The Smell Of Orgonite

29 Jul 2008 13:23
Subject: The Smell Of Orgonite
29 July 2008
The smell of orgonite

While using CB-charged crystals for some personal devices, I noticed it again today: the poured orgonite didn’t stink as much in the process of hardening, compared to using uncharged crystals. Though I am ‘blessed’ with a good sense of smell (not always a pleasure Razz ), the different scent really stands out. I’ve witnessed this time and again for about six months now – whenever I use CB-charged crystals, the resin odour is less chemical and has a sweet, almost flowerlike tone to it. Since I am a sceptic about charging crystals - orgonite works fine without the fuzz, yet I do like to experiment and test it myself - this experience is much to my surprise. Anyone else noticed this?


NOTE: I can’t tell the difference in scent after the resin has hardened.

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