The Storm Steering

You can see what it looks like (if you check out this site right now) how they are using doppler radar
to steer this storm from various locations in Mississippi and Mobile Alabama. This storm is coming from the west and going back west. We just completed lots of gifting around the middle of our state (Alabama) and this shows what lengths the elite take to try to keep imminent rainfall from coming. The doppler radar in Mobile was upgraded to 1,000,000 watts.

(They are trying to chemtrail the area to smithereens 24/7 because we’ve gifted so many towers which are no longer a threat to us)
But they will not be able to hold it back for long as we move further west! We know the game and will continue to gift business as usual…

here you go:


Naturally and effectively the rain made it over to us early this morning in a big way while the orgonite did it’s job! Millions of dollars on death and weather technology failed to keep the rain from coming. (what a waste of our tax dollars) We expect to have the drought cleared up by the end of November 2010 business as usual.


Here is an up to the minute report on 11-03-2010 where we are getting unforecasted rain!!!

Check out what our recent gifting is doing to the elite’s multi-million dollar black budget for ‘storm steering’ as we speak!

Here comes the flood, and out goes the drought!


This is what it looks like on 11-15-2010 and it’s easy to see who has the helm now!!!

We will post the official updated report right here shortly as we pull our state out of the elite controlled drought once again!

Now thats up to the second spontaneous truth! Is it not?


BOGUS muddied water US Drought monitor update of 01-18-2011

This is non sense and I just sent the following email to the contact folks at the US Drought monitor expressing my anger with their latest BOGUS update made on January 18, 2011. Notice how they show Alabama in a little better than the surrounding states that have also been getting a flood of precipitation for over 2 months. Last week we got 8 to 12 weeks of snow and each week for the past 2 months everything from schools to an array of assorted businesses have had to close due to inclimate weather conditions primarily in the form of rainfall and snow! Here is what my email stated:

To whom it may concern: In order to properly inform the taxpaying public in an honest and forthright manner please elevate this email to the respective authorities at once. The responsible organizations seriously need to review the applicable policies and procedures (or rewrite them if necessary) in order to get your act together and start reporting the accurate information in regard to the US Drought monitor by reflecting the reality of the situation at hand per the following website:
Many people in the USA believe your current information/data suppliers are furnishing outright erroneous information currently being reported in the US Drought Monitor website as listed above. We feel it is imperative you answer the following questions:

Who furnishes and approves the data before it is made public?
Who checks the information against current statistics?
How come the official US Drought Monitor data has not changed proportionately especially in the southeast US geography over the past 2 months when we get rain on a regular basis well over the NWS’ often unreliable forecasts?

What good is this information if it is not a reflection of the truth? The southeast has been wet for over 2 months and everything is muddy. Ponds, waterways, and the overall water table that were completely dried up during alleged technological weather control experimentation (prior to October early November 2010 are full again and you cannot seriously expect anyone to believe the highly questionable data you are reporting . Last week we got almost a foot of snow in several states…do the math! Right now as I write, we are getting heavy precipitation via rainfall and snow. We are not in a drought anymore!

We urge you to reverify your data and give the public an honest reliable update ASAP



Concerned US citizen and friends

-Louis Onder 01-20-2011

These are some of the people I sent this email to:
Brad Rippey, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 202-720-2397
[email protected]<[email protected]>;

David Miskus, Climate Prediction Center/NOAA, 301-763-8000, ext. 7751

[email protected]<[email protected]>;

Rich Tinker, Climate Prediction Center/NOAA, 301-763-8000, ext. 7568

[email protected]<[email protected]>;

Mark Svoboda, National Drought Mitigation Center, 402-472-8238

[email protected]<[email protected]>;

Richard Heim, National Climatic Data Center, NOAA, 828-271-4682ker, Climate Prediction [email protected]<[email protected]>;

It’s been well over a month and you guessed it that none of the officials (listed above) answered the email I sent them about the inaccuracy and blatant lies they were reporting in the official U.S. Drought Monitor’s website also referenced above. They have decreased some severity in the south east by showing a moderate drought in most of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia even though most people here believe all is well as I write this post. We’ve gotten so much rain and snow over the past 3 months it’s normal to overhear folks say no more rain or snow God please! I just laugh and think if they only knew wasssss up?
Nevertheless, we will continue our gifting efforts breaking new ground as always and enjoying the remarkable adventure we are all part of…


Keep up the good work down south! Maybe we’ll meet in Southern Illinois someday. Funny, those clowns will never tell the truth. That is not their job. [Image Can Not Be Found] The NOAA is so full of shit! Ozone warnings! F@$K OFF! The earth produces ozone to cleanse itself of toxins. And they give us ozone alert days!

Louis, I think this is a good time to point out for our readers that your extensive orgonite-flinging campaigns are producing regular, positive results in teh atmosphere in that region. Carol and I did some surgical work through Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota in September in an effort to prevent a repeat of the US Air Force’s successful mass murder campaign of last spring and I think Bearclaw has also conducted a large-scale campaign to disrupt the weather warfare weaponry infrastructure. I think the remaining ‘citadel’ of weather weaponry is in the Applachian region to your northeast.

I can bear witness to your claim that the drought monitors are disinformation because Doc Stevo did a particularly good survey of that when he and Dooney were gifting all of Montana, four years ago, and when St. and I went to North Dakota to ‘do something about the severe drought’ there in late June of 2009 we found the streams and lakes at flood stage and green grass in the pastures was just about hiding the cattle and horses, it was so high [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think that the drought disinformation campaign started ten years or so ago, when the feds started evidently mandating that all water reservoirs should remain almost empty. I think this was designed to make the Pajama People feel hopeless about rain [Image Can Not Be Found] and we discovered in our successful HAARPicane-erasure campaign in Florida in 2005/6 that the vast majority of people (pajam-clad with a vengeance) believe false images and reports of local weather on the TV rather than the conflicting view out their own windows. One can’t make up fiction that could be stranger than reality, honestly.

If not for you, Louis, I suspect that Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi might be a desert by now.


I recently shipped 300 tower busters to Alabama thought you all should know !
Louis surely made the rains come to the southeast and deserves a special thanks also.

Way to go Louis !


Several years ago (during a severe drought) the radar became a very valuable tool in relieving our part of the southeastern US of drought conditions after I overheard an elderly gentleman say: “the rain comes directly toward Huntsville and then it goes away or around us.” I remembered one evening when I awoke from an uncomfortable sleep thinking about what the man said and realized that I needed to watch the radar next time rain was in the forecast and pinpoint the exact location where the rain would fork around Huntsville and disappear into oblivion. I used the Alabama radar which showed all the main highways and it was obvious that the point where I-565 (west to east) intersected with I-65 (north to south) was the place to go! So I traveled there and soon noticed several cell towers and over 30 extremely tall interstate lighted lamps (the ones that put out radiation similar to cell towers) and started gifting immediately which produced the first rainfall in north Alabama in many months! I consider this location a ‘starting point’ for the weather control network in our area due to the fact it is directly in line with dozens of HAARP antennas and over 10 doppler weatherball radars.
(I understand the elite edit radar screens often to throw off any suspicion the pajama folks might stumble onto so I take this in consideration when ever I assess a problem concerning droughts) Nothing is better than visiting a place and observing it directly for empirical evidence.
Groups of antennas in valleys and even more so antenna arrays on top of mountains are good places to gift to see quick results when an area is in experiencing a drought. If you notice a particular place is getting rain and the rain is not getting to the surrounding or nearby places, then chances are the place getting rain has ungifted antennas with strong electromagnetic fields that prevent natural saturation of rain in that region.


In the photos and links in this post I used the weather satellite from Intellicast to illustrate my point(s) of view.

Check out the response I get on myPC when I go there now (see below)

You don’t have permission to access "; on this server.

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I think I’ll send a free predator buster to their main office. What do you think?