The Oldest Fed; 'Mossadomites;' Dept of Corporate Security

On Saturday, after’s chat session, Carol and I visited Dooney and STevo (3.5 hr drive into the Republic of Montana) to get tuned up by the Doc, help them bring in their firewood and to do a Sunday chat session with them in their parlor on Sunday.

We sat around the table Saturday night until midnight, talking and laughing. At one point, when we were discussing where Stevo might have etherically come from, Carol and Dooney saw a couple of very tall Lemurians standing behind him. After a little while those had gone and Carol said, ‘What’s that in your kitchen?’ The other two psychics looked and saw a sort of white fog over by the refrigerator and they shortly figured out that it was an extension of a very, very old nasty witch who works for the US Government on very hard cases like us. A couiple hundred years old, apparently, and really talented. We made her leave, at least, and reflected out loud that this one is a lot older than any of the agencies she works for [Image Can Not Be Found];

You might know that for the past month or so all of the psychics have been overwhelmed by outside concerns and unable to get together in either of the chatrooms. During that time I was in Nampa, Idaho, building my little airplane and for the last two or three weeks of that period I was entirely hacked out of the chats, then hacked offline altogether, no matter where I tried to get on.

You can bet that the world odor freaks were very, very busy, then, so this weekend, when all the psychics finally got together in Dooney’s Saturday chat session they were in top form. We spent a session on Wednesday ‘tuning up’ all of them.

On Saturday, mostly following Dirk’s lead, we did a lot of work on the pirated vortices in Iran and Baghdad, since it’s apparent that the Americans and ‘Mossadomites’ (Dr Stevo coined that one on Saturday) are straining to blow up some Persians with nukes and/or some Arabs and blame it on Persia in order to initiate World War Three, which they’re very, very late commencing [Image Can Not Be Found];

You probably know that the US Government and other proxy world-odor regimes, use doublespeak on their corporate What To Think Network. Humanity is the declared enemy of all these governments, of course, and they’re all corporate, too, so we decided that the ‘Department of Homeland Security’ is actually the ‘Department of Corporate Security,’ since they, like all the cops in America, are overtly charged with protecting this collective corporate horror from all of us. The US Constitution clearly says that it’s each individual’s responsibility to actively oppose beyond-redemption governments like this one, of course, hence the potential threat to ‘Homeland Security’ that everyone in America represents.

We spent four hours in the chatroom yesterday and the three psychics in Dooney and Stevo’s parlor, each with a laptop, barely looked up from their keyboards, then, because they were too busy hunting and vortecorating targets together. They agreed to start putting some of the other participants in the Psychic Hotseat, too, because everyone in those chats who exhibits psi talent ought to be tasked to share the load. When Igor in Rome agreed to contribute his talent he was immediately hacked offline for several minutes, which was a fine confirmation and he uncovered some fine targets in the Maldives (following Dirk’s suggestion) and India, with JOhn’s help. John is Igor’s frequent gifting companion in Rome.

Dr Dirk in The Netherlands is particularly skilled at finding geographical targets, such as H-bombs on the seabed and pirated earth vortices and we’ve learned to act quickly on his recommendations. We think it’s great that one or another psychic might see something that’s hidden, at first, from the others.

We apparently uncovered a pretty bizarre agenda in conjunction with the rumors about ‘Martial Law in America by February.’ It’s pretty clear that the Chinese and Russian armies will not be showing up for that party but the world odor has apparently contracted with draconian and insect aliens to produce millions of cloned humans to act as Gestapo, at least in America. You may know that Jesse Jackson was openly involved with ‘uniting the gangs’ in teh mid 1990s during a time when the CIA was said to have conceived a plan to dress millions of inner city gang members up in black federal police uniforms and use them to take guns away from Americans by force. That’s also when all the prisons for youths instituted military training as part of their ‘rehabilitation’ effort. By the way, we found out that, in more recent years, a similar ‘rehabilitation’ effort in prisons involves turning felons into fundamentalist Christians as conditions for early release. Yikes. It’s obviously similar to Monarch programming in this case.

The whales were particularly interested in destroying these cloning facilities, which the psychiics found at several key underground bases in Colorado, Tennesse, Maryland and Kentucky. We’ll continue that in coming sessions. They also found a lot more nukes, some ready to detonate, and in the United Arab Emirates, where the natural earth vortices are now healthy again (thanks to us, apparently) the world odor was manufacturing DOR with artificial vortices in order to enable a nuclear explosion. YOu migth have read that a nuke bomb or reactor can’t funciton in the presence of healthy orgone. Not much tech that the world odor relies on can function without having a strong deadly orgone radiation field, actually, which is why you and I have been finding it so easy to disable their millions of new death towers with a little orgonite.

While busting up a big cloning facility at NORAD’s hideyhole in Cheyenne Mountain (the Air Force and CIA were cloned at the same time from the Army and Navy) we found that the stargate, there, is being used to bring in lots of dracs and stinkbugs to assist the planned martial law mess. Maybe that many clones need some direction from out of town.

We feel pretty confident that the entire martial law and world-war-three plots are half-hearted attempts by the world odor to recover lost ground in the face of increasingly awakened and fed-up humanity. I wish everyone were aware of how disjointed and diffuse the world odor has become. They can’t even feel confident about ultimately hiding from us underground, now that more and more people are using earthpipes.

When Dr Reich arrived in America in the late 1930s he was pretty dismayed to observe that the same NationalSocialist mentality that he was leaving behind in Western Europe was also alive and well in America. Maybe he ran into Paul Harvey, then . I heard Paul Harvey say on the radio that we need to nuke some Arabs in order to win the war in Iraq. Creepy Herr Hitler, when challenged by an American journalist in 1938 about his treatment of German Jews, reminded the journalist of the millions of Indians that the American government slaughtered and the journalist was tongue tied. Of course, the American and British governments turned away nearly all of the Jewish refugees from Germany in those days, except the few really nasty ones like Killer Kissinger.

I think Dr Paul, in Uganda, is finally about to get his wish granted and develop his considerable psi talent while in the Hotseat next week in ouir chatroom. I’m the one who got a hunch about the stargate but I don’t consider myself psychic–I rely on Carol for that. Doc P relies on Mr Kizira the same way. Several of the participants in the German chatroom are quite talented and a couple of them also participate in the EW chats and will get their turns, too.

It’s actyually a pretty good deal for aspirign psychics because the ‘veterans’ simply hold their comments back until the trainee has reported what he/she is discerning. That way, the aspirant gets instant confirmation for accurate psi perception. Carol’s always done that for me.

One time, when Dr Paul and I were driving back across a high bridge over the tumultuous Nile, which was closely guarded and watched by the army (the Nile was the southern boundary of the CIA/MI6 sponsored insurrection/terror campaign that was going on in the North at the time, where we had just busted a lot of death towers) I laid back the passenger seat in the front in order to toss some orgonite, unobserved by the army, over the bridge’s railing and into the river. I flubbed the throw and it bounced back onto the bridge and Doc said, ‘I KNEW that was going to happen—I SAW it beforehand!’ That time, we got away okay and drove through the bush to gift a nearby vortex above the river on a bluff, where we could see the bridge. Lots of soldiers and officers were congregated around the misfired towerbuster. So… I know firsthand that he’s got a lot of talent.

I wanted to report that the psychics are back and better than ever. Meanwhile, Dooney and Stevo have gifted a huge part of MOntana and they even broke the ancient drought in their area by tossing orgonite along tghe long north/south ridge of the Bitteroot Mountains, where the freaky Jesuits (the original Men in Black) had apparently initiated some nasty weather juju in the early 1800s, perhaps similar to how they apparently created the deserts in the American Southest and Mexico in the 1500s. We gave Klovenhoof (Black Pope Kolvenbach) another treatment on Sunday, by the way. He’s apparently got a big closet full of meatsuits (clone blanks).


Thank you for bringing up those recent attacks, Don. The past weeks where a personal challenge for many of us. You might think that “the other side” should know us by now- meaning that the harder they try to destroy and split us, the more strength we gain- but no. Interesting enough, more and more people, who don’t “know” anything about the NWO told me they where feeling something “bad” in the air recently, especially at nights. That’s a good sign for me! People are waking up!

When I heard about the fires in California today, I had to think about the NWO trying to put “plan B” into effect. Once we disabled the nukes in California, they tried it with fire. So we worked on the fires in the German chat session this evening, got to keep this DOR low… Many elementals where just waiting to help.


I agree that the fires in Southern California are likely sour grapes, on account of the failing global terrorism scam, Katia. Federal agents have been caught seeting fires in that region, before, and there’s sure no shortage of feds, these days [Image Can Not Be Found];

I’m glad to know that you’re finding people to be more open minded, now. I think it’s a wonderful, new global phenomenon and a very hopeful and encouraging sign!

The old hag showed up as a predator on Wednesday, so we were allowed to ‘do’ her, then. When she was just peeking at us if wasn’t appropriate to really pursue her. Carol got a kick out of the ancient bitch hiding in a white, ‘love and light’ fog as a way to try to appear as a beneficiary in Dooney’s kitchen last Saturday night. [Image Can Not Be Found];

STevo discovered that laughing at her was more effective than shooting her, by the way, and anyone could see that her situation was laughable, then, as she banged away at the inside of STevo’s vordecahedron, trying to get clear of it on her way to oblivion. I wonder how many sacrificial babies won’t get eaten on account of her absence from now on.

Carol and I got a kick out of watching the mini-series, ‘The Company’ on rented DVDs this week. It’s a whitewashed history of the CIA. The main problem the CIA has, in terms of earning credibility as a past-days campaigner against foreign tyranny (communism) is that its ranks were made from teh OSS, whose ranks were made from the Lincoln Brigade. The Lincoln Brigade were the American communist volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. They called themselves that because Karl Marx was fond of Lincoln and pestered him with lengthy, self-aggrandizing and convoluted letters.

Have you tried reading THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO? It’s as loony, unfocused and insubstantial as MEIN KAMPF or the BOOK OF MORMON (except for the plagiarized bit of the latter which is part of the Book of Isaiah, of course). Marx’s chief promoter, Engels, owned factories which employed child laborers, by the way; the ultimate capitalist. Some call that sort of thing hypocritical. I think ‘schizoid’ is more accurate. Marx’s employer, who literally paid him to write trash, was Lord Thomas Huxley, whose family ran British Intelligence, which is an eternally creepy and insidious agency.

Eleanor Roosevelt was the Lincon Brigade’s outspoken patroness, by the way, which shouldn’t be surprising since her hubby established a westernized form of communism in America as the then-new federal government, which had become a corporate subset of the Federal Reserve Corporation, a London-based company. London is where communism was born and raised, of course.

You probably realize that NationalSocialism, which is practiced in America and enthusiastically upheld and increased by both Republicans and Democrats, is essentially the same as tired old communism, except in name. I think that pretty soon the PJ folks, themselves, will just get tired of supporting this lunacy in the absence of manufactured ‘external’ threats to the body politic.

I recommend the mini-series as a fun watch, also as a lesson in how the world odor tries it’s damndest to turn its liabilities into assets on the What To Think Network.


Add in the history of sir oswald mosley and his wife diana guinness and whole nasty picture exposes itself.

I think it’s time to mention, again, that all of the chat sessions are subjective experiences, even though we base our pursuits on the consensus of our very reputable psychics.

This activity is quite separate from the general purpose of this forum, which is intended to be a clearing house and public record for how orgonite affects our environment in a positive way.

All of our gifting reports are also subjective, of course, but their power lies in demonstrating the consistency of the results throughout the world and I’ve been meticulous about only inviting work-oriented people to post who have demonstrated, at least to me, intellectual honesty, reliability and good observational skills.

This movement is almost seven years old, by the way, and EW has gained a reputation for reliability and solid, usable information.

In the beginning of any progressive movement most of the participants are guaranteed to be ‘fringe people’ and cultists. I think this is a natural human tendency but I think that the world odor’s sewer rat agencies, especially the CIA and MI6, exploit this tendency by throwing untold numbers of trained or programmed moles at the movement in an attempt to drown out the sound of simple truth with a capaphony of arcane ideologies and charismatic personalities. I posted, before, that in the thick of all that some CIA scammers (alleged fundamentalist Christians) tried to convince me that ‘Bible Code’ (a computer program promoted by these operatives) clearly indicated that ‘Don Croft is a prophet.’ This is the length that clever disinformants reach in order to scam the promoters of movements that threaten this patriarchic world odor. The intention, of course, was to generate a personality-based organization within this movement.

Most of the websites that discuss the world odor are disinformation sites, of course. The real info is mostly in books because gathering real information takes a lot of time, so the researcher needs to be paid.

If one is to understand how this parasitic order operates, one really does need to take at least a peek at their machiavellian history and get clear of the What To Think Network’s version. The history of the world is a history of conspiracies, after all, and for as long as records have been written, the authors have mostly been in the employ of the world odor, with the exception of brieif periods in history following the lives of the genuine Prophets, of course. Notice how They all struck a blow at usury, by the way. This old world odor is based on usury, after all, and if it weren’t for the real Prophets, our world probably would only be fit for parasites… Only the real Messengers of God can change the course of history, in other words. People like us ride on Their coat tails but a little self-sacrifice in favor of humanity is an incredible honor and it puts us in close touch with The Operators, after all.

Most thinking people have been manipulated into hating or at least distrusting all of the religions because the world odor operates all of the clergy hierarchies, after all, but the world odor has never developed a disinformation campaign aimed at The Operators. They’re generic, omnipresent and fairly obvious to most gifters, I think. I don’t think this old order has a firm footing for developing any new defamation campaigs, either. Look at how they’ve consistently failed, so far, to discredit the work we’re all doing, for instance.

I’ve toyed with the notion that my highest purpose might be as live bait for The Operators, in fact. Judging by the way the world odor’s top rats come after a few of us but have failed (so far) to murder any of us, my notion might have some merit.

Back when a friend (who asked me not to mention his name) and I were daily counteracting the poisonous effects of the moles on the earlier, open forums it was a pretty lonely fight and in those years it felt like my highest purpose was to keep this light shining in spite of the avalanche of clever moles and ‘legends in their own minds’ in those forums who worked in concert to blot it out. He and I had a lot of fun setting traps for these folks so that they would have no choice but to show their true colors. I never insulted or accused any of them, in fact, which probably pi$$ed them off even more because they, too, were setting traps for us to try and make it look like we were persecuting them.

I didn’t have the confidence to conduct my own forum in those days, though, so I paid for it by spending up to twelve hours per day with email for years on end. When I finally started Etheric Warriors, with the timely and very generous help of Steeve Debellefuille in August, 2004, all of that slowly started to get sorted out. Within a year I was spending only 6 hours per day with email and several good, reliable people were posting regular, impressive gifting reports by then. The poisonmongers were all left in our wake, too, and we were having regular, very productive international chat sessions… These days, I can do most of my daily email ini an hour or two and a lot of that is business-related. This global, unorganized network has made the grade of being one for self-starters, in other words.

I think it’s useful to mention all this from time to time. Notice that there are still precious few forums in English that aren’t riddled with aggressive, apparently sleepless CIA and MI6 moles, by the way. There’s some spillover in the other European-language forums, of course, because by now MOnarch and Tavistock programs have infiltrated all of Europe’s and much of Asia’s populations. In those forums, one simply can’t mention a simple, empowering truth without being personally attacked or his/her words belittled. I think it’s a miracle that the good stuff still gets mentioned at all in that case. The other problem with open forums is that the very, very persistent and noisy moles, including a lot of programmed (unpaid) MOnarch assets, steal everyone’s energy so that real, positive action is not likely to prevail.

This curious lack of productive work is also a characteristic of anyone who spends a lot of time on disinformation sites, of course. That’s why I constantly ask people who mention disinfo sites to me in email to spend less time with disinformaiton and mroe time gifting, reading books and networking.

More and more, disinformation sites are ‘sharing’ genuine, usable information in an attempt to make the source seem credible to those of us who are more intellectually lazy. On one level it’s fun to see the world odor cut off its nose, this way, to spite its rat face [Image Can Not Be Found] . God knows what sort of subliminal and electronic bombardments the visitors are subjected to but you can bet there’s plenty of it. I think the world odor used to rely more on Theosophy-based mind control triggers and phrases to bag would-be activists but they’ve apparently had to ‘branch out’ in order to appear to be ‘the source’ for conspiracy information. The way to know that a site is for disinfo is that after you spend a little time there you feel less hopeful and less determined to heal the world. It’s not an accident that you feel that way, of course, but the subliminals and electronic assaults are merely parasitic and temporary, so the easiest way to counteract their effects is to just stop subjecting ourselves to the source .

The healthy response when one visits a disinfo site is instant revulsion, of course [Image Can Not Be Found]; and the unhealthy response is instant titillation and hunger.

I don’t generally mention moles and disinfo sites, specifically, in posts because the people who run these sites for the sewer rat agencies generally want to play the lapwing (persecuted) role and will also try to make anyone’s valid observation of their lack of integrity look like a personality conflict or at least a valid disagreement with the critic. If we will apply the simple, practical standard I’m suggesting, though, we might be able to navigate the web in a way that will be more productive rather than to get us waylaid into hopelessness, confusion and ennui by charismatic parasites, electronic/subliminal bombardment and clever liars. As always, our instincts will guide us if we’ll pay close attention to them, just like little children and dogs do. Disinformants and personality-salesmen rather try their best to get us to distrust our own heart promptings, of course, in favor of their cleverness.


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