The Resin epoxy

Hello all,

Most of you are being lucky you have lots of space to make orgonite, In Hong Kong, I do it in the flat I live in, open the windows and try to protect everywhere, but I sometimes epoxy drops get onto my floor

Can anyone tell me which substance can remove epoxy resin from floor tiles / glass?

Many thanks


I used to use acetone to clean rollers but may be overkill and nasty stuff. I know you can get liquid soap especially for resin but I use the white powder soap we use to machine wash clothes when I get it on my hands

i used to use acetone too until i heard it goes straight to your liver, but i also was told that the orange oil hand cleaner cuts it just fine, and it is so.

the american brand is called fast orange.

the orange will not cut the clear casting resin, only field grade boat resin. i use it every time.

Thanks guys for your input. Unfortunately I can’t get that orange soap since I don’t live in USA, but I’ll try to use acetone and will try with different types of soaps, then



First wipe off the spilled resin from hands or floor with paper, then use baby powder/flour or anything you find in your kitchen that resembles. You can rub the resin to little particles that come off easily with oil and or soap afterwards.

If it has allready hardened and your floor is solid, a hammer breaks the plastic to bits (that’s how I clean the terrace).

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