The real reason of the negativity in our lives?

Not being so sure which category of this forum the topic relates best to, I chose this one. If it is seen not being an appropriate category, it can be moved, I don’t mind that.

What I am writing is something I thought could be useful to think of for some, but that’s how I see it, someone else sees it differently and also puts it in a different way. I also have the problem of not being fully able to express myself as I would like to due to linguistic limitations, so keep all this in mind when reading it through.


The idea of unrecognised influences upon human behaviour is not a stranger for those who have come across orgonite. It is well known for us; parasites exist, and actually on a pretty wide scale. But how big is this phenomenom in the end? It is good for one to have practical spiritual values applied in the every day life, and the lessons are often learnt the hard way to last with your value till the end of experience to graduate to the next level. There is so much work in this world for which Creator calls everyone to give their contribution.

At some point in your life, you may have become more aware of what is going on. Probably so if you are reading a forum such as this. Even more so, to have the guts and the reason not to fall in the booby trap of all the seeming spiritual nonsense that blooms all over the planet. But still, there probably is something about your life that does not seem to let you go, it may be some characteristic, kind of your second nature. Weird thought patterns, anything really. Different philosophies and approaches tell us it has to do with cultivating your person, to overcome such things. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But, if you have accepted the idea of us being a reflection of Creator, or the Source of Life, many names can be applied here, sort of having been created in the image of the utmost absolute perfection, why is it that there still are things hanging in your life, dragging you down every now and then? When you have all the right philosophy and practical understanding, does it still make sense?

Lately I have been wondering very much about this. The crazy thoughts which of course just flash by but still get one second of your attention, not to mention the behaviour things. If/as we have really been created in the image of the Creator, and to Whom we reach on in the hard times, even have experience of the saturating presence of this wonderful spiritual being, where all this bad stuff is originating from?

I am not sure of how ‘far’ people generally are ready to go with idea of they are being influenced by a number of things. But events have lead me to thinking, what if all, or at least some 95% of that bad stuff in our life is caused by demonic presence, aka parasites, or spirits who for various reasons attach to us? It may be a traumatic experience, inherited through the bloodline, all kinds of stuff. But my main point; how much of the negative things in life are caused by demonic activity?

Some may disagree, saying we are not perfect and so. Which in a way is correct of course. But our deepest part is a pure reflection of its Creator who is the source of perfection in the creation and existence of life. I am not saying the failures in our lives are caused by demons necessarily, but constant way of acting thinking and feeling even when you are deeply in love with your Creator and want to follow that path, does that really make sense?

Earlier I was not very attracted to the idea, I preferred seeing that we must clean ourselves. But from what, and what then prevents it? The beauty in thinking it is not possibly us that are causing the bad stuff, is that you begin to look for the real reason. This certainly is what the demons/evil spirits/parasites never want you to do, which in a sense explains why we are not so inclined to accept this possibility as real. In addition, then you finally begin to identify with the real self who is pure and eternal, not wanting to create chaos but to bring things into a better condition (gifting as instance). I personally really do not wish to identify my real being as something dirty and negative, for the practical reasons mostly. It will have a great impact on the way I treat my life and the lives of others. As God’s creation, something that is holy.

Interestinly, this point of view is essentially what the real christian approach is about. When you look at what the early apostles were doing, they were casting out evil spirits/parasites, probably had they had the technology they would have been gifting too. But this, in my opinion is the essential part of christianity. The reason Jesus was sent to this world was to overcome what is calld ‘sin’. Ever since in his name it has been possible to do so.

In fact I experienced that last night. This may alert some, but I assure you, the priest who did it is not a traditional one, he has confirmed orgonite being a good vehicle, and even gave me some instructions how I could get even more out of my devices. Not to mention he says Satan (being a priest he uses christian terminology) actually would like people to become priests, to build big churches, but secretly suck the energy generated by the worship to itself. He used to be a buddhist monk, even achieved the epxerience of enlightenment as it is called, but was called by Christ to work globally. I gained lots of useful information from him, and not only information, but got rid of my parasites, at least the worst of them and what really counts is I feel so much better. And that’s the confirmation in itself.

Now I am sure (or at least I hope) most of the religions were not originally rotten, but many of them have become like that, in which christianity sure does not make an exception. There are lots of different characteristics about them. The one that cripples people in general in eastern philosophies (which though are many sorts of) is the idea of endless reincarnation. When one thinks there will be a second change and now you can kind of relax truly pulls the breaks on with your spiritual growth. What if there will be no next time, that our visit on Earth is a unique one time stay? And anyway, it was Buddha himself who said to his disciples they should not waste time on forming theories about former and following lives, but to live this life. Also endlessly cleaning one’s karma is transformed into something quite different if you think the bad stuff is caused by demonic activity or parasites. When you get rid of them, you are free to do God’s Will till perfection.

I believe the demons/parasites can attach themselves to us when our thinking is blurred by misinformation as instance. All kinds of spirits, the bible names plenty of them (even though I am working for Jesus does not make me a fanatic, and I am sure there are many christian gifters as well, which is not to divide people, we are all one huge family in a sense). In a way we can identify if it is God’s Will that’s happening or a spirit that has no divine nature by the practical results. Confirmations in other words. When some priest lay their hands on someone who faints, that does not look very sacred, does it? It is easy in this way to recognise the spiritual influence we experience.

Personally having accepted Jesus as my guide, I have a very active supporter whom I can trust in these things. Through him also comes the power of the Holy Spirit that can easily cast the parasites out. But much needs to be learnt in this.

Feel free to give your view on the subject, I definitely feel not having said all there can be said about it, just how I have come up thinking things can be. The main point in the end is, when we are all pure from demonic influences, could we act in a way that is not right in God’s eyes? What is the real nature of negativity in our lives? Ignorance is one of the factors but does not explain it all. These parasites curse our lives and the lives of our families and friends They are not to be tolerated in anyway. Of course, you must be careful of what you think, or the spirit of anger can get you sooner than your fist is raised. The thing is not to take it too personally, just get rid of them and be pure and holy as you were created to be.

Summa summarum, in all this light, what the new age is saying about allowing yourself for all emotions and experiences can be seen as an attempt to open yourself for the different sorts of spirits to enter your life. Of course naturally I am NOT saying we should not be free to exprience life with all it’s got, but there is the common logic of not getting trapped by our experiences. To put it in a nut-shell: some of the repeating negative thought patterns and emotions, behaviour etc. can with a good reason be assumed to be if not a entity with will and intellect of a sort, at least a dark force that binds your own vitality to something you have right to be free of.

Freedom. That’s what I claim for us all. Freedom to be who we really are without negative attachments through parasitic presence. Blast them all and God bless,


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