The war on radiation

Friday, December 05, 2008, 08:00

What do we really know about the effects of radiation in the environment given off by telephone and TV masts, mobile phones, WiFi aerials and power lines?

With our long-term health at stake, why aren’t more of us bothered about it? Perhaps our over-dependence on hi-tech gadgetry blinds us to the implications.

The issues have come sharply into focus at Glastonbury recently with the protest campaign against the WiFi antennae installed in the town earlier this year for a three-year trial period.

Somerset County Council says it has adhered to EU safety guidelines and insists there is no proven link between WiFi and health concerns. But for Glastonbury’s Matt Todd, WiFi aerials are only a part of the problem.

For six years, he’s been fighting a covert crusade against electromagnetic radiation using orgone energy, a biological energy in all living matter which was posited by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), the Ukraine-born psychoanalyst who worked with both Freud and Einstein.

Reich was the first Western scientist to introduce energy healing – today known as chakra treatment. Radiation emitted by aerials and masts disrupted the harmony of orgone energy in the atmosphere, said Matt, and could cause stress, panic attacks and even fear in people.

But the orgone generators he made were able to counter these effects by absorbing and recycling the negative energy using the piezo-electric properties of quartz crystals. The pyramid shaped devices come in various sizes and also contain selenite, lapis lazuli, gold leaf and a copper coil.

"I make small devices and leave them in areas where problems exist, mainly around phone masts and also around any building with antennae on it. I find it quite strange there should be so many of them on top of hospitals.

“I had to go into Yeovil and do the hospital there and several other big masts.”

Some scientific research has been carried out by universities into the properties of orgone generators, with supportive results.

“But Western scientific equipment isn’t geared up to measure orgone energy,” said Matt, “although Geiger counters can be modified.”

There was a good deal of public disquiet about the WiFi aerials in Glastonbury, he said, and so he had given orgone generators to a number of shops in the High Street, and placed others in the immediate vicinity of the antennae.

“I have hidden them in bushes, and given them to shopkeepers, and that way you can at least bring the balance back,” he said. Matt sells his devices through his website, on stalls at fairs and markets, and at talks he gives, in a bid to get the message over to the public.

“The science hasn’t really got out there into the mainstream because the Government has sold certain frequencies and airwaves to certain companies and it won’t make decisions that will affect big business, even if it concerns everyone’s health,” he said.

Electromagnetic radiation was all around us. "People complain about WiFi, but they forget the police Tetra radio systems operated permanently 24/7.

“It’s not just WiFi, but mobile phones, their masts and base stations, power cables and the like. WiFi has just tipped things over the edge because a lot of people can feel it. It seems to have introduced this large blast of energy into the environment and I think that’s what people are picking up on.”

But by no means is Matt a lone crusader, as it might seem, waging a one-man guerilla offensive against environmental pollution.

“Not at all,” he said. "I have come across about 12 people in Britain doing this, and there are thousands in America.

“It’s picking up a lot in Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well. I’m not alone in it at all.”

If you’d like to find out more, see Matt’s website,, or visit him at the Mystic and Earth Spirit Fayre at the Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury, tomorrow.

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