The Latest From Tetsuzi Moriwake

Don Croft
18 Mar 2008 12:00
Subject: The latest from Tetsuzi Moriwake
Jamie Perry, who lives and gifts in Japan, has offered to translate Tetsuzi-san’s reports so that he won’t have to use Babel-fish.

Here’s the latest from Tetsuzi, through Jamie (thanks a lot, J!):

Hello Don-san, how are you doing?

I take 7 days of the month and gift places somewhere
in Japan with orgonite. Already, there has been about
300 earth-pipes placed.

For example, there is an island called Yona-guni which
is also said for being located at the western tip of
the lost continent of Mu, and this island is famous
for executions of heavy criminals with death sentences.
Spiritually speaking, it was an awful place.

Last year, I had placed some earth-pipes there with a
new design, and there were some effects on not just the
residents, but the place also became lighter and brighter,
and it seemed that the people were getting released from
the very heavy mind/consciousness energy that was dormant.

Please do not worry, I am operating in Japan following
your heart and thoughts.
The sales of my newest designed pendants allow me the
funding for the volunteer earth-pipe quests.

I am sure I will be able to reach your forum through
Perry-san’s language abilities some day.

Please post this message to your forum with your

I look forward to the day we meet.

Don Croft
18 Mar 2008 12:10
Subject: Re: The latest from Tetsuzi Moriwake
Since the discovery a few years ago, by Japanese archaeologists, of the pyramids on the seabed off the coast of Okinawa there’s some solid credence to the idea of that region having hosted at least one extremely ancient civilization. I’d love to know what the Japanese are saying about this, since they’re not as conditioned by CIA disinformation as Westerners are.

Westerners are in an artificial squeeze play between irrationalists and materialists, of course. It’s a disinformation strategy that’s been working very well for the world order since Theosophy broke onto the scene in the late 1800s and, before that, when the Venetian bankers had set up shop in London and started fielding their tailored stables of ‘philosophers’ and ‘scientists’ in the 1600s, while parasitically growing a global empire.

Carol and I saw a film made in Kyoto, not long ago, that showed radidantly blue sky with a chemtrail jet spewing a very short tail, which is a sign that somebody has disabled all the death towers around there–we immediately thought of Ed Schindler, who lives and gifts in that town and with whom Tetsuzi-san and Kelly have done some extensive gifting Cool

The fact that Tetsuzi-san is selling orgonite in Japan indicates that there’s some public interest. Several years ago, when we first started corresponding with a few gifters in Japan, we were getting reports of positive changes in the atmosphere and behavior in major cities that could only be attributed to the effects of intelligently distributed orgonite. I think we all might be in for some surprises when we finally find out who in the world has been gifting but has never been in touch with any of us about it.


24 Mar 2008 10:08
Subject: Re: The Latest From Tetsuzi Moriwake
I never thought I’d have to compare you with Alan Greenspan, Don, but just like the former head of the Federal Reserve, there are certain parties that spend millions depending on your every utterance. When you mentioned the blue skies over Kyoto, it was less than 48 hours later that the most massive chemtrail assault I’ve ever seen happened in the skies overhead. It was an unprecedented aerial attack just to prove you wrong. They were even chemtrailing at night, which I had never seen here before. Back and forth all day and night. They did manage to block the sun and leave skidmarks all over the sky. It must have cost millions. You must have pissed off someone very high up. The people responsible were obviously called on the carpet and given a royal chewing out for not doing enough to destroy the sky over Kyoto, the symbolic center of the global warming scam.
Before the recent massive campaign, I tried not to gloat over the fact that chemcrud does not stick overhead and the Sylphs almost always appear to take care of most of them. At least one CB was always in operation, except for the time Herr und Frau Busch were staying overnight at the Royal Palace. I dug up my CB then, up-ended it and, with a straight line-of-sight from a high elevation, pointed it at the palace. When they left town the next day, I removed it from its temporary position. What was strange about the removal was the actual space that the CB base occupied while it was up-ended caused an instant headache. When I left that space, the headache went away. When I entered that space, it returned.
They may have spent millions to prove you wrong, but they could not keep up the sustained assault. Blue, pristine skies returned after a cleansing rain. Like nasty schoolboy lords of the stinking flies, all they did was soil their drawers, and awaken even more people to their psychpathic ways. What could be sweeter than the fact that they have to spend millions while we only have to spend pocket change to counter their threat?

Don Croft
24 Mar 2008 15:51
Subject: Re: The latest from Tetsuzi Moriwake
Oops Cool

Very resourceful of you to aim the CB at the fake US president and his makebelieve wife, by the way!

I wish I knew why the spot where your CB base was buried (?) was a source of death energy. Dan in Bali has experienced something similar, I think, so maybe your account will help him figure it out. I gather that some folks who bury CB bases don’t experience that effect so maybe we can find some parameters. I never bury my CB bases because I like to point at things like incoming HAARP storms, the moon, nasty-shiny ships in space, etc.

You did something I originally (1998) intended for the orgonite cloudbuster before Carol and I eventually got together and made one: I was living in Ashland, Oregon, at the time and I conceived a plan to point an orgonite cloudbuster at City Hall from across the valley. That town, like nearly every other on the planet, was run by parasites and I thought it would be fun to poke at that hornet nest with an orgone device Wink

I think Etheric Warriors was destroyed before you furnished a report of the outcome of your and Tetsuzi’s gifting trip to that bay in Japan where dolphins are annually slaughtered. You guys gifted the place before the event, so what later happened at the appointed time for the annual massacre, there?

Domo arrigato, Eddie-san!