The Mighty Zambezi


"Then one day a strange thing happened. The holy ones of Kariba vanished from the face of the earth. They vanished without leaving a trace- and they vanished without leaving the gorge at all…….

……There is aso a belief, born probably as a result of the sudden disappearance of the holy ones, that not only is Kariba the navel of the earth, but that also the ‘Knot of Time’ is located there, where the past, the present and the future of the entire Universe are tied together in a knot.

It is also said that somewhere in Kariba there is a cave, and that in this cave the future of the world is carved in sacred characters on a great slab of rock…."

Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa (Indaba my children pp 575, 578)

When Credo Mutwa says such a thing, he speaks with the authority of century old oral traditions from many regions of Africa. The flooding of Kariba Gorge (in order to create the hydroelectric power scheme of Kariba Dam in the late 1950s) considered the holiest of holies by tribes way beyond the borders of present day Zambia, was one of the great sacrileges and blunders, white people committed in Africa.

According to Credo’s own words in an interview with David Icke, the Dam project was cursed in a special ceremony by 17 witchdoctors (Sangomas) including himself, before the flooding took place.

sunken trees in Lake Kariba

Even by conventional ecological Standards the flooding of Kariba Gorge was a major catastrophe. Still dead sunken trees on large parts of the lake’s surface bear witness to the former woodlands teeming with wildlife that were submerged.

Often romanticised, Lake Kariba is a Monument to wanton and large scale destruction as well

predators abound

Kariba Dam -cursed by the custodians of African tradition and spirituality

No wonder then, that Lake Kariba, as it’s known today, was identified as the source of an energetic blockage that played a major role in the recent drought in parts of Southern Africa by the psychics in the Etheric Warriors Chat.

After years of constant improvement of rainfalls in our region, this drought had hit us totally unexpectedly and we were at first hapless as to what to do about it.

The recent Karoo expedition in April has already lifted a bit of the dark cloud over our wider area, but we think the problem can only be solved by healing this very special place.

Out of these considerations the idea for a Great Zambezi Expedition was born.

Our new expedition configuration: Landrover and rubber duck on trailer

For the purpose I have bought a semi rigid inflatable with an outboard motor that should be able to navigate large stretches of the magnificent river, the fourth longest in Africa, that touches Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique in its course to the Indian Ocean.

The planned expedition in its regional context

a more detailed map of Zambia: the coloured dots represent stretches we want to gift

We have planned 2 weeks in order to try and gift a stretch of approximately 600km of the Zambezi upstream and downstream of Lake Kariba.

Kazungula Ferry over the Zambezi, Connecting Botswana and Zambia

Sioma or Ngonye Falls 300km upstream of Victoria Falls

Elefants taking a bath in Upper Zambezi just a few km upstream of Vic Falls

Mosia-oa-Tunya – The smoke that thunders (traditional name of Vic Falls)

The lower Zambezi

Due to it’s difficult accessibility, wildlife still abounds at the lower Zambezi

More elefants

Hippos are the No. 1 “man killer” in Africa, believe it or not. They just don’t like to be disturbed

Proposed start is mid May. we will mostly focus on the water gifting but also carry a few CBs to leave at suitable places.

We are still looking for participants who would be willing to share some of the cost involved. You can also support this expedition by taking over Sponsorships for a whole CB or any lesser amount you feel comfortable to contribute. … tegoryID=8

3 generous sponsors have already helped us to acquire neccessary equipment for this trip. For this support we are very greatful.

We do however still need at least 2 CB-Sponsorships to make this happen. A CB Sponsorships costs 500 Euro (Aprox USD 665) and can be paid for by credit card on our website [url:318nrhb1][/url:318nrhb1]. Of course also smaller contributions are possible and very welcome. This is money well spent.


We are back. That’s Robert and me.

We drove approximately 1000 km per boat, the actual gifted stretch is about 600 km long. (often had to return to the same launching spot where we had our vehicle)

A detailed and of course pictured report is in preparation.


Georg, please forgive me for stealing a little thunder, but when you emailed me, yesterday, to report that there’s a lot of unseasonal rain in your area, now, I got pretty excited because we were watching for this confirmation.

The HAARPies managed to re-create a drought in Southern Africa, at least temporarily, and this was one of the reasons you gave for gifting that length of the Zambezi River. It’s that sort of leap of faith that can help us get so much confidence in gifting and in our own intuitive promptings, which if followed get sharper and clearer.

Congrats, partner!