The WakeUp!

Chances are good that if you’re reading this, you’re a discernment junkie and have discovered how much fun it is to uncover and implement simple truths, even when they challenge our own perceptions.

Really, we can track our individual and specie progress by looking at the succession of simple truths assimilated and applied to every day life. For instance, in Dr Reich’s day, fascism was the fashionable mindset of the dominant Western cultures and, by now, people are simply growing weary of excessively centralized political, intellectual, ecclesiastical and economic power. That has been coming about in very small stages, despite the World Odor’s best efforts to stop that progression. Their main tool is disinformation, which is why scores of witless media personalities (the World Odor’s charismatic mouthpieces and exemplars) make more money than heads of states or corporate moguls earn.

Who can say that he/she knows all of the conditions in our world that lead to increasing human awareness? It may be better to avoid speculating about that, since there isn’t a lot of factual evidence, yet, but it’s clear that human progress has been accelerating in recent generations. Dr Reich had the misfortune of being on a sort of cusp; a transition point between rampant institutional domination and individual freedom, which will be ultimately expressed, perhaps, by dynamic global unity and prosperity within a minimally-centralized planetary commonwealth. Many people have seen that coming, in fact, and there’s no reason at all why national frontiers should be any more significant than the borders between provinces are. Europe is sure demonstrating the feasibility of that concept, at least, and as recently as Reich’s day some of those countries were still tearing each other apart, as they’d been doing for centuries.

One of the World Odor’s Big Lies has been that humanity are naturally contentious, belligerent and even bloodthirsty but we know, by now, that most people only ever want peace, prosperity and to get along with each other. FDR, the destroyer of the US Constitution, had to eventually arrange the slaughter of thousands in Hawaii in order to scam Americans into WWII, more than two years after it got started. He got elected on the strident promise to keep us out of that arranged conflict, of course. The Depression Babies, who were brought up to worship FDR, didn’t have to be convinced at all to send their children to invade Vietnam, on the other hand, but that may be seen as a historical fluke. Shortly after that, Russia’s Depression Babies sent their children to invade Afghanistan, of course, and the Russians then got so fed up with communism that they simply rejected it soon afterward in a bloodless coup.

All of the old and newer fascist ideologies, including the church state, national-socialism and communism, have been proven to be impractical and even repugnant by now.

Even the financial and petroleum cartels are losing humanity’s support. Note the series of failed attempts to crash the world’s stock markets over the past twenty years and the open discussion, even on the What To Think Network, of magnet-powered engines as a workable alternative to petroleum and nuclear power. Notice, also, that the inventors of free-energy technology are not being murdered as frequently these days. All of this shows the increasing erosion of centralized authority in our world. I’ve dared to consider that the downfall of the World Odor, itself, may be bloodless and fairly untraumatic.

The internet has been the catalyst for the more recent stage of humanity’s liberation and maturation process. No matter how many disinformants and doomsayers that the World Odor throws at the internet they will continue to fail and, by now, more and more people are seeing the saboteurs, themselves, as evident signs of progress. There’s a specie-wide groundswell of desire to live more from our hearts and less in the realm of the manipulable brain.

If you’re interested in taking larger bites of reality you probably know that there’s a risk of going insane. We’ve all got limits to how much we’re able to assimilate at one sitting, of course. This is one of the issues that Dr Reich struggled with, as you can imagine. Any time we find a truth that lies far outside the What To Think Network paradigm it’s a challenge for us to assimilate it, let alone talk about it, and we’re no longer even living under the fascist conditions that Dr Reich had to deal with every day. Well, in a couple of generations maybe our progeny will feel shocked to consider how restricted our freedom is, today, so I suppose that’s a relative consideration.

Dr Reich literally overturned institutional science in the fields of psychology, biology, physics and astrophysics and he made a lot of bitter, high profile enemies in the process, including Freud, the dangerous US Government and Einstein. I think that Reich’s ultimate vindication will come through the introduction and distribution of free energy tech, which will also signal the end of this parasitic World Odor, perhaps sooner than we dare realize. All of that technology is run by orgone and implosion, similar to the way that most of the current technology is run by electricity and combustion.

Here’s how Dr Reich characterizes the difference between insanity and genius: Insanity (schizophrenia) is a knowledge of unarmored life which lacks the courage to bear that knowledge. ‘Genius’ is knowledge of unarmored lie plus the courage which that knowledge produces.

You probably have the courage to ‘drop your defenses’ and assimilate real information or you wouldn’t be reading this. Life must be hell, these days, for fearful people.

It’s clearly less risky, socially, to talk openly about simple truths, now, than it was in Reich’s day, but it’s still risky, politically, because one has to contend with the World Odor’s omnipresent but hidden surveillance and interference. In his day, the white people (dominant culture), themselves, were the thought police. Reich adored ‘Negroes,’ on account of their instinctively un-armored lives, but he had very little contact with anyone but Europoids, much to his dismay. Society in America was quite polarized in those days, of course, and I think that if America had ever exemplified ‘the equality of all men,’ as guaranteed by the US Constitution, the world would have been a much better place by now.

If you doubt my assessment of the Depression Babies in Europoid countries, watch how most of them behave when they get together: loud, drunk, intolerant, atavistic and self-seeking while obviously feeling powerless to make the world better. That’s the schizophrenic generation who happily sold their own children as cannon fodder in Vietnam in exchange for prosperity under National-Socialism. Those are also the ones who, as younger adults, gathered around the public book burnings that followed Wilhelm Reich’s kangaroo-court conviction in 1955. ‘Duck and cover,’ indeed. Aren’t you glad that they’re no longer in control of our collective destiny? I surely am. Look at how their numbers are quickly and needlessly being decimated by degenerative diseases, too; a direct consequence of their unquestioning devotion to serial killers (MDs) with their chemical weaponry.

We haven’t arrived at a state of functional intellectual freedom in the world, yet, of course, so our partner in healing, Dr William von Peters, has developed a homeopathic product that may be useful for any of us when we’re in the process of acquiring new realizations. He’s calling it ‘WakeUp!’ and I’ve lately found it useful during times when I’ve felt challenged by new information. I asked for and received a dozen of the one-ounce bottles to distribute to other experimenters for some field research, so if you’re sincerely interested in whether this might help you get over the hump of your own prejudices and misperceptions, contact me for a sample in exchange for your candid feedback., which you can post in this thread. If it pans out, as I expect it will, I’ll sell it on as an aid to healing.

Discernment is a constant struggle that might only end for each of us on our deathbeds, of course, and the process is the entire point in this life. If WakeUp! can make the process a little smoother, more pleasant and less traumatic it will be well worth a few bucks, in my opinion.

Want one!



First of all, thank you Don for sending me a bottle of Wake up and let me be a guinea pig. Please let the Dr Von Peters (I htink he is the one making that product, right??) know about this feedback if you think it is relevant

I started taking Wake-up few days ago. Once in the morning and once just before going to bed. I always switch on my powerwand at night to make sure nothing comes in and interfere with the action WakeUp may have with me.

I don’t have extraordinary stories to tell … well, at least no spies, no entities or extra-terrestrials seem to invade my life … however I noticed something very interesting.

  • Since I take WakeUp I have an increase of very vivid dreams

  • Many of those dreams relate to my youth some good memories and some bad ones too (as if there was a clearing up of shocks and blocked emotions taking place)

  • I’ve never done shamanism, but in some of those dreams I often encounter one animal which I interact with (I encountered a grey wolf, scarabs, a cock) and this interraction is very touching, and precious. With those animals, there is an exchange which is not human-animal like but spirit-spirit like. The animals have a conversation with me, I can hear them without them talking (telepathy). They tell me things that are strange and bring me back to my own essence, myself. I know this might be very subjective but it feels very nice and I’m always looking for going to bed, now; not because I may dream of animals, but because I sense there is something taking place in me.

I also have unpleasant or even bad dreams, but I’m never helpless.

For those who may think, this is a kind of drug and I’m having a “trip” I’ll tell them to search elsewhere, I don’t think WakeUp is working on that and (so far and for my own usage) it seems to be helping me dropping luggage I was carrying since childhood, letting more space, maybe to see clearly in the present.

Don, I am keeping a record on those dreams if you need them for feedback
Thank you again


Few days since I posted. The dreams keep going on. 2-4 dreams a night, all related to my life.

  • It started with childhood events good and bad.

  • They went on and on closer to my life now as if WakeUp is dealing with more recent events every single night that goes on.

Last night I had a dream related to a friend of mine who was murdered 3 years ago . It was a nice and pleasant dream taking place during X’mas time. He and his wife were among the people in the X’mas party and we were exchanging gifts. It was nice to see John smiling again. It was joyful. But frankly, today was not nice at all, bringing those memories back stirred my mind and emotions and indeed revives sadness. I think it must be part of the treatment as well. So if you’re intending to get WakeUp, you can see it is not only pleasant since the stuff you’re going to deal with might also be shocks and traumas that were unresolved (even if when it happened you thought it was ok).

Anyway, I go on with the treatment and see where it leads me

                                                                                … to be continued! 


Kulwant Kier, who is one of our customers, has been sending me updates on her experiments with WakeUp! but I’m having a hard time finding that thread, so here’s her latest:

Hello D,
The experiments continue!
When on a fast, I like to ease into it, and then do anywhere from 2 to 4
days on just watered down fruit juices and purified water.
I took 2 drops of the WakeUp with each glass of water (totalling about 10 to
16 glasses; 8 to 12 oz per glass) for a total of two days. I noticed the
decreased hunger pangs and a feeling of better hydration.
more focus than usual on a fast.
higher energy level than usual on a fast, including mental alertness.
a desire to do all the usual activities, which I resisted, since I did not
want to overtax my system.
a better ability to observe reactions; more objectivity.
Have ordered some of the herbal products from orgonise-africa. shall
experiment with those and the WakeUp as well when they get here. Shall keep
you posted.
Thanks for all that you do! Be well
Cheers and Blessings

I’m not part of the experiment, but I bought myself a bottle and have used it for a couple of weeks. I didn’t think I’d be able to report anything substantial or spectacular like the rest of you, BUT we had a visitor, a troubled lady, and I stayed at a distance. She sat in my chair for a few hours, and when she left I took a seat. Then after a few seconds I leaped out of the chair in horror. I had felt all her pain and anguish. Not only that, I smelt her diet. I cannot stand the smell of pork in any case, but this time it was overwhelming and unpleasant.

So, yes these drops are making me a lot more sensitive than usual and I’ll see where this takes me, OK?

Peace, Elen

Hi Elen,

Strange you’re mentioning about the pork diet.

I have avoided pork and beef altogether for the past 17 years, not that I NEVER eat any, but I limited my consuption to the minimum. Since I’ve followed the wake up treatment and then another similar type of treatment, I never ate as much meat as I do now. This includes pork and beef.

I was being beaten as a child because I was always throwing all the meat that was put in my plate, so it is to my own amazement to see that I crave meat, now.


Arm pits on a hot day, you know…… that’s what it smells like to me pigs do not perspire so they keep it all in…….

LOL … I’m certainly not reaching that stage, Helen …

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry if I’ve insulted some of the meat-eaters here. It’s not my intention! People should eat what makes them feel good and what they lack in their bodies. I sometimes eat meat, like fish and so on. There is pork and there is pork. Some don’t smell as bad as others, OK. I’ve had a personal aversion all my life to pork………personally. So, my apology to you all for my harsh remarks.



Hi Helen,

Please relax !

I didn’t feel insulted at all. You entirely have the right to your thoughts and express them (except in extreme regimes such as nazism!). Your comments made me laugh because I could imagine the whole scene you were describing. It is important to express what we want (at least I think so) otherwise you never can evolve.

I’ve never been a meat eater, it’s just since I used Wake Up that I have the need of it. hehe



Hugs, Didier!

Thanks for that! Love.

As time goes by and more Wake Up. Here is an update.

I have to tell you all that I am a very shy person, normally. I am still shy, but much less now, as I have been posting very often with no hesitation. As I said before, I am getting more sensitive too. I am sure these drops are not going to make us into “clones” or anything, we are what we are, but more so, I think. Certainly feels like it. And it’s the kind of thing that creeps up on you…… nothing over-night, which is the way I like it.

Elen, your feedback is especially good because you’ve got some healthy skepticism along with an open mind. Thanks for overcoming your shyness, by the way.

Lots and lots of people are developing more energy sensitivity now and when it happens through the work we’re doing, it’s in a balanced form, which is nice.

I’m also a Beta personality–there aren’t a lot of Alpha personalities posting here, in fact. It’s better to come to a healthy level of sharing from a condition of shyness, I think, because shy people more often think before they speak or write something and alpha types generally tend to just fly off just to hear themselves.

DB was a strict vegetarian during his years of psychic training under that old dark master, Torkum Sassarian, who ran a stable full of charismatic newage gurus in those days and had fathered the newage movement (a genuine Great White Brotherhood Peckerhead).

I think it’s worth mentoining that it was when Bradley and I ducked into a hamburger drive-in in Van Nuys one day in May, 2002, while under unbelievably heavy box surveillance in his car by all the sewer rat agencies in Los Angeles, when we discovered that turning on a Succor Punch can instantly block surveillance. Carol, too, eats a hamburger once in awhile if she needs more aggression in the face of these sleepless parasites and predators.

The most utilitarian psychics on the planet (traders on stock exchange floors) usually die of heart disease by the time they’re forty due to excessive red meat and alcohol consumption (well, okay–cocaine, too) so the myth that meat eaters can’t be psychic ought to be put to rest.

I think that in the future meat won’t be eaten but it’s not likely to happen on ideological grounds. A meatless diet is just more suited to humans, I think, and it takes a small amount of land to grow vegetable foods than to grow meat, of course, which is probably why there are no cowboy traditions in Japan and China.

I’m awfully glad you posted your observations related to meat and your growing awareness, though, Elen, because the process you described is pretty typical for anyone who is gaining access to his/her psi gifts but has a history of enjoying red meat. It may be, though, that an Eskimo who is getting more psychic might not lose his taste for blubber.

WakeUp! is sort of like zappers in that it doesn’t cause the body to be dependent on it, nor does it cause anxiety or undue discomfort when using it. It’s an amazing formula.

By the way, I know there are nasty rumors about Dr von Peters, who used to be a typical Southern mason before he converted to Catholicism, some years ago. He keeps some of his masonic history on a website and the sewer rats used that data to try to sabotage his credibility in this network, 2 1/2 years ago. Once in awhile it comes up in email, so I presume the slanderers are still busy.

The Doc is under the gun, once again, being hounded by Georgia’s Attorney General and teh Georgia Medical Board, after the feds managed to infiltrate and destroy his school, four years ago. All of the people in government in Georgia who want to put his head on a pike are masons. They would NEVER do that to a brother mason, I hope you realize.

In our chat sessions, we go to bat for him whenever those sewer rats fire a shot across his bow, which is generally at the end of each year. Last session, the psychics found some draconians in Savannah, last time, working against the Doc–the ultimate Good Ol’ Boy network, I suppose.

For the record, he’s got a cloudbuster and has disabled most of the death towers in his area by now; has also done some significant gifting in Russia and China. I’ve known and worked with him for over eight years and he’s a medical science pioneer, as anyone who has used ChemBuster might recognize.

DB, for that matter, still has his big ruby, Scottish Rite 33d degree ring, but doesn’t wear it. Nobody’s suggesting that he’s a closet mason and I’d sure like to put the filthy rumors about the Doc to rest. I won’t even suggest to him that he lose the part of his online resume that includes honorary titles like Knights of Malta because I think we all ought to be proud of where we came from, before, not ashamed of it.

If I were to tell you that I was a cat burglar before I figured out how to live a life of service, you’d probably want to give me a big hug, for instance. The sewer rats who attempt to divide us by spreading inuendos can only exploit our fears and the weaknesses in our character, please consider, so I’m ever hopeful that anyone who corresponds with saboteurs will do the right thing and just cut them off—watch how one’s life improves after such a decisive act.

We’re particularly fond of helping beleaguered healers in our chat room, by the way, and the earlier we can get involved with that, the less damage is generally done by the sewer rats. It may be that pretty soon, the sewer rats will find that their efforts to defame and obstruct healers will bounce right back onto them, due to the rising awareness we’re seeing, even among the PJ folks of the world.


I was never a cat burglar, by the way, but when I was ten I stole my big brother’s nickel collection and gave away most of the nickels–a budding Robin HOod, maybe. ~Don

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