The State of the Current Global Earthquake Assault

Ale and I have been getting emails from Erika, who studies earthquake data and has found evidence of systematic assaults, eviidently related to the activities at CERN and other sites. I’m going to ask teh psychics to look into this and see if we can do something about it. Taking CERN out of the picture was a major victory for the good guys but that was the only publicized major underground weapon. Earthpipin the Fermi lab outside of Chicago also helped pull the rug out from under the world order’s campaign of mayhem and destruction, I think, but there’s obviously more to do. Maybe we’d be much worse off, by now, if those two sites hadn’t been gifted. I think these underground ‘labs’ tie into the world order’s costly underground civilization in a substantial way.



Earthquakes – Oceanic Ridges

I have some different observations, also earthquake related. But I need to be honest that, even though I have tried very hard to be impartial, I’m not sure I totally succeeded. Having said that, the following earthquakes almost all occurred in oceans (and islands) as opposed to major land masses. I have deliberately left out a group of “bad actors,� such as Indonesia, the Aleutian chain into Kamchatka, Japan, and the West Indies (especially the Virgin Islands). The frequency (lots!) of earthquakes at separate locations and different depths does not appear as a pattern at this point with the exception of the afore mentioned Kepulauan Talud. I also left out Hawaii, a very well-known hot spot.

I am including this information in this email because I hesitate to add an attachment. In your position, I would be very cautious about attachments. However, if you would like this information as an Excel spreadsheet where you can sort it multiple ways, I would be glad to share it. The information only covers perhaps 2 weeks. I had not tracked it, and pulled this together last evening.

I am especially concerned about the major oceanic ridges. While the scientific information is incomplete, it is known that very many of them connect. They are quite literally alpha and omega. Some are spreading and adding mass; others are subducting and returning mantle to magma…birth and death. The number of occurrences at 10 km, given the large range of possible depths, defies logic. Today’s equipment can very accurately determine depths. If estimates are being used in the USGS data, it is deliberate. At this point, I don’t believe they are, but I have nothing to base that feeling on. I did not include lat/long for these. Also please note the Owen Fracture Zone and its location near Yemen. I will be getting back to this in another email.


4/15/2009 Arctic Ocean 4.9 10
4/15/2009 Bougainville Region Papua NG 5.2 35
4/14/2009 Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge 4.6 10
4/17/2009 Chili (Offshore Tarapaca) Chili 6.1 25
4/19/2009 Fiji (South of Fiji Islands) Fiji 4.6 508.5
4/10/2009 Fiji Region Fiji 4.6 558.5
4/18/2009 Fiji Region Fiji 5.8 566.5
4/22/2009 Fiji Region Fiji 4.6 544.7
4/18/2009 Guatemala (Offshore) 4.8 66.4
4/10/2009 Mauritius-Reunion Region Mauritius 5.0 10
4/15/2009 Mauritius-Reunion Region Mauritius 5.1 10
4/16/2009 Mid-Indian Ridge 5.1 10
4/19/2009 North Atlantic Ocean Greenland 4.9 10
4/19/2009 North Atlantic Ocean Greenland 4.9 10
4/10/2009 Oregon (Off the Coast) 3.9 10
4/11/2009 Oregon (Off the Coast) 4.2 10
4/11/2009 Oregon (Off the Coast) 4.1 10
4/16/2009 Oregon (Off the Coast) 4.7 10
4/17/2009 Oregon (Off the Coast) 4.4 10
4/15/2009 Owen Fracture Zone Region Yeman 5.7 10
4/21/2009 Owen Fracture Zone Region Yeman 4.7 10
4/21/2009 Owen Fracture Zone Region Yeman 4.5 10
4/21/2009 Owen Fracture Zone Region Yeman 4.6 10
4/21/2009 Owen Fracture Zone Region Yeman 5.2 10
4/21/2009 Owen Fracture Zone Region Yeman 4.5 10
4/21/2009 Owen Fracture Zone Region Yeman 4.7 10
4/14/2009 Pagan Region, Northern Mariana Islands 4.4 192.5
4/19/2009 Pagan Region, Northern Mariana Islands Agrihan 4.3 263.7
4/19/2009 Pagan Region, Northern Mariana Islands Agrihan 4.3 263.7
4/22/2009 Pagan Region, Northern Mariana Islands Agrihan 4.6 103.3
4/22/2009 Pagan Region, Northern Mariana Islands Agrihan 4.6 103.3
4/18/2009 Panama (South of) David 4.7 10
4/12/2009 Peru (Near Central Coast) 4.9 40.2
4/14/2009 Peru (Near Southern Coast) 4.8 35.8
4/17/2009 Rota Region, Northern Mariana Island Rota 5 10
4/17/2009 Rota Region, Northern Mariana Island Rota 5 10
4/17/2009 Rota Region, Northern Mariana Island Rota 4.9 10
4/17/2009 Rota Region, Northern Mariana Island Rota 4.7 10
4/19/2009 Rota Region, Northern Mariana Island Rota 4.7 10
4/19/2009 Rota Region, Northern Mariana Island Rota 4.7 10
4/19/2009 Rota Region, Northern Mariana Island Rota 4.7 10
4/11/2009 Sandwich Islands (South) 5.2 10
4/10/2009 Solomon Islands 4.9 125.8
4/22/2009 Solomon Islands Solomon Is. 4.6 10
4/19/2009 Tonga Tonga 4.7 106.4
4/20/2009 Tonga Tonga 5.4 10
4/22/2009 Tonga Tonga 4.7 216.8
4/15/2009 Vanuatu 4.8 175.9
4/22/2009 Vanuatu Vanuatu 5.1 195.7
4/19/2009 Volcano Islands, Japan Region Iwo-Jima 5.3 158.8
4/19/2009 Volcano Islands, Japan Region Iwo-Jima 5.3 168.8
4/17/2009 Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge Australia 5.1 10

Italian Earthquakes

Below you will find the inevitable spreadsheet. Italy has a major fault that runs basically N/S right along the Apennines. L’Aquila is located very close to this fault. Some sources I read indicated that the earthquake occurred at the intersection of two major faults. My research does not substantiate this. The major E/W fault is quite a bit further south between Rome and Naples. However, the area around L’Aquila is known for earthquakes. Despite this, new construction and renovations still are not up to reasonable earthquake standards. California has proved that strict earthquake resistant construction saves lives.

Having said this, the Gran Sasso National Laboratory (GSNL) is approximately 13 kilometers away on A24. Envision a roughly equilateral triangle with the apex at the bottom. The apex is L’Aquila, the upper left corner is the epicenter and the upper right corner (epicenter/Assergi on an almost vertical line) is Assergi, the entrance to GSNL as well as a highly controversial tunnel through Gran Sasso d’Italia (a major mountain).

In 1984, a 10 km two-lane highway tunnel connecting Rome to Teramo was bored through the Gran Sasso Massif. In 1995, a second parallel tunnel was completed. Construction of the second tunnel included an underground particle physics laboratory, GSNL, at Assergi. GSNL is referred to as the third tunnel. It is composed of three large underground chambers which sit beneath 1400 meters of rock, almost assuredly igneous. Not surprisingly, this mountain and two others are part of a national park established in 1993. (Environmental groups credit their fierce opposition during the planning stages of the second tunnel and GSNL as the reason for establishment of the national park.)
Basically, GSNL was set up as a part of the neutrino mixing (solar, supernova, atmospheric and artificial source) experiments in conjunction with CERN. How disrupted this still is is not mentioned. GSNL also conducts research on non baryonic dark matter and nuclear reactions. Several things attracted my attention as I reviewed the GSNL material. One is that a cover page for Core Collapse Supernovae (II, Ib, Ic) had the information written in an oriental language (Japanese? Chinese? other?). But of primary note is a program called GIGS dealing with slow earthquakes. One page reads: The Laboratory is located in a seismically active region, underground. Unique opportunity for geology studies. Program a set of experiments to measure stress and its slow variations.
I wonder why the lab was built virtually on a major if not the major fault in Italy. Just exactly how creative are the experiments dealing with slow earthquakes or, for that matter, earthquakes in general? Is there a connection between the neutrino research (apparently designed to tap high energy of neutrinos and quarks) and the earthquake research? If GSNL is not working with CERN at this time, with whom is it working on the neutrino projects? If I were a detective, GSNL would be my primary suspect.

4/5/2009 20:45:11 Central Italy 42.400 13.409 4.0 10.0
4/6/2009 1:32:39 Central Italy 42.334 13.334 6.3 8.8
4/6/2009 2:37:04 Central Italy 42.336 13.340 4.6 10.1
4/6/2009 3:56:48 Central Italy 42.387 13.322 4.4 10.0
4/6/2009 7:17:14 Central Italy 42.448 13.363 4.3 10.0
4/6/2009 23:15:38 Central Italy 42.467 13.392 4.9 2.0
4/7/2009 9:26:31 Central Italy 42.336 13.360 4.9 10.0
4/7/2009 17:47:38 Central Italy 42.324 13.442 5.5 13.4
4/7/2009 21:34:32 Central Italy 42.487 13.397 4.6 5.0
4/9/2009 00:53:01 Central Italy 42.511 13.328 5.3 8.0
4/9/2009 3:14:52 Central Italy 42.407 13.442 4.3 5.0
4/9/2009 4:32:46 Central Italy 42.510 13.313 4.2 5.0
4/9/2009 19:38:19 Central Italy 42.542 13.303 5.2 10.0
4/13/2009 21:14:26 Central Italy 42.588 13.397 5 5.0

Gran Sasso 42.46 13.57

Hi Don,

Re: Italian earthquakes, the epicenter and Assergi are on an almost HORIZONTAL line, not vertical. Sorry.



When I read the initial post from Georg in Mozambique, I got a knot in the pit of my stomach. To make a long story short, I followed my intuition and am pulling together some information on geology, geography, history and energy in Africa that I feel is relevant. I want to be very careful to clearly differentiate objective and subjective. The research will take a few more days.


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