The Underground Climate War [video Doc]

A new spanish documental electronite (orgonite) gifting video
by Jesús Torres Toledo

Please, sorry any error in translation. Thank you very much [Image Can Not Be Found]

The present vdeo documentary proves to be a little departs from our work to distribute electronite (orgonite) to the facilities that are modifying the climate secretly hidden after military , aeronaticas, meteorolgicas or telecommunications operations.
The bad quality of the images stems from the instability of the team, the hurries, the absence of light or time, etc … nevertheless, they try to prove to be a little example of what they are our trips.

The trip that tried to show in this documentary video lasted 5 days, we did approximately 3000 km, took approximately 2.600 electronite towerbusters and spent approximately 1800 euros in material, gasoline, meal, etc … and that that we minimize to the máx the expense, for ex (we were sleeping in the car) and do not count our time and personal work of course.
Thank you of heart to all the good persons who have collaborated with us directly or indirectly, with generous economic or material, logistic or moral donations and that without them our work would not be possible.


Our activities to deposit electronite
around the antennas are fighting very
effectively the climate control operations
through secret geoengineering from facilities
alleged meteorology, telecommunications and
military activities are destroying the planet silently.

This can be carried out thanks to the control
the molecular ionization of the atmosphere.

Electromagnetic waves projected
and so-called “non-ionizing” are unable
to break the nucleus of atoms, but if
ionize positively and even to break links
molecular, as is the case of the molecule
water, getting just the opposite need
so that the water vapor molecules join
and precipitate in the liquid state.

Electronite (polyester + metal + quartz)
acts as a multiple electronica capacitor
trapping electrons (static) of the electromagnetic
wave among the thousands of layers
metal and no metal compression exerted
quartz, which due to its piezo property
multiplies and anionizing.


All the best

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in 13.20 minute: “ETA ever attacked repeaters” --> would be --> “ETA never attacked repeaters in the past”

Sorry please.
I am modificating.


An idea I might of already suggested is to get some of the better orgonite videos torrenting so a wider audience can find them.


Thank you for the good idea Mark.
I dont know if my videos are included in better but from vimeo can download free in AVI format [Image Can Not Be Found]

Other thing:

I wanted to share with all of you the enormous climatic results of this trip but just before finishing the video, a computer virus destroyed my computer and I lost a lot of information between which this animation was.

Fortunately a friend had kept it in his PC and he has sent it to me and here it is.

We selected that days because a big front was coming and was stopping. Look as the rain front was stoping and braked until we gifted the first military radar station the first night. After that, the 3 next days we gifted meteo radars, aeronautical radars and other big military radar station and the front go down easily without (some big) barriers.

The gif animation is 28 megabytes. When all the image is charged the animation go more rapid. Please, wait to the complety load.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

and this is the update spanish gifting map (more or less, sorry the low definition) I print the gifted radars.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

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