The TV-subliminals

here’s how (I believe) subliminal visuals are inserted into TV:

first a bit of review, for proof-of-concept; the human eye is built like this:

where light enters along the area inside the dotted lines. the backside of the eyeball’s inner wall----the sensing-area, like the CCD in a digital camera----uses “rod” & “cone” cells to detect light, there’s a blind-spot where the nerve attaches.

the cones are located toward the middle area, which corresponds directly to the center-spot of whatever you’re looking at, & detect color. the rods are toward the outer edges of the sensing-area & ‘see’ in black-&-white; they detect edges, differences, & motion, & ‘see’ mostly whatever’s going on in your peripheral vision. ever see a flashing light in your peripheral vision? those are your rod cells watching.

they are particularly drawn to these special kinds of shapes:

& I believe, though I cannot be sure, that some computer-drawn 3d imagery uses these to map out their special images (“Magic Eye”, perhaps? I dunno—but I’m 100% on the shape-recognition aspect)

these shapes will appear, I believe, in the following manner:

this uses the contrasting colors to add depth & shading to an image----look closely at paintings & you’ll see all kinds of odd color-use just like this. its also a great way to hide intentional patterns.

TV-visuals are based on certain common rules of art. one of those rules is the ‘rule of thirds’, which looks like this:

this rule shapes how & where images will appear on the screen. basically, interesting things will fall on the junctures of the lines, at the thirds-marks. i’ve labeled my favorite spot “D”; it is my favorite because that’s where most boobs will show up.

now the important part:

here’s my belief on how subliminal imagery is probably implemented in TV-broadcasts: some eye-catching thing will appear (most likely a boob, most likely in the d-spot) & a corresponding image made of L-shapes will simultaneously appear at the opposite corner. the L-shape image will be ‘invisible’ to the cone-cells because it will mash up in a blend of color, but the rod-cells will perceive it clearly—WHEN THE EYEBALL IS POINTED NEAR IT.

if we have an ambitious software-coder reading this, some kind of recognition-engine could possibly be written that would be able to isolate & emphasize these images. then, if nothing else, we’ll at least be able to see clearly what the bad guys are trying to get up to.

p.s. - i’m pretty sure they’ve already thought of this & are using it; hopefully, i haven’t just given them a really ‘good’ idea, but i tend to think they figured this one out at least 50 years ago.

VERY interesting. When I finally have some time again I will have a look at coding this… I know exactly who to pull in to collaborate on this, as well.

interesting indeed. here is a site about subliminals in general.

i started a while back to tet my ability to spot all subliminals in magazines, the webs, and also in movies. If you use VLC program and play back slowly you can spot some weird things between frames sometimes as well as pausing to check the background for written words. You have to train the sight a bit to get it i think.

One thing i was curious about is why they were so eager to change so fast and promote HD television with the decoder box. Here in Spain they were almost giving them for free and it happened overnight. Now i am courious to know too what capabilities has the 3D movies to brainwash people into oblivion since they are also taking them out into the market more often.

Interesting that you mentioned about the squared backgrounds too. Maybe is unrelated but there is this youtube channel user:

He claims that the filtering they used in TV_ movies post production like H264 and other codecs are there to mask to the naked eye most of the reps/hybrids on the show business. This masking takes the form of squares that blurr the image in the chosen areas. he claims there ar some type of implants to keep them from showing their Rep form and that the program adjust very fast to any morphing that may be happening and that is why the conscious mind is unable to grasp the changes like Rep pupils, teeth morphing etc…

If you use VLC and disable the codec H264 and reproduce any movie in very slow motion, you can see what he is saying and things start to appear a bit differently. I ve done it a few times and i must say i have been amazed many times.

I am not video tech expert but maybe if someone understands what this codec does or the post process can throw some light on that. Still, very straight forward what he proposes and explains.