The Impact Of The Orgonite In Thunderstorm Areas

Hallow readers
Thunderstorm are violent aspects of the weather that are accompanied by lightning,thunder ,and often abundant rainfall or hails.Storms usually start out on the inside of the gigantic cumulonimbus clouds.In these cloud powerful vertical air current rise and descend.Large raindrop forms and sometime hails and an imbalance exist between the positive and the negative electrical charges of the cloud.All these changes in the cloud caused an electrical discourages that caused lightning and then strike [Image Can Not Be Found];
In Migori region which is a tobacco growing zone, the hails stones and severe lightning and dexterous striking had been a problem to many until late when they realized that orgonite is a good regulator of the charges in the air that subsequently cause lightning and hails.
After farmers have planted using the orgonites the orgonites do mix with the soil and at the time of water evaporation, the molecules of the orgonite are being carried to the atmosphere and mix with other water molecules in vapor form. So at the time when the chargers in the cloud of cumulonimbus start to react,the orgonite molecules in vapor form deactivate their effectiveness and thus minimize the formation of hails and severe lightning and finally saved many tobacco farmers from the hazard destruction caused by the hail stones against their tobacco and even those who do plant the native skumawiki vegetable.
Right now we are in the process of how we can use it to have full control
on strong winds that some time do spoil the maize plantation and the tea zone.I have tried to work with some meteorological experts to determine some facts and soon and very soon we shall locate some better findings.