The REAL Cell Tech

I decided to post this in Tips and Strategies as an encouragement or inducement for orgonite-tossers to be sure to get those damn towers, first, then focus on the more creative gifting efforts where they live.

Thanks, Whoever You Are (unsigned email) for sending this to me!


Plus this article was published in The Sunday Times on 13 Feb 2011:
Magic box to replace eyesore phone masts

A French technology firm has developed a new kind of aerial that fits inside a case about the size of a Rubik’s cube

A big expansion of Britain’s mobile phone networks could be accomplished without the need to erect thousands more costly, unsightly and energy-guzzling masts. The French technology firm Alcatel-Lucent has developed a new kind of aerial that fits inside a case about the size of a Rubik’s cube — just 2½in on each side.

Fastened to the side of a building and hooked up to the internet, a single cube could do everything a 100ft mast currently accomplishes.

“Our breakthrough, called lightRadio, has the capability to make base stations and antennas virtually invisible,” says Wim Sweldens, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s wireless division. “These visual monstrosities block more of the landscape with each new technology. But with lightRadio, base stations and large towers virtually disappear.”

Inside each lightRadio cube is a wide-spectrum aerial that, using Alcatel-Lucent’s software, is capable of detecting and handling voice calls, data and even the new extra-fast “4G” mobile broadband all at the same time. At present, each of these services demands a large, separate aerial fitted to every phone tower. The company sees a future in which thousands of the low-cost units are fitted to the side of buildings, greatly adding to existing coverage.

Alcatel-Lucent also intends to eliminate the power-hungry cabinet of electronics found at the base of each tower. Like a telephone exchange, this is the hardware that manages calls and data traffic. In contrast, each lightRadio cube would relay that traffic over the internet to large, centralised exchanges, which are much more flexible — they could concentrate on voice calls during the day and data traffic in the evening, for example — and are more energy-efficient.

This rerouting could be done over any existing broadband connection, although ultimately a dedicated national — and very costly — fibreoptic network would be needed, particularly if 4G services were to be catered for. The Alcatel-Lucent boxes could also be used to create a blanket network of wi-fi hotspots.

Faster mobile broadband services cannot come soon enough, because the mobile networks are struggling to keep up with the demand for data from smartphones and tablets. According to the US technology company Cisco, wireless data traffic is expected to increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015.

Alcatel-Lucent will be conducting European field trials later this year, in partnership with the Orange network, with the first lightRadio boxes expected to appear as early as 2012.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for the potential 150Mbps speed of 4G (more than 10 times the theoretical maximum speed of 3G): Britain does not even have a timetable in place for freeing up the part of the wireless spectrum the service will use.

You might have experienced a rush of insight, reading this article. I did and here are a few things that came to mind:

The untold millions of death towers that were thrown up, all over the globe) right around the time that the feds blew up the World Trade Center obviously did NOT improve cell coverage and many people were complaining that the new towers interfered with their cellphones

On the mountaintops, before that event, there were never more than two or three towers and now the same mountaintops bristle with a wide variety of weaponry. Before 9/11 anyone could drive to many of those mountaintops and after 9/11 steel gates were installed at the bottom, along with signs forbidding access to all motorized vehicles. As a cover, pretenses were made that these gates were installed by corporations instead of by the alleged government/military authorities.

The ridge over the HOLLYWOOD sign is a good example of the sudden proliferation of mountaintop weaponry. It’s easier to get to people from above, after all. Notice the progression in films that show that sign and the ridgetop over the years: before 9/11 there were a few towers, then suddenly the entire ridge was packed with them, like a bad haircut, then more recently all but one or two of the towers are routinely, digitally edited out in films. I think the omnipresence of death towers is finally percolating up to the Pajama People’s conscious attention [Image Can Not Be Found] and the article, itself, might be pandering to that new awareness. The Pj folks won’t mind if the towers are not taken down and even when new ones are built they’ll still feel a little reassured by the article. I think British media are slightly more blatant with their mind control than even the American media are.

‘Pandering’ seemed like a good word to use but I didn’t know, precisely, what it means. The second definition of ‘pander’ in my little digital dictionary is ‘pimp’ but the third one is the better one in this case: someone who caters to or exploits others’ desires or weaknesses. Disinformants constantly whine about the alleged power of the world order but we know that the world order is merely a parasite that panders to the Pajama People’s heartfelt desire to remain unaware, undiscerning and unaccountable. I’ve never put my money on ‘the masses rising up against tyranny’ because the masses are dangerous and merely a tool of the corporate world order when aroused to that point, as the fake revolutions in history have shown us in France, Russia, Cuba, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, ad nauseum. My money is rather on you who are tossing simple orgonite at worthy stationary targets [Image Can Not Be Found] and the fewer among us who are willing to lovingly go after the primary two-legged parasites from the etheric realm.

When I was walking around Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, in 2004 (just about everyone has cellphones, there) I noticed cell tech on the top of telephone poles, low roofs, etc., and they were small, low powered devices. The huge death tower arrays that we flipped on the hilltops in Kampala were in stark contrast and some of those even had armed guards at the bottoms. A charitable institution in America installs satellite internet networks in rural Africa that are solar powered and that includes repeaters in the countryside. That demonstrates how little electricity is needed for instant global communication.

There is no ‘drain’ on the public power supply by the death towers because they’re obviously not connected to the power grid. Their power source comes up from below. You can tell by comparing the ‘line in’ to the fortified bunkers at the tower sites from powerlines in some cases. Those lines are the same as the one that goes from a utility pole to your house, so are 440v. Each of the thick coaxial cables that climb up the masts carry a lot more power than that and on the typical death tower there are a dozen or dozens of thick cables going up to the transmitting weaponry at the top and sometimes on several levels of the towers.

I’ve been patiently pointing these things out since May, 2002, when Carol and I figured out by experimentation that a little orgonite turns a death tower into a life-generating healing instrument but you and I know that stating the obvious is not an easy antidote to mind control and the ease with which the sewer rats got the public to assume that these weapons are communication aids is a case in point.

The Brit article, above, is a sign of progress, though–at every stage, the sewer rats will do all they can to slow down the natural inclination of our species to wake up. They evidently know, by now, that they can no longer force that tiny but decisively committed percentage of accountable humanity to remain asleep and in voluntary confinement. The sleepy masses always follow whatever course is prescribed to them, whether it’s goose-stepping under the Arc de Triomphe or casting away excessive nationalism, excessive centralization of power, race hatred, terror, etc. We few who have consciences and who are willing to be accountable for our own discernment and actions will always determine what that course will be. Until the internet came along, we were nearly all isolated from each other but now we’re unstoppable, finally.

This is the vital essence of globalism; a species-wide groundswell of awakening. The corporate world order represents the parasitic version of globalism–voracious worms in the intestines of the sluggish body politic

I ll post this here since it has to do with the towers on top of city buildings in Valencia , Spain.
A month ago we were contacted by a guy whose wife was having horrible times every month, they both suffered from sleeplessness and she has dramatic mood swings. After enquiring about his surroundings he comfirmed there were 3 towers in around his bulding on the rooftops so obviously that might explain a lot. The towers are also near a school.
We sent him 10Tb´s an a special HHg for the wife and told them to hit those 3 towers which he did. They ve been living in this building for 2 years and the only way they could ever speak with their cell phone was in a tiny area next to just one window having Zero coverage in the rest of the house, neighbour had the same problem.
Now, i think if those towers were actually for cell phone trasnmission certainly they could speak very clearly having 3 of them less than a 100meters from their building.
Apart from feeling much more calm at home they have noticed they can walk around and talk on the phone without problems consistently since they hit the towers. Neighbour as well.
This clearly shows these towers ARE NOT for communication.