The Hill Of Sarno


Last Sunday we went to Sarno for a visit to the family that owns the new CB and took the chance to gift some places on the hill that overlooks the town. After the gifting of the river and the antennas in town I’ve been observing the sky and have taken these two photos of beautiful cumulus cloud forming all the time over the town:

I like this one because I took it five minutes after a natural and healthy rain:

As soon as we arrived in Sarno, my feeling was extremely positive because the energy was so pleasant , so different from the other times I had been there. My companions could feel that too and said that it was amazing how our gifting had been so successful. Sarno, like Naples and its large suburbs, is a town where criminality, smuggling and drug dealing is very common due to the massive presence of the clans belonging to the Neapolitan mafia, called “camorraâ€? so the new energy in town is really a good thing. They always fight each other for the control of the territory and the killing of the members of the opposing clans is something that happens on a regular basis. The camorra is also responsible for the illegal disposal of toxic and radioactive substances – also in the Sarno river – mainly coming from factories in the north of Italy. This is big business for them. The camorra along with the local authorities are also responsible for the trash crisis that affected Naples and its suburbs but this is another story.

I like gifting places along with antennas so I really enjoyed the walk up the hill where there is the old castle, an abandoned hospital for mental diseases, a deconsecrated church and a couple of antennas. When I asked about my desire to gift the hill I was told that satanic rites were held there so I was eager to change the energy with orgone, in a few words a good way to fight back.

The hospital had a very bad energy that I could feel at once: I think that a lot of suffering has been going there and I believe it is possible to change negativity with orgonite gifting so we buried a couple of TBs and thought of burying another one on the way back as we wanted to gift the castle which was our main objective. I’m particularly interested in gifting the castles which were built before 1200 for some information I have about them. I’ve also gifted the Arechi castle overlooking Salerno, my hometown. So this is the hospital:

And these are a couple of photos of the castle:

I had studied the hill with Google Earth so another place to gift was the deconsecrated church which has a wi-fi (or wi-max, don’t know) near it. Strange enough, many churches in Italy have antennas close to them, sometimes large ones, especially those on top of mountains.

Here is the church with the small antenna:

This place is attended at night by satanists who gather in the house that is at its back so we gifted it:

On the way back, we went to bury the other TB for the hospital and found this writing on the wall. It means: “We’ll burn you alive, you satanists�, so it seems that they are hated a lot here. I guess they will find good energy when they come back next time:

Our following target was the small but beautiful Greek theatre that was found some time ago near the river. On our way there we found an antenna that we hadn’t seen during the main gifting that I reported on EW so we busted it. The theatre, built around the II century B.C., has an elegant “proedria� where the highest authorities of the town took their places. It’s a real small architectural jewel with two armrests in the form of sphinx and lions feet:

A detail of one of the armrests:

The site was closed on Sundays but we managed to enter and so we could gift a couple of TBs in the hope of pleasing some benevolent entity living there. Actually, the theatre belongs to a greater sacro-architectonic complex dedicated to the god Sarno or probably to a divinity of the underworld. A temple, yet to be located, was also part of the sacred area and perhaps this should to be sought behind the theatre as I’ve learned after a research I made in the web.

Here is the Google Maps link to the complex: … &t=h&hl=it

I can’t imagine how beautiful it must have been during those times when they played Greek tragedies in the theatre with the river flowing nearby in a natural and uncontaminated scenary.

Ciao for now,


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