The Power of Orgonite (Visual Confirmations)

All day long on Thursday March 8th and Friday March 9th 2007 the Vermin were conducting massive and relentless chemtrail spraying operations over the skies of New Jersey. Many times there were multiple spewplanes spraying simultaneously. I have closely observed chemtrail spraying for years, long before I even knew about orgonite, and I can tell you the amount of spraying conducted over those two days prior to the widespread distribution of orgonite would only have taken a couple of hours before a complete chemcrud whiteout was achieved. This report is not, however, to report on the spraying itself but to show visual confirmations of the power of orgonite. My brother and I have done extensive gifting of Monmouth County and surrounding areas, and I also truly believe others have been gifting in this state as well, though I cannot say that with certainty, as I can only speak to my and my brother’s efforts.

The following pictures depict the power of orgonite to obliterate chemtrails.

This first picture was taken at 3:04 PM on March 8th and is facing north-northeast. About 1/2 mile to the right in this picture is the Altantic Ocean. Note the lightpole in the left foreground for reference. This picture is looking towards Monmouth County which as I mentioned is extensively gifted.

This next picture was taken at 3:46 PM and is essentially the same view as the first picture. You can see there are several dissipating trails of chemspew.

This next picture was taken at 4:20 PM and shows the chemspew in the previous picture has almost entirely disappeared.

The next three pictures were taken facing west-southwest. Note the satellite dishes on the roof of the restaurant in the right foreground for reference. From this perspective the spewplanes are originating from behind the restaurant whose roof is seen in these pictures. This is the approximate direction of the combined military installations of Fort Dix, McGuire Air Force Base and Lakehurst Naval Air Center. There consistenly appears to be a DOR haze in this general direction and it is reasonable to suppose the spewplanes are flying out of this installation since very many of the spewplanes can be seen originating from this general vicinity. It has been reported by some that Fort Dix houses one of the areas intended for civilian internment (read patriot and political dissident concentration camp). It is also a likely location for an undeground base, hence the presistent DOR smog seen in this general area.

The first picture below was taken at 3:04 PM.

This next picture was taken at 3:46 PM and shows the chemtails significantly dissipating.

This last picture was taken at 4:20 PM and shows mere remnants of the chemspew.

To see the effect chemspew had on the skies prior to widespread distribution of orgonite compared to these dramatic visual confirmations is truly awe-inspiring. If chemtails over your areas are not disappearing like that, get busy with gifting!


Nice one Dave! The photos show how the chemtrails are dispersed with orgonite presence around the place. I have seen areas ‘with’ and ‘without’ orgonite planted around and how it affects the chemtrails in Malaysia as well. The above photos shows how the chemtrails (definitely not water vapors, for the PJ folk reading this) persist a bit longer and starts to descend below, before the obvious ‘holes’ are created in the long line of the chemtrails. Multiple holes can be clearly seen in the ‘after’ photos and sure would like the ‘controlled’ mass media weatherman to explain all of it Wink. Good one dave!



This is inspiring and thanks for posting it, Dave.

Since reading this post I realised that my area could do with a bit of ‘over-gifting’ so I made about 300 TBs and carefully gridded a fairly wide area around my house (and CB) and the result is dramatic.

Many more sylphs and clear blue skies (and the hilarious spectacle of chem-planes getting nowhere with their white-out plans).

Thanks Dave.