The Hollie Greig Case

Aberdeen in Scotland is on the map as the European Oil Capital – when you’ve read what follows, you might be more inclined to think of it as the Paedophile Capital.

This is the harrowing story of Hollie Greig, a Downs Syndrome girl, now 30, who has been sexually abused from age 6 for 14 years by her father, brother and a whole clutch of individuals who would normally be thought of as “respectable”, such as a sheriff (judge), policeman, social worker, lawyer, accountant, nurse etc. Hollie was of course threatened by the perpertrators that if she told anyone even more horrible things would happen to her but she eventually told her mother Anne about it in 2000 and since then they have been fighting for justice with the help of Robert Green, a courageous journalist, who was recently arrested an released on bail after being detained for several nights. Needless to say, they have encountered stonewalling and stalling for years, but now the truth can no longer be suppressed.

The people implicated in this case go right to the top of the Scottish government, so it will not surprise you that they are involved in a frantic cover-up. This story is already public, mostly via the internet; the BBC were going to do a documentary on it but suddenly backed off, clearly under pressure from on high; a couple of papers have reported on it but they’ve been threatened and/or gagged. Lawyers for the government are putting out threatening letters etc but the names of the perpetrators are already in the public domain so it is just a matter of time before the story breaks big time in one way or another.

This is how the $#¡+beetle hierarchy is held together: get the participants into compromising situations involving gratification of their basest desires so that they become infinitely blackmailable and fearful of losing their positions of power. And the so-called higher-placed in society need those from the lower strata to get them the “stuff”, so they’re all meshed together in a highly controllable perverted network; Hollie’s father is an oil rig worker. Furthermore, sexual abuse is an essential part of satanic practice and the road to the “top” (in effect, the bottom) of the dung heap.

Just google Hollie Greig and you will see how far this story has already spread. You can find a résumé of the story as well as Robert Green’s talk from January this year here … lie-greig/ as well as on many other sites.

While Aberdeen has been reasonably well gifted, it clearly needs much more. I’m hoping to do this with the help of friends in the near future. Please boost Hollie, her mother Anne, Robert Green and all those who are helping behind the scenes; overwhelm the perpetrators with a mountain of love from the heart. Spread the story around: when enough people know about it, consciousness will spread and the $#¡+beetles won’t have anywhere to hide anymore.