The Lightening of Nations

I’ve put off writing this for almost a week because I knew it would take me hours to organize my thoughts about last Monday’s ‘Committees of Safety’ meeting in nearby Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

I’m getting my second airplane ready to fly in time for the snow to melt from the runway in a few weeks, so I’ve been working my butt off, making zappers to sell, so that I can have some hobby time in the next month. I seem to care about flying more than just about anything else, these days. About a week after I crashed my first plane, last May, a Sylph showed up over our property at about 4,000’ above ground level, among cumulus clouds, and I could have quickly gone up there if I’d still had a plane to fly. Most Sylphs are considerably higher, out of easy reach with the sort of planes I can fly & it’s always cold up there, too.

Carol’s acupuncturist in Coeur d’Alene, Dr Holly Carling, keeps her informed of the activities of local constitutionalists and handed her a flyer for a ‘Committees of Safety’ meeting. You may know that in pre-Revolution America there was a loose network among the colonies of people who discussed independence. In those days the only organization that existed throughout the colonies was freemasonry, which was controlled from London, but they somehow managed to create a republic in spite of that. Now, we have the internet, which is not controlled by these old Babylonian families at all [Image Can Not Be Found]

It wasn’t clear on the flyer who was sponsoring the meeting. I dreaded, just a little bit, going there and seeing a bunch of bornagain chumps from a single local, CIA-dominated ‘non-denominational’ church but Carol and I felt compelled to check it out. The room, which was in a large, local motel’s convention facility, was packed to overflowing with men and women who looked ‘ordinary,’ like us. There were a couple of soldiers, dressed in fatigues, sort of loitering at the doorway. They looked pretty comfortable and non-threatening; Carrol told me they’re National Guard guys. Chairs were being set up against the back wall and I joked to a fellow, as we were going thru the door, ‘Maybe we can ask the feds to give up their seats,’ and he said, ‘Maybe we could MAKE them give up their seats.’

Carol and I found seats and some people were left standing. I think there were about 300 in the room and out in the hall. The host of the meeting, who leads the local Contitutional Party, opened the meeting by saying that this was a scheduled Party meeting to which the public was invited to hear a woman from Connecticut talk about a spontaneous movement across the country to set up community ‘Committees of Safety,’ in the event that economy and government collapses. She and a few other people met a few weeks previously on the East Coast and wrote up a document that more or less paraphrases the Declaration of Independence.

Nobody was throwing down teh gauntlet and, in fact, the cops and military were invited to participate, hence the two soldiiers (enlisted men) and probably half a dozen cops, in civilian clothes, who didn’t wear uniforms and weren’t the typical anti-Constitutional thugs who dress up like SS, compulsively lift weights like prison inmates and shave their heads. I bet there were twenty feds in the mix, too [Image Can Not Be Found]

On a lark, a few weeks ago at a gun show, I bought some militia tee-shirts, one of which says, ‘God, Guts and Guns Keep Our Country Free.’ I personally don’t want America to be a nation, any more, because this federal government is so far beyond redemption that allowing even a token hierarchy in Washington, DC, probably invites continuing mayhem. The clear historic trend is away from centralization, after all, and the only purpose of the federal government is to ‘provide for the common defense,’ but we don’t have any foreign enemies. England was the only enemy, before, and they got ‘the colonies’ back after they had Lincoln assassinated but China pulled the rug out from under them a few years ago by purchasing the ‘New World Order’ for pennies on the dollar.

I’m putting this report in the Psychic Intel’ section because our only perceivable enemy, now, are the old Illuminati/Babylonian families who sold out to Peking but are still, secretly, striving to incite Armaggedon. I say, ‘Babylonian,’ not because of any documented connection to Nebuchadnezzar but because they carry on the traditions of Babylonian ground rent, which is how the world order turned debt into an asset. They’re evidently the ones who also own and operate the literal ‘underground civilization’ that includes a vast army of MKid assassins and programmed sociopaths. These families are the only terrorists in teh world. Peking just wants to keep increasing the prosperity and contentment of a billion Chinese, the ‘sleeping dragon.’ The parasites in Peking are heavily vested in keeping this dragon asleep, which means that the prosperous countries have to keep buying Chinese goods. Delicious irony but ultimately beneficial for the entire planet. Orgonite will eventually pull the rug out from under those old commie parasites in a timely way, no doubt.

Thanks to the Chinese, my intrepid Ugandan partner and I will evidently be mass producing very inexpensive basic zappers for world distribution sooner than later. I got tired of waiting for the Chinese to do it themselves [Image Can Not Be Found]

These old Illuminati famliies, mainly in London, set up the CIA, which was an outgrowth (read: malignant tumor on the body politic) of their older, murderous/poisonous MI6. The CIA runs all the disinormants on the web who pretend to be revolutionaries and patriots but ultimately just want everyone to prop up the federal government. Hopefully, you can tell who they are mainly by their etheric stench. Other disinformants, in the tradition of NESARA, KGB Sorcha and the Wanta scam, want us to believe that O’Bomber is working for world peace. His Mossadomite® chief of staff belies, that, of course, and Israel’s continuing Palestinian Holocaust is undermining everyone’s confidence in that regime’s integrity.

The reason it’s important to study history with an independent mind is that it enables us to see current historic trends, which the What To Think Network and academia are viciously vested in hiding from everyone. For instance, who has noticed that the world has become a single nation?

If you’re a fan of irony, as I am, you noticed that the world order had completely obliterated national sovereignty by the end of World War Two. Roosevelt singlehandedly destroyed what was left of America’s sovereignty and Constitution (except the First and Second Amendment), though it wasn’t a very big job because the real power of the federal government was handed over to the London-based Federal Reserve Corporation in 1913 by the treasonous Congress.

Europe was absorbed into the world order in 1939 when the United Nations was formed on Churchill’s yacht in international waters off the coast of North Carolina. It was in all the papers at the time. All of the postwar national boundaries in Europe were decided, then. It was right before the invasion of Poland.

The US Senate treatied away all of America’s remaining sovereignty to the UN after WWII. Fortunately for us, no nation or group of nations is stupid enough to invade a large country with an armed populace. Evidently, the millions of death towers that were thrown up around the globe in late 2001 were a desperate effort by the world order to enabloe a few million Chinese and Russian UN Peacekeepers to take and hold every country by electronically disarming the surviving populace. The chemtrail program was apparently supposed to have decimated the human population to a manageable level shortyl aftter that but several thousand orgonite cloudbusters and then several thousand gifters blew both of those plots out of the water in a timely way. As difficult as it is for Pajama People to contemplate any of what I’m talking about, future historians willl see and record all of this with certainty and the few of us who are willing to act on ‘battlefield intel’ will continue to castrate the old ‘New World Order’ until they’re thrown down. Otherwise, they’ll continue to be exposed at an accelerating rate and general disgust about the current national governments’ capitulation to corporate parasites is forcing all of humanity to become more accountable for the sake of survival.

In the chat sessions, the psychics get a first-hand look at Illuminati rituals involving human sacrifice. They also watch the dynamics of the Illuminati harvesting the energy of the terror of thousands and millions of slaughtered innocents. Just contemplating the depths of corruption and the evil acts committed by memberrs of these families and their minions challenges the sanity of regular people like us but this is the foundation of the millenia-old ‘New World Order.’

Some people deal with this in a schizophrenic way. Nobody wants to feel powerless and the history of corporate/occult exploitation is terrifying. The typical schizoid response is characterized by religious fundamentalism and the hubris of ‘I Am God’ newage sewage (Theosophy in its myriad Babylonian forms). Fortunately, both of those paradigms are centrally managed, so the collapse of the British and American regimes in coming years or months will pull the rug out from under these complacent, omnipresent endorphin addicts and we can have society back, again.

If I’m correct that the human race is now one nation then the obvious course to world peace and prosperity is through individual accountability and community networking. This is obviously an idea whose time has come. It doesn’t matter what anyone calls this and politicians won’t have a place at this banquet table unless they want to get real and show some self sacrifice, in which case they’ll have to stop being politicians [Image Can Not Be Found]

If we’re to survive a temporary lapse in economic continuity, as has happened in just about every country except America at one time or another, we’re going to need to rely on each other locally. We’ll have to have local public meetings to discuss pooling our resources. I don’t count the Great Depression because that was the New World Order’s fabricated excuse to implement fascism in Europe and North America and that generation was so materialistic that they hungrily swallowed that baited hook. It was rather the termporary cessation of charity and networking in favor of centralized control. Fascism/communism got worse and worse after that until the internet came along and ordinary people like you and me began informing ourselves and networking together in large numbers throughout the world. In those dark days it was nearly impossible to find anyone in our local communities who were capable of thinking independently but, by now, there are quiite a few independent thinkers in our own communities.

The meeting in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, six days ago, brought that happy development home to Carol and I. We’re planning to call a networking meeting in our little town, Athol, Idaho, this spring and I hope you’ll do the same where you live. I don’t know whether many cities are going to survive the coming economic hiccup if the federal government loses the ability to send out welfare and disability checks. Poor people are armed, too, and the FBI has been routginely rounding up and imprisoning nearly all of the potential leaders of the black and Latin populations in America’s cities for several decades. In St Louis, where my mom lives, half the population are on the dole. I think the same percentage of Canada’s and Britain’s populace are on the dole and it’s essentially the same system. What will happen when countless millions of people who are addicted to the CIA/MI6’s dope fail to find any of it? Surely a temporary problem but a serious one. I’m glad we don’t live in a city.

I bought half interest in the airplane I’m restoring. My partner owns a successful corporation and lives in a mansion. He told me, yesterday, that he’s finalizing some long term contracts before the coming economic crash and that he’s buying six months’ supply of food for his family. I don’t personally know anyone as ‘mainstream’ as this fellow is so preparing for hard times is no longer the purview of survivalists or paranoids, obviously.

Leadership in coming days (millennia?) won’t have anything to do with charisma, ideology or politics; it willl be about self-sacrifice. Whoever commits to calling a local meeting about community survival and continuity will be overwhelmed with responsibility to coordinate all the personal resources in the surrounding area or neighborhood. It will be a thankless job, not a pedestal. If you and I won’t do it, who will? If we don’t do it, how horrible will the consequences be? If we do it, how great will the rewards be in terms of experiencing the the dynamics of selfless service and real unity? This is the root of prosperity. The hermit survivalists will have traded all that for a dark, humorless existence.

I believe that the ideological barriers that are sustained by corporate/occult mind control specialists will fall away when these corporations and cults have been exposed. Hive mind in the modern world is a function of centralized control. Carol and I got a glimpse of that in Utah, 8 years ago, when I gifted the main Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. Later that day, as we travelled south through the state, all the people we met seemed human for the first time. I don’t mean to insult Mormons with these comments but the Mormon gifters know exactly what I’m talking about.

The complacent newagers who think that they’re ‘divine’ and won’t have to experience hardship when the world order collapses, perhaps this year, are in for a rude awakening when they’re called upon to contribute to teh common weal of the community during a time of privation. I think they expect to be transported to a ‘higher dimension’ then. ‘Privation’ is a good word: lack of usual comforts or necessities of life. I like it better than ‘deprivation,’ because the latter indicates that someone has taken it away; in this case the corporations who have always controlled the economy are simply disappearing, which is ultimately a good thing and is necessary for world peace and prosperity.

The Theosophy disinformants, who are the ones propping up the ‘I Am God’ affectations of millions of God-hating white people, have pegged this ‘ascension’ scam to 2012, so maybe the thing that will shock the God-haters out of their illusion will be the more imminent collapse of the corporate world order [Image Can Not Be Found] and the fact that they’ll still be here with the rest of us. YOu probably know that the bornagain chumps have swallowed a similar myth: the Rapture. I may call the bursting of that bubble, ‘The Rupture.’ Meanwhile, assuming that there actually is a God, I’m pretty sure He doesn’t care, much, whether these hubris-infested ‘divinity’ posturers resent Him, nor whether the bornagain chumps insist that He exclusively endorses them [Image Can Not Be Found]

Getting real is always a challenge but if we’ll commit to personal integrity now, when times are easy, it won’t be such a challenge when we can no longer rely on governments or corporations to supply our needs.

I’m re-arrranging my personal economic priorities. For instance, pretty soon I’m going to buy an inexpensive half-VW motor and another Joe Cell with a view toward installing it in an airplane so that I can travel, anywhere, if/when gasoline temporarily disappears from the market. Ever since I met Bill Muiller in Canada in 1997 and played with his magnet-powered engine I’ve wanted an aircraft powered by a free energy motor [Image Can Not Be Found] Free energy is a reality for me and I often forget that only a few people have this certainty from direct experience. I think The Operators will ensure that affordable free energy tech will be one of the dynamic influences that will quickly help us re-establish the global market, sans parasitic corporations.


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