The Swedish, Norwegian and Scandinavian Branches of the Ill

First of all, my apology for not having contributed with much to do with orgonite lately but that’s going to change soon. Coincidentally, I will soon post photos about beeswax orgonite with which I have been experimenting lately. Curiously, I’d like to ask some feedback for this intel I found concerning the Scandinavian illuminati and ‘royal’ bloodlines. I do not know the validity of this site so please feel free to offer your knowledge about it.……/1213a.htm

In fact, I am quite curious to know why Finland seems to have so many lodges even 'tis not a big country by size or population. But that I should know by experience though. Don’t worry, for we are decreasing their numbers as the new year kicks in, that’s a promise [Image Can Not Be Found]




Leo Zagami

celand is also known as the Thule Island were you can still find some of the Nazi elite SS officers in hiding…as I witness with my own eyes dear Greg.

Scandinavian Freemasonry in the hands of the Swedish Vatican Nazi elite is so powerful that nobody ever touch them in the II World War. Actually the Swedish government even charged TRAIN TICKETS to the NAZI OCCUPATION ARMY on their way to Norway. And the Norwegian elite welcome Nazism quite openly as they were coming in. Himmler established the concept that Trondheim had to become the future capital of the so called pure Aryan Empire. I can assure you that the Vatican and the Satanic elite love this Genetically pure race naive people connected to the most bloody ancient pagan cults that still practiced in secret nowadays.[1]

They are the ones who secretly support engineering, genetic modification (GM) to create the ultimate puppets and robots of the coming NWO Empire of evil.

Scandinavia is not very populated and they used them for a lot of experiments including the study of DNA that was done in Iceland were the whole population as given away their data to these criminals. But as we said before Iceland protects and works within the Nazi frame and many lodge of illuminati are present their and in all of Scandinavia. Very sick lodges with very sick rituals.

In a satanic illuminati cult in Sweden 50 members indulge in an orgy called THE RUSSIAN ROULETTE ORGY were 3 of them have AIDS and the rest of the players know about it and deliberately expose themselves and their families obviously to the AIDS VIRUS.

Sweden was the place were the first commercial porno movies were made by the sick illuminati to promote Satanism and decadence.

In Norway the sects and all the various cults are so powerful that the government as even created a special society to deal with the victims of the many abuses that take place. But nobody does anything to stop these perverts and in Oslo like in Stockholm the catholic clergy is dealing openly and directly with the Satanist of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Temple of Set of Lt.Col. Michael Aquino and the various sects that are involved in ritual child abuse and the likes because the mass is completely brainwashed and under their demonic control.

The Scandinavian illuminati community and the Swedish Rite of Freemasonry practiced in Scandinavia are also very influential in the United States and they considered an example to follow by the illuminati scum bags that want complete control over their citizens…over the sheep. The Scandinavian are a living experiment of the illuminati since the time of the Nazi occupation and soon the Americans will feel the same sense of oppression from the State but the only difference is a willing participant of the game because the people over here are already under the full control of the Nazi-Fascist State.

The burning of th Churches was the biggest signal the Jesuits and the Vatican ever gave to the world of the true believers , after that the Satanic millennium could take off even more then after the ‘Rising Forth’ ritual of Anton LaVey to terminate the Hippie movement (created also by the Vatican illuminati and their so called communist agents…).

We have now the living prove of what is evil in the world we have George W. Bush ruling from the White House by the stick as we use to say in the the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico – Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo but soon him and his Satanic Father George H. Bush will move to protect their interest when this evil theatre is finally unveiled in front of mankind. Yes to protect their evil MK-ULTRA agents and their pedophilia rings the Bush family is planning for total Nazi control and no possibility of knowing were your children are when they disappear in the hands of one of these black magicians and servants of Satan.

So we all know now their evil plans and its time to react and unite against these Fascist perverts and their Nazi dictatorships Made in Rome home of all perversions and true abominations .If we come together now and start a real Movement dear Greg we can save the future of our children .
So please don’t hesitate and spread the word as I’m putting together an army of true believers to fight the living Satan in Washington, Rome and Jerusalem as we talk, maybe I’m a dreamer but I’m not willing to give up the fight otherwise we are gonna be left with nothing at the end of this evil show. And don’t ever trust communism is just another form of Satanism created and promoted by the Jesuits and their evil boys like Stalin.

Join the army of God by simply making yourself aware of things trough our web sites and our Radio Shows and do not tolerate what is not tolerable anymore, we were born free and we have to stay free in the United States as well as Europe and soon we will have to fight for our Freedom. So Freedom Fighters Unite now or never is our motto.

My time in the illuminati taught me that these people are all united so we have to be the same otherwise we have no hope of serving as a species if we follow these criminals in their path of global destruction and pain at the hands of an evil elite full of Zionist perverts and Jesuit parasite’s ready to cash in on anything possible including the second coming.

What is the Swedish Rite?

The Swedish rite is part of Scandinavian Freemasonry a Christian fundamentalist Fraternity secretly linked with the Vatican and the Jesuits.

The system is grouped into three divisions as follows:

St. John’s (Craft) degrees:
I Apprentice
II Fellow Craft
III Master Mason

St. Andrew’s (Scottish) degrees:
IV-V Apprentice-Companion of St. Andrew VI Master of St. Andrew

Chapter degrees:
VII Very Illustrious Brother
VIII Most Illustrious Brother
IX Enlightened Brother
X Very Enlightened Brother (Very Vatican

On top of the system is:
XI Most Enlightened Brother, Knight Commander of the Red Cross ( Vatican illuminati Puppet Masters of Scandinavia )

There are approximately 60 freemasons in Sweden currently holding the XIth degree. They are present or past members of the Grand Council or Grand Officers.

In 1811 King Karl established the Royal Order of King Karl XIII. It is a civil order, conferred by the King, only to Freemasons holding the XIth degree with the number limited to 33. It is, however, not a Masonic degree.

Progression from one degree to the next is far from automatic. A brother has not only to be regular in attendance – he has to give proof of his proficiency and of his knowledge of Freemasonry.

There is only one form of accepted ritual for each degree, and deviations are not tolerated. The presiding Master follows an accepted ritual manuscript when working a Lodge.

The Swedish Rite is worked in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. It is also, in a German variant, practiced in Grosse Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland (the Grand Lodge of All German Freemasons).

The only Nazi Vatican illuminati Grand Lodges in the world working this so called Christian Rite with the blessings and written approval of the Pope are :
In Sweden
In Denmark
In Norway
In Iceland
and obviously in Germany

Their Masonic Worldwide Network of mutual recognition and collaboration includes the following :


  • Gran Lògia d’Andorra


  • Grossloge von Österreich
  • Oberster Rat für Österreich der Freimaurer des AASR


  • Grande Loge Régulière de Belgique
  • Grand Chapitre de l’Arche Royale de Belgique
  • Grand Prieuré de Belgique


  • United Grand Lodge A.F.&.A.M. of Bulgaria

The Czech Republic

  • Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic


  • National Grand Lodge of Denmark (Den Danske Frimurerorden)


  • Grand Lodge of Estonia


  • Grand Lodge of F&A Masons of Finland (Suomen v. ja o.m. Suurloosi)
  • Grand Lodge of Mark Masters of Finland
  • Royal Arch Grand Chapter of Finland
  • Supreme Council 33° for Finland
  • Great Priory of Finland
  • Grand Imperial Conclave of Finland. Red Cross of Constantine


  • Grande Loge Nationale Française
  • Grande Chapitre de l’Arche Royale pour la France


  • Grosse Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland
  • Vereinigte Grosslogen von Deutschland
  • Oberster Rat für Deutschland der Freimaurer des alten und angenommenen Schottischen Ritus
  • Orden der Tempelritter, Grosspriorat von Deutschland

Great Britain

  • United Grand Lodge of England
  • Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of England
  • Supreme Council 33° of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales and its Districts and Chapters Overseas
  • Great Priory of England and Wales
  • Grand Imperial Conclave of England, Wales and Territories Overseas. Red Cross of Constantine
  • Grand Lodge of Scotland
  • Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland
  • Supreme Council 33° for Scotland
  • Order of the Temple, Great Priory of Scotland


  • Grand Lodge of Greece
  • Great Priory of Greece


  • Symbolic Grand Lodge of Hungary


  • National Grand Lodge of Iceland (Frímúrarareglan á Islandi)


  • Grand Lodge of Ireland
  • Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland
  • Supreme Council 33° for Ireland


  • Gran Loggia Regolare d’Italia


  • Grand Lodge of Latvia


  • Grand Lodge of Lthuania


  • Grande Loge de Luxembourg


  • Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta

The Netherlands

  • Grootoosten der Nederlanden
  • Groot Kapittel der Nederland (Royal Arch Chapter)
  • Opperaad voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (33°)


  • National Grand Lodge of Norway (Den Norske


  • National Grand Lodge of Poland


  • Grande Loja Legal de Portugal
  • Grande Priorado Independente da Lusitania
  • Supremo Consehlno 33o para Portugal


  • Gran Logia de España
  • Supremo Consejo del Grado 33°
  • Gran Priorado de España


  • Schweizerische Grossloge (Alpina)
  • Grand Prieuré Indépendant d’Helvétie
  • Suprême Conseil 33° de Suisse


  • Grand Lodge of Turkey



  • Grand Lodge of Alberta
  • Grand Lodge of British Columbia
  • Grand Lodge of Manitoba
  • Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
  • Grand Lodge of New Foundland & Labrador
  • Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia
  • Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario
  • Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island
  • Grand Lodge of Quebec
  • Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan
  • Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario
  • Supreme Council 33° for the Dominion of Canada
  • Sovereign Great Priory of Canada


  • Grand Lodge of Alabama
  • Grand Lodge of Alaska
  • Grand Lodge of Arizona
  • Grand Lodge of Arkansas
  • Grand Lodge of California
  • Grand Lodge of Colorado
  • Grand Lodge of Connecticut
  • Grand Lodge of Delaware
  • Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia
  • Grand Lodge of Florida
  • Grand Lodge of Georgia
  • Grand Lodge of Hawaii
  • Grand Lodge of Idaho
  • Grand Lodge of Illinois
  • Grand Lodge of Indiana
  • Grand Lodge of Iowa
  • Grand Lodge of Kansas
  • Grand Lodge of Kentucky
  • Grand Lodge of Louisiana
  • Grand Lodge of Maine
  • Grand Lodge of Maryland
  • Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
  • Grand Lodge of Michigan
  • Grand Lodge of Minnesota
  • Grand Lodge of Mississippi
  • Grand Lodge of Missouri
  • Grand Lodge of Montana
  • Grand Lodge of Nebraska
  • Grand Lodge of Nevada
  • Grand Lodge of New Hampshire
  • Grand Lodge of New Jersey
  • Grand Lodge of New Mexico
  • Grand Lodge of the State of New York
  • Grand Lodge of North Carolina
  • Grand Lodge of North Dakota
  • Grand Lodge of Ohio
  • Grand Lodge of Oklahoma
  • Grand Lodge of Oregon
  • Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
  • Grand Lodge of Rhode Island
  • Grand Lodge of South Carolina
  • Grand Lodge of South Dakota
  • Grand Lodge of Tennessee
  • Grand Lodge of Texas
  • Grand Lodge of Utah
  • Grand Lodge of the State of Washington
  • Grand Lodge of Vermont
  • Grand Lodge of Virginia
  • Grand Lodge of the State of West Virginia
  • Grand Lodge of Wisconsin
  • Grand Lodge of Wyoming
  • General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons for U S A
  • Supreme Council 33° for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America
  • Supreme Council 33° for the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America



  • Gran Logia De la Argentina


  • Grande Oriente do Brazil
  • Grande Loja Maçônica do Estado de São Paulo


  • Gran Logia de Chile



  • Grand Lodge of India


  • Grand Lodge of the State of Israel


  • Grand Lodge of Japan


Australia and New Zealand

  • United Grand Lodge of New South Wales
  • United Grand Lodge of Queensland
  • Grand Lodge of South Australia
  • United Grand Lodge of Victoria
  • Grand Lodge of Western Australia
  • Grand Lodge of Tasmania
  • Supreme Council 33° for Australia
  • Great Priory of Queensland
  • Great Priory of Victoria
  • Great Priory of Western Australia
  • Grand Lodge of New Zealand

Illuminati and Crime Prevention in Sweden

How is it possible?

Massimo Introvigne
Massimo Introvigne

Well ask your local police and you gonna see what kind of reaction you get when you start mentioning the illuminati criminals from the Ordo Templi Orientis, or Lt.Col Aquino the ultimate PSYOP Master of the Devil and the guys from the Temple of Set. But at the end of the day they are serving the Vatican Satan and they are the evil secret police of New World Order as we all know by now. Be ready to fight when you have a Satanist like Introvigne doing lectures to the National Council for Crime Prevention in Sweden.

Did Introvigne lecture in Sweden to protect us from what?
From him?
This world is going completely insane so lets go with the Swedish way to Nazism!

All the best,

Pekka, lots of good authors are exposing Illuminati organizations these days and it’s becoming apparent that the world has been run by mere parasites and by default. We’ve been going after the top end of the Illuminati, which are the Vril and Jesuits, for several years. These are rarely discussed in books because they cover their tracks very well and are not obliged to leave evidence of their criminality in the public record the way the lower, masonic and satanic organizations are required to do.The Jesuits are an exception since that gargantuan volume was published some years ago but the author of that book vastly overstates the menace they present, I think. The sewer rat organizations are more or less seamless, after all, in that they’ve got no problem working together to exploit humanity and poison the earth. We rather aim for the head in our chat sessions because there are so few of us and we want to economize our efforts to get max results. All occult sites and head (hind?)quarters need to be gifted, though.

One reason D Bradley’s writings are useful is because he has survived after telling his personal experiences among these hierarchies during his previous life period. Firsthand accounts by reputable people are precious, I think, but documentation is more solid unless one is using ‘battlefiled intel’ from reputable psychics and one’s intuitive promptings, none of which can be considered objective evidence, of course.

By the way, a gifter asked me why DB is selling his old books on his current website, without offering the caveat that these were written and published in the late 1980s to mid 1990s in order to promote freemasonry, Theosophy and Rosicrucianism on behalf of his former masters.

He’s got a high price tag on them, too, and I think some are confused by all that. I think it’s useful to mention that he’s had these books in storage for ten years or so, since the time he started working against the dark masters, and he wants very much to earn a livlihood, now. He apparently doesn’t offer the caveat that he no longer believes in what those books promote but I trust that anyone who knows his reputation as a gifter and predator blaster can figure it out.

He co-authored a couple of good primers for people who want to learn more about the subtle energy dynamics of the human body and mind and those are available on from the publisher but he doesn’t have boxes full of those books to sell. I trust that the reader can disregard all the promotional prose for Alice Bailey that’s in those two books since they, too, were written as promotional pieces for the forementioned occult organizations.

The other gurus who shared the stable with DB demonstrate how disinformation works these days in the occult realm. They use a lot of viable information to gain credibility, as DB also used to do.

Considering his background, which none of us share, I think it’s a good idea to give him a lot of slack, though maybe that’s easier to do for those few of us who know him personally. He has a tendency to generate a following and I think this is just a carryover from his previous life, during which time he got the deepest and most traumatic sort of programming. If and when he starts posting here it’s going to be a challenge for some to separate the wheat from the chaff in his presentations and I can see that some of the threads on EW are evidence of that.

As long as we can focus mainly on the work and not on metaphysical speculations we’ll remain viable as a board effort, though.

I do want those members who are taking a long vacation from gifting to refrain from posting speculative material until they get back in the saddle because folks come to this board for substantive material, not to wade through the same stuff they can find on any number of disinformation sites.


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