The Next Phase of Judy Lubulwa's Northeast Kenya Healing Pro

Judy is back in Nairobi, planning to return with more orgonite and relief to her friends in Northeast Kenya. She’s itemized what she needs so that you can earmark your contribution if you wish.

We’re hoping that she can fit this in before new responsibilities might make the trip unfeasible, a little later on. I hope you’ll wire the money to her directly. I’ll post the instructions for that, shortly, and she’d post this, herself, but hackers have interfered with her ability to post directly, so I’m doing it for her for now. As you probably know, that level of interference is an unwitting endorsement from teh world odor Cool so congrats, Judy!




About Kaleche, the last time I didn’t ask for help buying food because I’d already
bought it over a long period of time. I just needed the fuel to get there and
probably some money to buy fresh vegetables. I also had made the tbs. So the
difference this time is that I have no orgonite, have bought no food and also need
to rent car. Please post this appeal on my behalf because I still can’t log onto

Two weeks ago, I got a phone call from Kalekye.

Some of you may remember that in October last year, we took a trip to a remote and
dangerous part of Kenya and met a family of 10. Kalekye, the mother of the family
and a psychic, had sensed our approach and come to meet us at the spot where we
needed guidance because none of us knew the way.

The north-eastern part of the country was probably part of the Indian Ocean in
times past as is now parched and desertlike. We saw many large shells. The
vegetation is thorny thickets and nothing much grows there. Somali nomads freely
roam these expanses looking for water and pasture for their livestock. They build
a makeshift shelters for the night from the thickets and move on the next day,
never settling anywhere. This place is also a sort of border for the Kamba
peasants who try to eke a living from the land sometimes come into conflict with
the Somalis because water. The latter, being more or less a warrior tribe
sometimes let their animals eat the former’s crop in times of drought, or feed
them the water the former would have used for their daily needs and before you
know it, there is blood-letting. The saying ‘water is life’ could be more apt

At the time of the trip, they hadn’t had rain for 3 years and I was really quite
excited to be taking them a cloudbuster, several tbs and of course some food
supplies to take them a couple of months. I was excited because I had met and
formed an attachment to this place and this family the previous year, and I’d
silently vowed to myself that I’d help them in some way. That was before I came
across orgonite. As we left them that day, there were a couple of rainbows in the
sky to bid us goodbye and a song in my heart.

A few months after we left, I got news from them about the rain and they were
really happy. Not so this last time Kalekye called. She has lost her herd of
goats which were her only source of livelihood. All 50 or so of them. Apparently
someone spirited them away in the night, and the police have not helped her trace

Having been to this place, I have been really rather stunned at the news because
here is a place where people spend the entire day putting together one measly meal
which does not quite sate them. I saw her 9 year old go out with the donkeys at
the crack of dawn to search for water and come back at 8 pm. I’ve seen her
younger children going out hunting for dik dik so they would have something to eat
something for supper. I’ve seen her digging this dry earth for meagre grain and
spending the rest of the day pounding and grinding wheat for the family when she
was 9 months pregnant with her 8 child. I’ve seen her and Mwoni (her husband)
chewing roots for moisture (and feeding the rest to the goats) while the children
ate the meal because there was not enough to eat.

I am appealing to you, if this story touches you at all, to spare the dollars you
could have had coffee with for a week and send it to Kalekye. You will be saving
a life, believe me. Probably more than one, because she is a healer and attends
to many in the region. I will be going there in a couple of weeks (weekend of
15th) to take them some food, orgonite, money to buy some goats and moral support.

Here is a list of things am requestion funds for (in $):

Food stuffs* 460
Resin 100
Fuel 45
Truck rental 75
Money for K 400

Making the total we need to make this happen is $1,000

*Food stuffs breakdown:

Rice 58
Maize 78
Maize flour 67
Beans 62
Wheat flour 17

Veges 50
Sugar 75
Misc 50
I trust we will make this happen.

Thank you


In yesterday’s chat the psychics looked into whether we could do anything for Kaleche but she’s apparently in good shape, considering the physical hardships, and the goats were apparently taken by orphans, who ate all but six of them. There are hordes of orphans in Africa, due to AIDS. Carol suggested that we boost her effort to implant a desire in the surviving goats to return home. That herd was the family’s livlihood, by the way.

Judy told us in teh chat that there had been a lot of flooding in Kaleche’s area since the previous visit and that they were able to plant crops but the ground was apaprently too wet, so the crops succumbed to parasites. It may be that enoujgh orgonite in the fields will enable the farmers to succeed at harvesting crops, though. Also, the flooding might have been a HAARP reprisal on account of the cloudbuster.

Looking ahead, I’m hoping that NE Kenya will be a good test bed for what orgonite can do. Kaleche is particularly suited to know what to do with orgonite, so it’s a good potential long range experiment.

Some physicists observed that in any process, the more chaos that exists in the beginning, the more order there will be in the end. This is why the world odor favors violent revolutions, by the way (like in France, Russia, Cuba, China and Cambodia), though I don’t think that’s where these physicists were looking Cool

We look at ‘order’ a little differently than the parasitic world odor does, of course, and our version rather relates to balanced energy, peace and prosperity.

Since Northeast Kenya’s environnment and economy is degraded in so many ways, it’s a good place to document the effects of orgonite distribution and Judy is very well equipped to observe and record the effects. It’s a wonderful combination. Kizira Ibrahim, a professional psychic in Uganda, has been assisting DrP’s gifting strategy in that country and I expect that Kaleche will continue to form her own strategy in Northeast Kenya, where outsiders won’t likely find their way around.

Judy sent me some photos of her first visit to that area but I can’t post photos, yet. I’ll forward them to someone who can put them on a URL that will post in this thread.

You probably know or suspect that no deserts are natural; they’re all intentionally formed and maintained. Dr Reich operated on this premise and so ought we, I believe. Many deserts are being reversed these days by gifters and it’s particularly useful to reverse Africa’s deserts because so many people live in them, just barely.


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