The Mini-Gun

I remembered seeing a design for an Orgone Mini-Gun and decided to try and make one (for no better reason than that I had all the necessary ingredients lying around the garage).

The original design was credited to one Ettore Pietro who made the somewhat wild claim that it was as powerful as a 6-pipe CB at a fraction of the cost.

Pietro used a small coffee-tin but I used a slightly larger biscuit-tin and for the HHg I followed Don’s tutorial in EW.

Anyway, after it was ready, I tried pointing it here and there to see what it could do but this was rather inconclusive as I have other orgonite devices in my garden so after a while I just stuck it on the top-spacer of my CB (as more of a joke than anything else) and went off for a cup of tea.

When I came back I was surprised to see that the CB was working rather better for its recent addition (clearer blue sky and sharper cloud-definition) so I left it there.

Sometime I intend to take it far from its present location to see what it can do alone but for the time being it’s giving sterling service where it is.

I offer these comments as very preliminary findings and am not recommending this as a cure-all for anyone with CB problems.

It uses the ‘resonant cavity’ principle rather like an EP, was very easy to put together and I would certainly encourage anyone to experiment with what appears to be a very promising little device.


Thanks Edostar !

You anticipated me, since Ettore asked me to post this info and ask for opinions and etheric evaluation,

every advice is welcome and I’ll refer Ettore.



I was advised to be wary of any observed effects (dissolving CTs etc) of the Mini-Gun being confounded by the Visual Ray (where one can dissolve clouds by looking at them).

In the next few days I plan a trip to the north of the island and I’ll take the Gun with me and will guard against absorbing the negativity from any CT that I point it at by averting my eyes for the duration of the experiment.

I shall post any further results here in due course.

My best to Ettore.


thanks Edostar for this post, i’ll wait your results.

i’ve been 2 weeks in Bali in 2002, before “terrorists” destroy Kuta beach.

your Island is a beautyful pearl in the ocean and spirituality and temples around the island are very full of energy.

it is a true-colored world and our is only black & white!

about mini gun i have diffused this idea because i think it will be a good device, light and helping cb’s work.

here some pics of devices, and effects:

some fliyng saucer photographed always, during the gifting and around home.

this is another version :

i hope carol, stevo dooney tell something about!

that bottom picture definatly has alot of energy. I’m not too huge a fan of aluminum and steel but they definatly work, it looks like the bucket may be made of one of those

Well….I think it’s time to make some more detailed explanations on how, allegedly , this device works , I’m relating exactly what Ettore told me , hoping that some of our best psychics and also Don will express their opinion/assessment.

Here is the translated email Ettore sent me:


Hi Igor, it’s some time I wanted to send you my detailed explanation on how the mini-CB works.

Do you know something on the theory of ether ? Ether is formed up from “trains” of invisible particles (it’s the true atom of Parmenide , a Greek scholar) that comes and go back and forth in every direction , dissolving and reconstructing every physical matter we know of, these particles have a mass so that around 180.000 are required do do a single electron, some of the physical effects of these “transits” are the mass and gravity, inertia, speed of light, etc.

In nature everything is repulsion (attraction is about the realm of the spirit): if your car stops you have to push it , only because you can’t pull it , when you think to pull something in your direction , you’re in reality pushing it in your direction; think about it for a second.

Gravity is a repulsion force in direction of the earth; your body is pushed from the ether currents in direction of the planet: if you’re in outer space, away from the planet, you stay still quietly , without movement , because the same ether currents that cross your body compensate because they are isotropic , they come and go in every directions. When you’re near the planet , instead , it shields you from the flux of ether under your feets , therefore the ether coming from the above push you on the earth , therefore you’re pushed toward the earth and not attracted from it , this is the difference.

Ether goes to the speed of light ? No , light goes to the speed of ether; ether transports the light and all the hertzian wave lenghts; example: you’re sitting in a train , and going to the speed of the train , therefore you’re going to the speed of the train , not the train that is going to “your speed” , this is clear and obvious.

We know of some experiments , that were always been ignored by the “official physics” ; the Foucault pendulum mantains it’s oscillating direction , contrary to the earth’s direction of rotation , why ? Because it’s depends from the ether flux system , also the gyroscope is completely uninfluenced by the gravity , for the same exact reason.

This is for explaining you , in brief, what “ether” is…let’s go on.

Ether permeates everything, in presence of it’s mass (matter) it generates time ! Without matter there’s no time; ether particles are on the limit border of matter and spirit; every matter condensation is mantained and governed from spiritual forces (nothing to do with priests [Image Can Not Be Found] ) FOR ETHER THERE ARE NO CLOSED SPACES.

Regarding the mini-CB , ether penetrates everything , even the aluminium can of the mini-CB; it enters the can and crosses the orgonite, made of crystalline resin , metal , silicon oxide (crystal) ; thanks to the conformation of the conical hhg inside the mini-CB , part of the ether flux crossing the device condense into orgone , that bounce in the metal walls inside the device (because it’s too dense to penetrate into the metal walls quickly) but after some time it goes out from the copper pipes (it’s important to use at least 1" diameter pipe otherwise the orgone will find hard to flush out) , also the total lenght of the entire device (aluminium can plus copper pipe) must be 523 millimeters (lost cubit) to facilitate the orgone transit even more.

This is , I think , the main difference of the mini-CB , it doesn’t regenerate dead orgone like the standard CB , it generates new orgone from lighter ether energy into “denser” orgone energy , don’t ask me how I managed to understand this process, you wouldn’t believe it.

Another , improved version: pick a bigger , round can, like the ones for biscuits , drill 8 28 millimeter holes on the bottom , distanced 45 degrees , solder 8 pieces of copper pipe , 3 or 4 centimeters long , glue an hhg on the can cap using silicone (it’s composition is crystalline) then on the pipes put 8 45 degree angled couplers and 8 more pieces of copper pipes so that the total lenght of both the can and pipes will be 523 millimeters.

I’ve tried it and it seems revolutionary , it clears the densest chemsoup in a short time , try it and tell Don & Carol and the others , they will see it.

With all the prices of the copper going up and up, with just a few centimeters of pipes it’s possible to make these alternative devices that are smaller , more portable and even more powerful.

If you rotate the the angled copper couplers , obtaining a clockwise spiral , forcing the orgone to exit in a clocwise spin it does a clear hole in the chemsoup, I’ve tried it in Torino (one of the most polluted cities in Italy – For your information -Igor) and in 45 minutes it cleared 4 days of intense chemspraying in the city , over an about 8 km radius.

Another observation (not sure , I have to do more experimenting and get some confirmations from others) is that rotating the pipes in anticlockwise direction seems to draw-in rain clouds, in three experiments made , all threewere succesfull and the rain dropped within two hours !

Hugs, Ettore.

P.S.- I’ve come to an idea about this ether theory , the antigravity , if we could shield ourselves from the ether flux that hit us from the above and pull us toward the planet , earth start to pull you and you start to levitate , like some very evolved beings are able to do , because they know how to shield this way , no one knows how this could be done.


I’ll post some pictures of Ettore’s devices soon.


Here are some pictures of Ettore’s devices discussed in the previous post:

Mini CB 523 millimeters long.

Another picture.

Ettore’s can CB

The same CB with the couples rotated in a clocwise direction.

Thanks, guys! I’m glad you’re exploring the potential of resonant cavities and I’m looking forward to seeing some reports from controlled experiments. The grander the claim, the more specific and repetitious one’s experiments ought to be, in my opinion. It’s also useful to get the field observations of reputable energy sensitives and psychics, of course.

Carol and I hold ourselves to that standard, gladly, so I don’t mind insisting that everyone else who advances claims will also adhere to a fair standard. As we know, Dr Reich, whom many consider to be our exemplar in terms of field research, also insisted on reasonable scientific standards, also recommended that avoidance of mysticism is often a useful research aid.

None of the psychics and sensitives in EW are protecting territory in the case of this invention so their input is pretty objective. If you’re offering a new orgonite pendant for sale, though, or are making and selling a knockoff of our zapper iCarol’s and I would refrain from evaluating it (unless it’s pure $#!+ <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” border=“0” alt=“Cool” title=“Cool” />), since those are our main livlihood these days. We gave everything else away, pretty much. I taught Georg Ritschl to make his Terminator Zapper knockoffs because I wanted to help him extend his gifting range and that’s worked out pretty well for both of us. If he were in the US, Asia, Antipodes, the Americas or Europe I wouldn’t have taught him.

It’s been a challenge to sift genuine claims from inflated claims over the years, of course, but when a really good device proves itself I’m always happy to help the inventor promote it.

I want you guys to understand that anything at all that’s promoted on EW is likely to be seen as ‘proven’ by many of our readers. YOu might understand the essential nature of objective field testing but human nature dictates that anything mentioned on a reputable forum like this one will instantly be blindly accepted and even vigorously promoted by some folks. It might not matter to most folks but that always causes me to spend countless hours with damage control <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” border=“0” alt=“Wink” title=“Wink” />–mistatements travel at the speed of light but hard-won truths travel at a snail’s pace. That’s just part of the human condition and I don’t think it’s going to change very soon.

There are, though, more and more people joining this unorganized movement who are mature enough not to accept a claim just because it’s presented vigorously and repeatedly. My job as the host of this forum is partly to ensure that any claims will be accompanied with demonstrable proof. The more members will share this responsibility, the brighter this forum will shine, in my opinion. I learned that our readers don’t have a lot of patience for lengthy speculations, idle ruminations or fruitless discussions, otherwise, and I’m quite heartened by that, since we’re each involved in a mainly work-oriented effort, after all.

We’re pretty certain of the following, gleaned over the years, that for changing ambient DOR into POR:

  1. it takes the most orgonite (widely-distributed, simple devices) to achieve it in the lower atmosphere; cloudbusters have a lot of range in the upper atmosphere but they won’t do much for the level below the clouds.

  2. it takes considerably less to achieve it in bodies of water, also that water gifting strongly affects the lower and upper atmosphere

  3. it takes the least amount to achieve it underground and in this case, resonant cavities seem to have the best application. Busting underground DOR sources also clears the atmosphere right above it. I don’t have a clue if that affects bodies of water in the area.

It’s possible to get temporary confrimations with a number of approaches. What we look for when we want to prove a device’s specific applicatoin is consistency and long-term effects, though.

Kelly created the most bizarre, dramatic atmospheric effect I’ve ever seen by gifting an already-gifted mountaintop with a few towerbusters made with energized water, mixed into water based resin but the effect only lasted for a few hours.

We use a half-scale orgonite cloudbuster with a specialized Succor Punch attached when we’re at sea and we’ve busted up a lot of thunderheads in our path with that device. I mainly just wanted to stay out of the rain, not to create the atmospheric effect. I’d already gotten used to busting up thunderheads with an ordinary, bigger CB but I just wanted something smaller for the boat

Orgonite Cloudbusters can reach out for hundreds of miles around in the upper atmosphere thanks to the pipe cavities and the best range seems to be achieved when the pipes are straight and parallel, though other configurations can perhaps achieve grander, closer-range effects (we don’t know about that because nobody’s done controlled experiments)

Another odd aspect of human nature is that we want to make something that will eliminate the need for further development. Hitler called that approach, ‘The final solution’ and I frankly get a creepy feeling whenever I get an email from an inventor who claims that what he’s offering (I’ve never known anyone to test their own claims, first) makes everything we’ve done, to date, insignificant Maybe that urge to stop developing is just intellectual laziness.

There are a few exceptionally gifted, reputable inventors, like Cesco, but we shouldn’t assume that everything they invent will stand up to fair testing. It’s not fair to them or to us to promote anything before it’s been proven.

If we blindly promoted any invention, how could our readers separate us from the parade of poseurs and chest pounders who are now in the wake of this progressive, global movement? Some of those had done some great work before they destroyed their own reputations, by the way. My reputation is tied to Etheric Warriors, as well as to World Without Parasites and thanks, again, guys, for asking for feedback. Bear in mind that psychics’ best feedback is gotten from watching teh dynamics of a device in 3D and over a period of time. It’s helpful for them to discuss all that with each other, too. Remote psi evaluations ought to be considered useful research aids but NOT the final word, of course.

The more EW members will share this responsibility, as Cesco, Igor and Dan are doing, the more obvious it will be to our readers that this movement is not a personality cult and that we’re mainly concerned with producing substantive results.


Some times ago you did post about this minigun on one of our french board with some videos… I remember. I’m happy you posted this device here on EW.

ninja said:
Some times ago you did post about this minigun on one of our french board with some videos… I remember. I’m happy you posted this device here on EW.

Yes, Ninja i’ve posted this video made by friends :

is an interesting and funny demostration of “illybuster” to the clouds.