The River Sarno

Greetings fellow gifters,

it seems my registration is ok now, after some problems that occurred with it since the hacking of EW.

Some time has passed since we gifted the major arrays in our province and the results have been quite amazing as to the improvement of rainfalls and general conditions of the sky. I was talking about that with Don asking him if the term “gentle rain� could fit what I had been observing and he said that “consistently gentle rain� was a real confirmation of our efforts here in Southern Italy. Actually, I had forgotten what real rain was, the way it can fall down naturally and the freshness of the air. I believe that this is a real change and proof of the great power of orgonite .

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to gift much during this period because of the rain – it’s been raining for almost three months now, almost everyday, and it’s raining while I’m writing this – even though we gifted some arrays near Naples at the beginning of January, but I guess I’ll talk about that it in another report because we want to complete the gifting of that part of my region (Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfitan Coast).

Besides, we built two new CBs between December and January which I reported in the Spanish orgonite forum where I posted the photos:

We built the second CB in Sarno, a town that experienced a terrible landslide in 1998 which caused the death of 124 people: if you look at the photos, you will see the one of the mountain still showing the effects of the landslide. There’s a video in youtube which can give an idea of what happened there:

We really enjoyed that morning when we built the CB, helped by a 71-year-old man to whom we explained what we were doing and what is the purpose of a CB. He really liked it and participated with great interest asking if orgonite could help him with his pear trees and farming so we promised to help him with that in the next future.
Today we returned to Sarno to complete the gifting of the town antennas and, above all, of the homonymous river, the most polluted of Europe, a real environmental killer. This had been my desire for quite some time and it seems that this dream has come true today. It’s been a great gifting! Really we got almost completely soaked due to the rain, but we managed to do what we had planned. For the occasion I made 4 water CBs, some TBs and 1 pyramid while my gifting companion made 18 TBs with iron shavings for the river gifting. We were taken by the CB owner to many points where we could gift the river, some in private properties where we could enter asking directly the owners. That was good otherwise it could have been impossible to gift the river the way we did.
The river Sarno is just a normal and clean river as it comes out of the mountain, but after half a kilometer it starts to be polluted:

Almost at the end of the river gifting we entered a private property where we met an old man in his eighties who was planting some chicory so we started talking about the river and other things . I asked him what the Sarno was like when he was a boy and he told us that they used to drink its water and that it was like a paradise because of the fertility of the land due to its vicinity to the Vesuvius.

We gifted the river with the 18 TBs made with iron shavings, the four water CBs and some TBs made with aluminium. I believe its enough, considering that I already threw other TBs in the Sarno near Castellammare di Stabia last year.

Here are some of the antennas we gifted:

I like to make these discs which are a bit more than a normal TB: I put in them a one inch DT since I have many of them:

We also gifted other antennas, one among the buildings which was a bit tricky.

Ciao from Southern Italy,


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