The Impacts Of The Orgonite In East Africa

It cost the UN Red Cross society to look for a solution to help the resident of these areas with humanitarian Aids so as to see them prosper in their social lives. All these had been taking place due to excess draught which for many times these regions had been experience all over the years.
It’s true that draught for many years have led to economic fluctuation to the extent that even the cattle rearing zones have also got difficulties in handling their cattle’s. It had also affected the food supply in these regions for the last twenty years.
In terms of fishing production in my research it’s true that in the midst of draught fish farming and fishing could not be easily access so on that concept the drought for many years have made these regions to suffer much in economics.
As a region fully invaded by witchcraft like in Tanzania we have a tribe called Waskuma who are very much notorious in sorcery. In Kenya in the areas like Nyamira, night runners and other forms of witchcraft has made many people to lose their lives, freedom and hope in life. Also in the pyramid Migingo where Nywawas ( jujus) have terrified people ,now through the orgonite life will soon going to be realized. In places as Nyamira through the thorough distribution of the orgonite we have good reports from such places.
So in all these problems which these regions have suffered, now orgonite have come with a lasting solution. Now we have enough rainfall even if you check the weather movement through the goggle map, In fact it’s real that rain is now sufficiently falling and due to that agriculture which is the mother of economy have taken root to upgrade and up lift the economic standard of our people .
Even the areas of Lodwer and Turkana in Kenya which for the last decades have suffered greatly due to famine now the orgonite have caused a remarkable change and now people are doing great farming On top of that even petroleum have been discovered in that regions of Turkana something to smile as we hear for its appositive achievement. Fishing activities are now taking place in those areas with ease.
To crown it all it’s true that orgonite has greatly improved the living standard of the East Africa and it’s our desire that in the next few decades our people will effectively benefit and none will suffer as before.

Much of the progress had been encounter in Lake Victoria after our thorough mission in the Lake through the giving of the orgonite. The Islands in the lake Victoria where we had thoroughly gifted like Migingo , Ugingo and the Pyramid Migingo now are having a new face. In the first Island of Migingo fishing activities have now doubled their production from 20% of their previous years to 58% of their current rating and that is a pure growth which show a good production.

In the other Island that’s Ugingo, instead of depending on the fishing farming as the only source of income generating project part of the people now are doing farming to boost their economic and that’s is also a good improvement inn terms of boosting their income.
The Pyramid Migingo which had been so affected by the Nywawas and the demons right now is quite accessible after our good gifting. So i would say that much achievement have been recorded after our genuine involvement in the place.

Now i have to extend my gifting to outside East Africa,and i m to visit the country of Malawi in two weeks time. I know the same way good improvement had been realized here in our nation and in the East Africa at large good things are going to be realized there too. Its my prayer that things may go well for me. I know after reaching Malawi i will post good findings.
I am very happy and also to appreciate Don for having bought us a boat ,for that boat have ease our operation in Lake Victoria and also have made our fishing industry to have root.

For the last few decades the continent of Africa which for many time had been known as the dark continent had been know to a dependant continent which aims of getting most of their supportive recourses from the Western or from Europe or Asia continents, now we have come up with new and advance technology which will finally land us into the progressive records of success.
Orgonite whose initiator and sponsors are in both American and other Asian and Europe countries, through our keen implementation of their technologies we have used it to help us reclaim some of the waste land through gifting, the most war torn regions like the Southern Sudan, Somali land got their fruits from the gifting of the orgonite which some of our volunteer groups known as the kikundi have done.
On the agricultural circle it’s my pleasure to be proud to acknowledge that the farming in most parts of our East Africa has flourish through the use of our mbolea in the farming activities. Also in fishing activities both in the Lake Regions and in the ponds the mbolea which we had distributed have doubled the product by about 75%.
So on this account it’s my pleasure to be proud to say that orgonite have done much to secure life and to reclaim most of our waste resources.
I again thank Don Croft, Frode ,Laurent for standing firm in supporting us in the progressive business.
Mrs O