The G-Square

The following experiment was relayed to me by a member of the German forum It was based on the widespread impression that some CBs seem to be targeted by beam weaponry and are therefore somewhat overwhelmed with DOR, greatly diminishing their capacity to create paradise as they should.
A square of approximately 40cm (16") is made with a thin copper pipe (15mm or 5/8" is allright) using the standard 90degree angle connectors.
The square should be aligned to magnetic North, so that one long side is perpendicular to the north direction as shown by a magnetic compass.
In each corner we place a rather large crystal, the tip facing up or prteferrably a d/t crystal.
Outside in the center of each long side we place a hollow copper pipe or alternatively an earth pipe.
It has now been tested by more than 20 CB-Owners and the response was overwhelmingly positive.
here is a picture of my setup:

I have waited a while before offering this on EW because I wanted to have more supporting observations first. I think it’s been tested enough to warrant some confidence by now.



Have these reports of beam weaponry applied to CBs been just in Europe, or from other areas as well (for instance Africa)?

Does the G-square tend to offset these attacks only, or does it seem to add to the general efficacy of the CB (according to the reports).


Several people have reported that CBs get beamed. I have no means of refuting or proving this.
The inventor of the G-Square, who is a bit secretive, felt that the square would isolate the CB from it’s surrounding field and thereby make it less prone to overloading or whatever the effect of a massive DOR beam might be called.
I felt an inchrease in the tingling feeling when placing my hand over the pipes, which is as much as I can ever say about energies from orgonite.
It would be interesting what your input is on this.

I made one and set it up about noon today. Will report on it tomorrow.


The CB I used is the first one I made, about four and a half years ago. I dug it out about a four months back, after the pipes had been pulled off (and one taken away and broken). It was working fine up to that time. There is another CB near to that location, so it has been in storage since then waiting for a new location.

I set it out in my back yard, placed a 16" square of half inch copper pipe around it, aligned the square with two sides pointing toward magnetic north, placed four good crystals in the inside corners, and four copper pipes just outside the centers of the half inch pipes, as indicated by Georg’s photo.

This morning I went over and looked at it. The positive entity (elemental) which has for many years been attached to it was uncomfortable. I almost removed the crystals, but decided to wait further.

Tonight, just over twelve hours later, I took a flashlight and went out to examine it again. The elemental was still in pain. There was qi coming out of the sky from the northeast and falling into the center of the CB: this qi had a painful feeling. There was also DOR coming from the northeast through the ground into the base of the CB. I did not see any POR being created, and the ground below the CB did not feel good.
On the other side of the yard is another (torsion) CB which was operating in a standard way. It was pulling in DOR from the southeast, apparently from the reactor on campus, and transmuting it into POR.

I decided I had subjected the entity in my old CB to enough misery, and so removed the crystals. The CB immediately began working in a normal way, and the elemental felt much better.


Thanks for doing the experiment Kelly.

This reminds me of when kelly and myself visited a fellow in Germany a couple of years ago.
He had on the advice of some orgonite board member placed four strong magnets magnetically aligned around his CB.
This was also claimed to “boost” the CB considerably.
The thing is that is got the wrong kind of boost and behaved in a negative manner instead of positive.

I guess this goes to show that a CB is a sensitive and intelligent instrument that is quite perfect in its simplicity.

This post is also interesting since a factor which isnt very familiar to most gets introduced properly:
Namely that a conscious entity has its dwelling or is connected to the CB itself, interacting intelligently with it.

I know only of one way to “boost” an already constructed Croft style CB and that is by placing a simple HHG on its base in the center of the 6 pipes(not 7).
By a simple HHG I mean one without magnets, simply a good quartz crystal in orgonite.

Thanks again for doing the experiment Kelly, I hope that a few people come across this post and that they will take the knowledge shared here to heart.

For those planning to construct a CB of their own I have updated my webpage with two different CB tutorials, The standard Croft CB and the Torsion CB, they can be found here:

Be true…

Just made a 21mm water charger with a centre crystal which I cured in a mould on top of my other CB. Have to make it so it stands up by itself and the tip is taller than the 2 gall mark–I think the tip needs to be exposed preferably. This is a Lemurian [CB centre HHG/url:3qje1njy

I did wonder why he was secretive.

Reminds me of my first CB which I Hootenised–DTs between every pipe with wire around them and wire inside the pipes also, and the centre pipe. Designed to slow me up (took a month to get all the bits) and to make it work less effectively. Wonder what happened to him?

Just got rid of all my small DTs in TB’s. Fed up with looking at them. Now it is only ST’s in pipes, charged surrounded by orgonite, and just charged ST’s in HHGs without the wire coil. Must be a human trait wanting to complicate things.