The Gang Stalking

I’ve shared a few emails from people who are gang-stalked after I convinced them to share some photos of the feds for me to post. I didn’t realize how widespread that has become ever since the Nazis suddenly instituted their New Patriotism in American on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 but here’s a pretty good video about it and one reason I’m posting this link is because I see that there are dozens more on YouTube & most of them look legit to me.

If someone wants to remove his pajamas and stop drinking Corporate KoolAid this is a good little assist:
When the feds used to gangstalk Carol and I we rather celebrated because it’s always a good confirmation that we’re doing good work. Sometimes I confronted them and this really %ucks them up. I wonder who they’re bothering now that the orgonite movement has grown too big to intimidate into inactivity.


The guy in this video is so paranoid. Ladies with hats… scary! people with bikes to blend in?never mind some people actually ride bikes, lol assuming the couple in the BMW would have vandelised?Why is that?Location of vehicle?Going to a shrink and getting those anti-depressants was a bad idea!
This kind of persons bring EW into the realm of delusional paranoids!Hurts EW in my opinion. Believe me I have had weird shit happen. Nothing in this video will help this movement,just hurt.Unless you need a laugh

It was I who sent Don this video, because he seems to correspond a lot with people who suffer this kind of harassment, so If this looks useless I ask your apologies.

But on the other hand I have to say that what the first half of the video (until 11:08) portrays looks mostly legitimate. This guy is surelly suffering harassment and filmed it.

I do agree with you Bear Claw, that his “counter-measures”, like tarplar and black film on windows, are completely useless and are functioning on psychological level at best. And taking prescription drug is one of the WORST possible things to do in this kind of situation, since this drugs are probably made for making people more suceptible to mind controll. And, no, we don’t need a psychiatrist to tell us we are sane, this is BS.

But this guy do take note on some real points, like the fact that people around us (EVERYWHERE) are constantly worked by the psy corps to not only refute any kind of empowering information but also to gather negative emotions against us. This is how they make us feel isolated, which make us an easier prey for them.

I’ve seem this happen to myself many times. Whenever you enter a discussion about “Conspiracy Theory” subjects with a person close to you whom you believe may understand some of it, pay attention to the region of your solar plexus. The psy corps like to “slam” it with nervous energy every time we enter a discussion, so we will get emotional, our discernment will be blured and the discussion spoiled. You will know they are doing this when your plexus feels tense and your body starts trembling without any reason, but your mind REMAINS CALM. When this happens, slow down the discussion and let it cool, until your plexus stops flaring emotional confusion. Implants may also cause this effect tenseness effect in the plexus, as I’ve found out recently in Dooney’s coaching chat. If they can do this with us, who try the best to keep our etheric space clear, imagine what they can’t do with our regular PJ folks who nevers takes care of his/her etheric space? When you notice this you will understand why 90% of the discussions are actually a TRAP! The little discernment they have goes away the instant their solar plexus is slammed. Don’t waste your time.

This guy is probably what happens when one gets introduced by orgonite by disinfo sites, which will NEVER teach you how to defend yourself properly. One can see he is about to panic. Think how would you feel in the same situation, without Succor Punches, Power Wands, Zappers and Boosting. I’ve lived in this situation for a couple months, when the attacks were obvious but the solutions not. It’s not a confortable place to be


Granted, in this world of “conspiracists” it’s easy to point the finger at exageration. There’s at least one well known legitimate website that has what I feel are many exagerations and I still visit it often because there’s so much useful stuff there that I can’t find anywhere else.
Nevertheless I did see a couple of minutes of the video on gangstalking and there was definately conscious, organized, mafia-style intimidation tactics going on, whether the author of the video exagerated in what he saw or not. I think Don’s point was that this gangstalking was still - surprisingly - alive, and wanted people to see what it can look like.
Gangstalking is what they do to people when they are either waking up or actively fighting against “them”, but haven’t quite got the tools to make a proper stand. There’s probably a LOT of people in that position right now so I find it a useful post.


only take one thing from that video and thats the importance of removing all metal from your enviroment this is something of utmost importance iMho… the only metal You want near You or Your Family is metal thats now become Orgonite!

Thanks, guys. I need to say that a lot of the people who are gang-stalked are indeed paranoid and this may be one of the reasons they’re being gang-stalked. I was hoping to make that point clear when I introduced the subject but I guess I missed the mark with some. Thanks for pointing it out.

The people who contact me about gangstalking over the years and have learned from Dooney how to etherically smack these sewer rats usually stop getting gangstalked and some of them are now also orgonite flingers (double victory for our side).

The ones who won’t give up pot or booze usually can’t fight back because those holes in their etheric fields won’t allow them to have enough energy integrity to get it done. Dooney prefers not to even teach these because she feels her effort has been wasted; something learned from experience over the years.


I should be less vague in this post. I meant to say taking a medicated delusional paranoid and having him discuss a real topic makes the entire topic seem less credible(CIA DISINFO)This is done to marginalize people being stalked for fighting back.(makes us all look loopy) This guy did not give any meaningful explanation or clear message as to why he is being stalked…just is.Maybe if he showed a cloud buster reversing a desert,tower busting mission clearing great lakes etc. Nope! not gonna show that! It’ quite possible he is not CIA, just a paranoid.However the pattern is CIA.Best defense from Gang stalking is to lose your fear and pepper your entire region with EP’s ,tb’s and cloudbusters!Worked for me, and no meds or taped up windows,or fear of ladies with hats