The Passing of Salva Kirr in Sudan

Last week, Salva died. He’s one of the original East African gifters and he and his wife, Christine, had initiated a business to make and sell orgonite, locally. He will be buried on Saturday.

I’m going to ask for some help in the chatroom for Christine and her kids, also for Salva’s progress in the next world. I asked Christine to send me more information about the circumstances around his death, also more about his life. Some of her gifting reports were destroyed when CIA/NSA hackers obliterated EW and its server in Chile last Christmas, unfortunately.

I wonder if Salva was murdered as part of the current occult/corporate effort to discredit orgonite in Africa. If so, I’ll ask for some ‘balance’ on his behalf. David Ochieng’s wife also died, recently, and she was quite young. David is Kenya’s first gifter and he and Salva worked closely together for a number of years.


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