The Human Design Orgonite

Here is something that I think it is of great importance and I would like to share with all of the fellow orgonite vendors and orgonite friends.
It is an innovation that I and my partner came up with some years ago, when we found out about something called the Human Design System.

But what is the Human Design System?
It is a system that was inspired by a Canadian physicist who, at some point in his life, combined all his scientific knowledge (physics, genetics, astronomy etc.) with some ancient knowledge (astrology, i-ching etc.) and managed to unlock the way the matrix works. And he gave this key through the Human Design system which now is accessible to everyone through the internet.
It is no wonder to me that he suddenly died this year, because I think he had done some serious damage to the system and so, the system got him out of the way.
The reason I am telling you this, is that my idea was to combine the knowledge of orgonite with the knowledge of the Human Design System and, I must say, that there are some exceptional results! I always get great feedback from my clients for those orgonites and I thought I should share this inspiration of mine.

Of course, because of that inspiration I have received some assaults, nothing serious, but I thought I should warn you about that. Because, in order to make an orgonite based on Human Design you need to know the date, place, hour of birth of the person someone can accuse you of using negative programming on the crystals in the orgonite. Of course this is a ridiculous idea because no crystal can stay “programmed” inside the orgonite because it is just being cleansed constantly.

If you are interested in learning more about Human Design you can visit the official site here:
If you want to learn more information about how the Human Design Orgonite works, you can just post your questions here.
I hope you will find this innovation as interesting and helpful as I have.

At first glance it seens interesting. I’m reading the concepts of the system.

But i’m also cautious with that. Every time I see the material of a guru who sundenly disapeared and them was guided by a divine voice, I watch it with extreme suspicion. Alan (Robert) Krakower or “Ra Uru Hu”, the creator of the system, is such a case. Ra isn’t a conforting word as it’s usualy associated with new age names like Edgar Cayce, Ra material, all those Ra descending from ancient mystery schools. But those are just first impressions.

Another point that I would like to take note are it’s roots with traditional esoteric knowledge. Most of the esoteric knowledge out there is leaked or adapted from ancient mystery schools wich received it from parasitic offworlders. Therefore those knowledges usualy carry distortions of what a healthy energetic system should be, for the benefit of the parasites. For instance, Don Bradley discussed the use of the very outspread word “OM”:

Another good example is Ashayana Deane (Anna Hayes)

Unless one is very psychic, I think it’s very hard to see if a system is as good as it says it is.

Again, I can’t really judge this system, so I think i’ll experiment it. Don’t take me bad please, I’M NOT SAYING IT DOESN’T WORKS, I’m just cautious.

What have you achieved aplying the system with orgonite, Onirocosmos?

Dear Edu, I am as cautious as you are with these things and, believe me, I wouldn’t mention this in the forum if it wasn’t worth searching it.

I know what you mean, about the origins of some of the knowledge behind the system but I personally have come to this conclusion: Ra Uru Hu was probably not aware of the whole “package” and that made him rather unprejudiced. I mean he didn’t reject any kind of knowledge just because this knowledge was considered suspicious. And that made it possible for him to make a breakthrough. You know, there are pieces of truth in every system because otherwise no system would be accepted. So, a critical view to separate the bad from the good, the truth from the lie is always the best tactic in my opinion.
On the other hand, if you examine just the things that derive from the Human Design System itself, I am sure you will find out how catalytic it may be for the matrix. I have this suggestion. Let’s be cautious enough but not too analytic as to miss the good things here.

I personally have been experimenting with the system for some years now because, unlike other systems, you don’t have to do anything strange or out of the ordinary. You just follow a strategy about how you deal with your everyday life and see how it goes.
The inspiration I had about using the Human Design with orgonite has to do with the fact that every person’s design has some defined and some undefined energy centers. So I used my experience with gemstones in order to balance the undefined centers of a person. And it worked! A person who carries that kind of orgonite seems to be less negatively affected by external energies.


I have studied human design a bit, and it helped give me an interesting new perspective on myself and interactions with others. Human design is pretty neat in the fact that it is calculated to the minute you are born, instead of an approximately month wide window in tradional astrology. Because of that, it has a much more specific model for looking at your design and how the planets, people etc interact with your energetic field. The explanation for how the planets influence us and how exact the model was appealed to me.

Not saying I agree with everything presented, but for the most part it seems to make sense. The biggest downside to me is that jovianarchive itself gives me a weird vibe, like most of it is setup for cash, as alot of people are trying to make a career out of it and the courses are relatively expensive. Humandesignamerica has some of Ra’s recordings too, a bit cheaper as well. Its too bad he didn’t setup in his will to make his material freely available through his organization or something.

Can you tell me how you select gemstones to compensate for the undefined centers? I’d be interested in trying it out for myself. Do you use this for worn peices or for around the house/property too or both?



Thought I would add something else too.

I found out about Human Design through using Metatones, a sound based therapy/purification system, which helped me alot. Some pretty interesting info is in the behavioral genetics booklet, found at

Just as the HDS uses the 64 hexagrams from the I-Ching in a wheel, apparently someone mapped the I-Ching to the codings for amino acids in dna, something I had never read before or elsewhere. It could easily explain the physical/energetic structure for how the design is setup/encoded/translated. It hints about a system I don’t think was ever released, called emanations, mapping your weaknesses etc day by day to your energetic design, and how to compensate. Sounded fascinating to me. Thought you might find it interesting too.


Hello zerog,

I will be glad to tell you how I make the HD orgonite but, first, I must say this. You must use equal amounts of HD information, crystal knowledge and your intuition in order to get the best results.

Firstly, you will take your HD bodygraph and note which centers of yours are undefined.

Secondly, you will choose the best crystals that are connected to those undefined centers.

Thirdly, you will concentrate and use your imagination/intuition to decide which of those crystals must be used.

Also, you must take under consideration your Definition. If you are split, triple split etc. definition you must use the gemstones in a way that they will connect all of your parts.
Please note that if we have two people with the same undefined centers, that doesn’t mean that we will use exactly the same gemstones in both cases. As HD says, every person is unique and that is my approach too.

You can either make a pendant or a muffin shaped orgonite so that you can have it with you all the time. I don’t think that a large orgonite would make sense in this case.

As for the Human Design in general, I think that it shows us the back door of the system. It really is about going with the flow in the most practical way and I like the fact that it is not abstract or mumbo jumbo like… The fact that someone thought about matching the DNA codons with 64 i-ching hexagrams is very intriguing.

I personally have no problem when people make profit from the HD as I don’t have problem when people make money from orgonite or anything similar. I don’t think it is bad because I get to choose if I want to give them my money or not. On the other hand, when someone makes something of value I want to give him/her my money so that he/she can continue with his work. Knowledge is free by its nature and will spread one way or the other as long as we keep our ears, eyes and minds open.

Thank you for the link. I will surely check it out

About the HDS, I have a tatical aprouch for it:

Every institution has a thought form, wich is many times exploited by the shitbirds.

While the conception of such form is usualy an ocult event, like it’s biological counterpart, the form usualy has it symbolic birth towards society. Most instituions have public ceremonies of inauguration, some of wich are also rituals, generaly with one symbolic act enacting its birth, like cutting the red ribbon.

So the idea is:

Find out the symbolic birth date/time off troublesome instituitions and places. In case off an aproximated time, I guess the exact minutes can be dowsed.

Calculate the instituion bodygraph and indentifies the undefined energy centers. Those are probably the ones used for the instituion to be manipulated by the shitbirds towards their own agenda.

Design TBs and HHGs with the gemstone combo especific for the target bodygraph.

Bust the institutional headquarter, with the HDS orgonite designed for it. Off course, regular orgonite works well for gifting, but I wonder if this customised gifting can have greater worldwide efects in case of global institutions. If the shitbirds can’t controll public institutions anymore, its endgame for them!

I think this strategy can also be aplied for influential puppet figures, like politics, popstars, etc. Just bust their house. I wonder if the puppetmaster will have a hard time after that controlling them.

this is a really good idea but we must take under consideration that every institution etc. is basically its members. As Human Design is concerned, it is these members who are being influenced therefore they deform those institutes in order to make them shitbirds’ action centers.

I think that the game here is mainly being played in the two upper chakras where, according to Human Design, they are the center of the way someone thinks and the center of his/her inspiration, meaning the source of his/her ideas.
So, I am suggesting that, despite whatever other crystals are going to be used in those HD “institutional” gifts, there must be used some crystals concerning the two upper chakras.

Usually, those people who can easily pass ideas to others are the ones who have defined their two upper chakras. So, I presume that such people must be in charge in those institutions. But even though we can’t possibly affect them directly, we can surely prevent them from affecting others who have non-defined upper centers. That would make any shitbird ideas to fail from spreading right from the start.
I believe there is only one way to find out…

Another concern of mine is that I think that gifting orgonite should stay as simple as possible, so that it will keep spreading throughout the world the way it does now.

Most of the HDS match the old style 7 chakras system but I have a simple question:

Which are the tipical stones for the G and Spleen centers?

You can use black tourmaline for the G center and labradorite for the spleen.