, don’t worry. Someone in Peking bought four T-Rx zappers from us last week and I assume that they’ll be marketing a knockoff before long. If we played our cards right, that will only help our sales ;-)

I assume the Chinese have all of the free energy inventions perfected to the stage of mass production by now. Unlike the US/UK/Israel mass murderers, the Chinese regime is pragmatic and understand that their own survival depends on the liberation of the Chinese people over time. They seem to do what they can to slow the progress but they seem to know that their demise is inevitable, also unlike the US/UK/Israel monsters.

If you keep going with your radionics effort it’s bound to speed progress of free energy info release and I"m really glad that our forum can host your reports.

You might be the Earthpipe King by now, by the way ;-)


Definitely, there’s a lot of open source movements at this point, people tinkering and sharing videos on youtube etc.

Taking away the negativity is probably a recipe for success, just from the fact that people can be left alone.

We’ll see what happens.

I bet there’s a number of people that has planted more EPs, but I think I’m at 300 EPs total so far which helps a lot.

Hey Frode. About 10 years ago i saw where these guys in scottland or ireland, cant remember, had invented a free energy generator about the size of 1000W gas generator that was capable of running a very large compound. one the size of a semi trailer could run an average city. they had made a bunch of them and sent them out to third world nations to help with their power needs. They also dared any scientist that cared to try and understand how it worked. They actually stumbled on the discovery and really had no idea how it worked, despite being able to build them any size. They also vowed to never be bought out because they wanted the technology to go all over the world. well i dont know if they sold out or were murdered, but i cant even find a trace of their website anywhere on the net. not even archived. i cant remember the name of the company now, it was about 8 years ago i last looked at their sight, sometime shortly after that it disappeared from the net.

Thank you for sharing your experience with this. Sounds a lot like most of the cases regarding free energy inventions. I thought this was a good read:…ssion.html

This is another example of an invention that never went anywhere (at least for the time being)

Magnet motor

Apparently there’s a lot of inventors around with working designs, but they are waiting it out until it is safe.

(I’m not surprised, the CIA plus other groups have been seriously on my case here with etheric attacks, but I’m currently making the EP grid denser closer to home, typically every few hundred meters. They think they own the world, I disagree).

Been working on this every day, it’s been very intense and a lot of energy released which I think speaks to the volume of the suppression that is in place. But also that humanity is awakening for sure. Why wait another 15-30 years or whatever for this to come to fruition? I don’t have the patience anymore. I’m not a techie in this regard but can certainly help with the etheric side of it.

One inspired idea that came along was to merge the orgonite field that exist in the world with the free energy technology field so it becomes more healthy. I have no idea how to do that, but I hand it over to the operators to work on (it helped me a lot because I felt I was up against the energy cartel, they weren’t happy.)

A secondary goal which I keep in mind is their plan B, which might be putting a lot of legislation, policies and red tape in place to try to hinder the progress of free energy tech once it has hit the public scene. So I work proactively on that as well.

I’ve been watching youtube videos and reading about alternative housing, ways to become more self-sufficient and moving off-grid (many are teaching that nowadays). This type of content gets a lot of viewership, so obviously there’s an increasing number of people ready to get off the rat race and do things differently. I find that very inspiring.

Hi Frode,

A while back, someone posted an interview on the Sailing Beyond Knowledge podcast with retired civil engineer Patrick Kelly. Patrick Kelly painstakingly assembled a record on the individual inventors who came up with various types of free energy devices such as the Joe Cell and categorized them in his ebook. Here is his site - and ebook link -…JKbook.pdf

He was a guest on the show about 3 years ago -…t-18-2014/

I think your idea to approach from the etheric angle could help speed things up.