The Joy Of Gifting

Andy Schwarm
08 Jul 2008 16:50
Subject: The Joy Of Gifting
Don asked me a while back to relate my positive experiences with my recent tower-gifting activities.

Briefly, when I was heading-up to that last weatherball, I was pretty nervous, frankly on the verge
of panic attack. OK, I’ll go back; I had the same scary feeelings when we were heading-up to that huge
array near the weatherball. Upon making the first gifts; my fear and
loathing instantly turned into extreme joy! I mean like instantaneous, right now. On both occasions
we felt like jubilant school-kids afterwards and laughed and joked all the way back down the mountain.

Gifting is really fun; you get to break-through your fears and make a difference. Also a bit addicting!

I hope like crazy that the helos show-up tomorrow (come on down boys!) when me and Greenman
hit our next HUGE targets. I"ll put 'em on YouTube. Also I hope I someday get busted by cops or
feds or whoever so I can explain exactly what I’m doing and why, capturing their reactions to
be hopefully later viewed on my YouTube channel. That would be cool! Bring it on dudes, I’ll make ya

So, like a junkie looking forward to his fix, I can’t wait to hit the mountains tomorrow and bust some serious ASS!

It’s a rush! You really do turn negative into positive, just like that! You feel it!

I’d like to take this opportuninty to express my current theories about how orgonite works relating to EMF.

I think the EMF in and of itself isn’t THAT harmful. Sure, if you stand right in front of a high-energy EMF
emitter it’s going to affect you. I also think too much cell phone use is a bad thing for your brain (must
get one of those protective deals from Georg) but all that said, I think that DOR attaches itself to EMF.
Orgonite reverses the DOR into POR and has no real 3D effect on the EMF; the cell phones still work,
but the negative, unhealthy aspects have been reversed into poitive energy.

Your thoughts?



08 Jul 2008 21:40
Subject: Re: The Joy Of Gifting
Hi Andy,
I agree it’s great nailing big targets, what a rush, especially getting good confirmations. The helicopters, I’m quite happy to see, in a sense they provide confirmation of their own. ( I’m talking, folks, of gifting a place and then immediately getting fly-overs by helicopters, sometimes they’ll go back and forth, really low, several times (this doesn’t happen in Ohio, but would happen often in Spain)).

It’s been on my mind a lot, lately, the question of how orgonite is actually working, and how it relates to EMF.

An important point that some german friends made to me a couple years ago, is that the body when surrounded by the EMF has to deal with that additional stress, this effects the human on many levels, from cellular reproduction to basic cell functions. Orgonite will remove this stress component, taking that burden from the body, allowing it to do it’s job more efficiently.

This does seem to make sense, but it would be informative to hear other’s thoughts on the matter. To see it as Carol sees it, for example, I think would enlighten us.