The noaa-cane ernesto

here we are two months into the dreaded 2006 hurricane season with no storms landfalling or for that matter even properly developing.

the latest look at the named tropical storm “ernesto” shows it barely hanging together with minimal rotation and no eyewall at a devastating 45 mph max winds.

here in south florida they’ve already let school out and the friggin gas lines of tv mongers are plaguing our highways. they also said expect higher gas prices… how does that relate?

we are watching history in the making as the projected “cone of probability” is centered directly over the crofts again as in last year’s wilma. i will be surprised if it makes a decent cat 1 storm and i am predicting a non-hurricane or noaa-cane. (terminology credit jmccanney, disinfo scientist)

a noaa-cane is one forecast as a hurricane in the media which fails to materialize due to haarp mitigation and remains a natural tropical storm.

our orgonite shield (if you will) was completed this weekend just as the storm was ‘getting itself together’. thousands of pieces of orgonite were laid in the last year by us all around florida and in the bahamas on ocean gifting sorties

. these missions comprised the now understood scientific example of a complete blocking of haarp effects in an entire region and how that would fare during a haarpicane season.

it is our desire to have no etheric intervention on this storm (please, ehteric warriors) so that we may test whether or not orgonite provides this blocking function we have speculated to be an operant actuality, on it’s own.

if this proves to be the case ,as we speculate so, a scienbtific experiment and verification has been made which will prove that orgonite can handle the artificial manipulations of weather warfare and that at last, a zone of haarpicane free weather has been created to shield the sleepy floridians and therefore, sets an example for all people everywhere to follow to take control of the weather away from the enemies of mankind and place it back in the hands of a benevolent nature.

make no mistake that this is indeed a showdown. the storm is targeted right at us and was done so right as we finished the florida project the crofts came here to work on , among many other things.

it is the story of how haarp fails in full view of all media people and tv watchers and the world. they will be only one question away from realizing that storms are manipulated electrically through haarp.

this was put in my face yesterday when i was out eating and this fed geek comes in the place being very loud about the approaching “hurricane” that no one had ever mentioned, and how it would be a “bulls-eye” like “wilma” with strong “eyewalls”. these were trigger words for me to jump in with him and id myself and a message to me that this was the same kind of showdown as last year when we kicked wilma’s ass.

please know that they are throwing everything they have at this one and that it will show the real deal, the power of orgonite to the world. this is a historical moment!

i got hammered so hard in the keys on the last trip i thought i might have a real problem. that showed me we were kicking the $#!+ out of their haarp infrastructure. they’re done.

so just watch as this unfolds. it’s what doesn’t happen that is so telling.

Outstanding work Jeff, Don and Carol!!

This is from HAARPicane Central

Tropical Storm Ernesto (now 45mph) is moving northwest toward South Florida this morning. The center of the storm has remerged over water after crossing Cuba for almost 20 hours. The storm will likely regain some additional strength today as a result [good luck]. Fortunately, it remained over land long enough to most likely prevent Ernesto from rapidly intensifying [CYA statement?]. Heavy rainfall on the order of 4 to 8 inches is the main threat as it bears down on the U.S.

Hurricane watches are in effect for much of South Florida and the Northwest Bahamas. In addition, tropical storm warnings are posted for many of the same areas.

In the western Pacific, after crossing the International Dateline from the central Pacific, Category Five Hurricane Ioke became Super Typhoon Ioke (160 mph). Ioke, maintaining its strength, is forecast to swirl very close to or over Wake Island on Wednesday evening (U. S. time).

In the eastern Pacific, Tropical Storm John is churning about 250 miles SE of Acapulco, Mexico. While the storm is expected to track parallel to the Mexican Coast and remain offshore, tropical storm watches have been raised along potions of the coastline. The system could become a hurricane later today.

So is the Enemy seeing what they can churn up in the Pacific too!?!?


You all are totally awesome! The timing was absolutely perfect! The weather boys and girls have been so distraught ever since the weather warfare season commenced in June because everything they create peters out or runs off in the opposite direction. They are even being nostalgic and running specials about Katrina from 2005 because Ernesto is so lethargic. I suggest they beef up the commercials because you guys have completely stolen the show and made history. I sincerely believe that the Crofts, Jeff Mckinley, and who ever else has gifted this region have done more for the state of Florida than any president, governor, or any other public official has ever done in the history of the U.S.A.

“Furthermore, you all have made a loving contribution to the world that will definitely go down in history and help change the world for the good of all mankind.”

Imagine helping to change the world by NON-VIOLENT means! This is what we’ve all been waiting to hear!



I just saw a notice posted on the Weather Channel:

“The Dolphins exhibition game in Miami will be played as scheduled this Thursday…”


Here’s another interesting newsflash:

NASA began moving the space shuttle from it’s launchpad back to the hanger, in fear of the advancing storm. They got it half-way there and turned around, heading the shuttle back to it’s launchpad, when the storm fizzeled out.

Don, send NASA a bill, you saved them a lot of money! LOL!

When Carol and I came to Florida, this time, I assumed it was to do stuff with dolphins so that everyone will want to throw orgonite into the sea. We actually did interact with them, but not in a way that I’d considered: CArol and I are sure that a lot of the orgonite we’ve been dropping in the sea has been distributed through the Caribbean by dolphins, which might account for the previous two named storms fizzling out hundreds of miles from Florida and ERnesto having been directed along a more southern pathway. It looks like the HAARPies are literally testing the waters to see how to get their fake storms to the mainland, now.

Dave Emmett has tossed perhaps as much into the ocean, mainly in Barbados, by the way. YOu may have noticed how the HAARP storms thrown at Barbados essentially committed suicide in those waters.
Even Ernesto got bludgeoned nearly to death on its way to Barbados and had to sharply change course in order to recover, for instance.

Carol and I expected this HAARP storm to build up over Cuba, the way Wilma was built up across the Florida peninsula last October, boosted by the death towers and HAARP facilities en route (Earache Carlson, Jeff and I later busted all those towers in a day). I wonder if someone, in addition to those gifting Canadian tourists, has been busting up HAARP facilities and death towers in Northern Cuba. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) most of the large scale gifting that happens in the world neverr gets reported to us.

I can tell you that lots of Floridian PJ folks are ready to consider what we’ve done. As we know, once one begins to connect the dots it’s only a short step to clearly seeing the World Odor and its ancient, parasitic agenda, the next step being discarding all that, of course. Humankind is the ‘host’ to this parasite, after all, and the parasite’s survival has always depended on staying hidden from the host.

As mentioned, the HAARPicanes that are generated almost weekly west of Mexico probably indicate what was intended for the US mainland this year. Before the What To Think Network (read: HAARP spokesmen) talking heads had to start accounting for the gifting that we, Louis Onder and Dr Group’s group (Houston area) were doing they were boldly predicting the ‘most devastating storm season in history’ for this HAARPicane season. Just imagine how empty Florida would be, by now, if those sewer rats had gotten their wishes granted Wink

It’s always good to get recognition and vindication but the most fun part of all this is doing the work, then seeing the confirmations, as usual. Posting all of this simply consolidates the achievement in our own minds/hearts and in the public record.

Notice that nobody else is taking credit for the absence of HaARPicanes in the region. If we hadn’t been focusing on setting up a good public record I wonder how many newage sewage and cosmic debris peddlars would have been spewing their arcanery, taking credit for this victory and muddying the waters. I consider their silence a precious benefit. NOw that EW is keeping track of some of the broader gifting network’s exemplary accomplishments, there’s just no room for CIA/MI6 tale spinners to steal our thunder and they know that if they attack our credibility, under the circumstances., they’ll only be giving us free advertising, as Jeff Rense, Trevor Constable and James DeMeo have done wo well in the past.

We’re in an awfully good position right now, so thanks very much to the diligent posters on this board for telling of their efforts and also recording their confirmations!

Jeff called last night to read something that a HAARP expert on the Weather Channel had just said. I hope he’ll post it. The guy seemed pretty confused by how quickly the already disjointed and dispilrited storm fizzled when it reached the Keys. That was close to where we gifted the last remaining major HAARP array in the Keys on Saturday, so it’s no wonder they were so frustrated and angry, I suppose. Carol saw the attackers underground, nearby, hitting Jeff. One (the boss?) was apparently a Chinese military psychic, by the way, and in the Sunday chat the psychics saw the Chinese overseeing this failed HAARPicane. Jeff and Carol smacked those assailants and his headache went away. When my wife is under assault (this happens a lot more to psychics and energy sensitives than to us regular folks) I jokingly ask, ‘Honey, who do we have to kill to get rid of your headache this time?’ Cool

SEveral incheds of rain was predicted for South Florida but only a half inch or so fell in that time period. It was supposed to be blowing 50mph here by now but there’s only a good breeze. They’re going to try to build this storm up as it passes over land, north of the thoroughly gifted area. I guess they’ve given up on boosting it over the ocean. PJ folks are apparently taking careful note of the weather and also of the fearmongering of the HAARP Channel talking heads. Did you notice that almost every time they say ‘Ernesto,’ images of horribly devastating past storms are splashed across the TV screen? More and more PJ folks are probably seeing that connection, like they’re seeing that there were never ‘monsoons’ in the Arizona desert before.


By the way, the storms that are formed west of Mexico haven’t reached land. I think one of them approached Hawaii but then quickly fizzled. There are a few prolific gifters and quite a few orgonite cloudbusters in Hawaii, now, also quite a bit of orgonite has been tossed in the sea from some of the islands…

The HAARP thyphoon that hit Southern China recently was apparently moving toward Hong Kong, first, but was either moved away or bounced off of Didier’s CB and gifting handiwork in HK. Katrina bounced off of New Orleans’ new CB, which is why millions of folks were able to hear the levees being blown apart by high-yield explosives in three locations. The explosions were apparently timed to happen when the roar of Katrina would have covered up the sound and kept everyone indoors. The HAARP Channel is now boldly telling lies about that HaARPicane hitting New Orleans, by the way. It rather made landfall quite a way to the east, in Mississippi.

Try mentioning to PJ folks that these storms are artificially generated. You may be in for a distinct, pleasant surprise, as I’ve been in recent weeks. Everyone is waking up these days and most seem to be comfortable with their new realizations, unlike before.


now that the ernesto media event is nearly over, i have seen quite a lot of the local folks noting the huge disparity between the boob tube network rantings and reality.

the formerly aggressive and angry people in gas rationing lines (75 gal. max.) are feeling a little sheepish about their extra gas, water and the shutters they now must take down and put away after the dud hurricane. they say " better safe than sorry" and “we did what they asked” and “we were ready” in a resigned tone as they go about their affairs. but they KNOW now that the media lies and that the forecasters “make mistakes”.

max mayfield, former head of noaa’s national hurricane center ,(he resigned this week) has gone on public record both being quoted and speaking publicly, that he is puzzled why ernesto did not build strength in the very warm florida straits between cuba and the florida keys. “i just can’t understand why the storm didn’t build over that area”.

meterologists nationwide are also puzzled. some are citing aloft winds shearing the storm, others are offering such explanations as ununiform wind conditions or dry air influx. they are none of them in agreement on what the causitive factors are but they are all in agreement that they just don’t know what it was.

whatever the noise, it is THE question in meterology today. i think we have their attention.

just for the record, when that thing passed, i couldn’t detect how the weather was any different from any other day. the palms were swaying a little and there were some sprinkles of rain but it was a remarkable nothing as a weather event.

i’m not sure what to do now. should i email max mayfield and give him the lowdown, as a courtesy?

i have heard that national geographic and physics today both are running reiteration stories on how hurricanes are formed by warm seas. this is popular hogwash, of course, aimed at keeping the publis at least two steps away from realizing that weather is an electrical and etheric phenomenon. the physics of it are relatively simple and as we know dr. reich did extensive work with atmospheric energy dynamics. i prefer to think that we, as gifters and etheric warriors, are continuing the work he started.

if the general public knew these things the towers that are everywhere would be down in a minute. they would realize how easy it is for their overlords to assault and kill them with huge terrifying killer storms, artificially ramped up electrically and with dor generators.

i dont want to appear as gloating over this issue. we will probably have a few more attempts at stormy weather this season. the more failed attempts there are the more clearly the questions will form in the pj-er’s collective head. the weather pundits will have to answer them also. what will they tell us?