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The grugq writes about, comments on, and analyses information security, operational security (OPSEC), counter-intelligence and tradecraft, amongst many other closely related fields.

Anyone remotely interested in these fields will gain useful knowledge from his analysis.

He publishes to many different platforms, but two that stand out are:

  • The grugq on Tumblr
    Mostly links to articles and other materials, often cutting edge and linked to current affairs.

  • The grugq on Medium
    Less frequently published, but in depth articles written by The grugq.

For an overview of The grugq’s credentials:

The Grugq is a world renowned information security researcher with 15 years of industry experience. Grugq started his career at a Fortune 100 company, before transitioning to @stake, where he was forced to resign for publishing a Phrack article on anti-forensics. Since then the Grugq has presented on anti-forensics at dozens of international security conferences, as well as talks on numerous other security topics. As an independent information security consultant the Grugq has performed engagements for a wide range of customers, from startups to enterprises and the public sector. He has worked as a professional penetration tester, a developer, and a full time security researcher. The Grugq’s research has always been heavily biased towards counterintelligence aspects of information security. His research has been referenced in books, papers, magazines, and newspapers. Currently an independent researcher, the grugq is actively engaged in exploring the intersection of traditional tradecraft and the hacker skillset, learning the techniques that covert organisations use to operate clandestinely and applying them to the Internet. You can follow him on Twitter @thegrugq.