The work we do on 'wheels'

(jackson) #1

the sunday-go-to-meetin’ chatblasts are always historic in my view. the magnitude of the predators and parasites we battle and their associated machinery and machinations would be mind-boggling to me if i weren’t there also to witness the action.

something that has surfaced and resurfaced recently has been yet another aspect of the reptillian and draconian control measures placed upon mankind, below our awareness and programmed to sustain their entropic, satanic, ass-backwards world, rebellious of universal law and the will of universal good. it is an artificial system apparently superimposed over our (humanities) rightful energy dynamics upon this earth.

this artificial system was also apparently installed here some time before or during the fall of atlantis and mankind, and may even be a cause of that cataclysm.

i’m referring basically, i think, to the energy grid system on earth that distributes very efficiently, the energy qualities it is programmed to deliver. as with any energy system i suppose it can be changed in quality and quantity.

in our case on earth it is apparent to psychics that a life-giving primordial energy distribution system was at some time hijacked and reconfigured to support an entropic, parasitic system that gives its sour supplication to the kind of creatures we battle regularly in our work.


(jackson) #2

the pirating of the earth grid system by the low-lifes was done with technology that constricted, reconfigured and redirected the natural flow. through the third eyes of psychics it has been noted that large, flat stone tableau with inscriptions were placed over vortexes and it was further seen that there are original large pillars or large crystals underneath these giant stone tablets. further, the crystals have been banded in such a way as to have a net consequence of reversing the spin of the natural vortexes to an unnatural counterclockwise motion.

when we work on these sites the bands must be removed for the vortex to return to its natural clockwise spin. we have found that they will slow their ccw spin, stop for a moment and then begin a clockwise spin of their own accord as a result of the removal of the bands. this shows their original intention. when this is done, bright gold light floods in and up and feels like a very rich and powerful release of pain . whales generally hang out for a while and act as sentrys while the roaches scatter.

the first wheel was discovered about a year ago by carol croft with others along in a chatblast which was dealing with some vatican problems. she saw the tablet thing and they worked through a process whereby the wheel was returned to a healed state. i don’t think it occurred to the warriors at that time that the wheel they had just corrected was the first discovered of a world-wide system of such wheels.


(jackson) #3


when we are actually working on a wheel we go down under the stone and blast the bands off the crystal. i always see four, even before i saw the djed pillars. i use a wand for this also, a mcginty mini-solus that is just beautiful, laser-like and powerful as hell. those bands blow off in a big shower of sparks and the psychics watch as the reverse to normaol occurs. warriors typically help spin the wheel correctly also.

it has been sort of public, before this post, of the wheel work being done nowadays by us, but surely it is known now, that the earthgrids are now being released from the milliniun long stranglehold on them and consequently on mankind, nature and the earth itself.the reptillian kind are being dispatched at an everincreasing rate as predicted by us. they are literally losing their pirated energy source and i for one can faithfully promise that there will be fewer pirated wheels each and every week until they are all right and golden. there are others here who feel the same assurance and energetic purposefulness.

i would like to also predict that the wheels will begin to come around to right-way spin spontaneously, as we achieve an overturning moment of overall energy dynamics, by majority. we are taking back our territory at a rate that makes it mathematically certain that the meek recieve our birthright inheretance. we have them on every front and now the underpinnings too.


(jackson) #4

curious, this… somehow i lost an entire page.
here goes again:

the first wheel was in rome. about three months ago a second was discovered in the phillippines by ceed , probably with traceyann and carol and others. a second one was also found there, i think. later one was found in north israel. then two in brazil, one of which was still sacred. then one was found on mars in a military installation that is little used and defunct.

a major one was found in the gobi desert. it was the energy source for the great white bro’hood hq’s the name of which any eckist can tell you. that place went down quickly as i remember, with ships departing in emergency mode. i only wish we had thought to go after the ships, too.

two more were found near zanzibar and one more in southern india. there may be more that i left out. warriors feel free to edit and substantiate my subjective observations


(jackson) #5

a visit to the king tut relic museum show by don ,carol and i also had some relevance to our wheel work. two things highly relevant to me. one was that the entire pharohic bloodlines were blatantly draconian. the elongated skull structure shown with the accompanying facial features of a full shifted reptillian were anatomically and accurately depicted. this was apparent because perfectly accurate natural human likeness were also exhibited as contemporaneous. in my sleepy past i had actually taught in art history that these pharoahic depictions were stylistic and not true likenesses. the long high hats that cover these elongated skulls and the little neck benches used then that keep the big heads comfortable in recline were all shown. it was so in-your-face, the actual history.

the other thing that i saw that they felt necessary to show was the djed pillars. it is a collumn of some sort with a cap on it and four bands near the top. since we were already working on wheels at the time, i recognized the form of them and it made perfect sense that these dracos would be maintaining the reversed wheels to create their world. it was almost shocking to me. they have to show you…

the exhibit just served to reinforce in historical terms who and what we were dealing with in our wheel work.


(Ceed) #6

Great synopsis of activity in “wheel work” . Thanks.

I want to add a small but in my opinion important aspect. The wheels are interconnected. As more and more of them come to take on their appropriate spin- clockwise- there is a synergistic coordination. This upside down, life out of balance, we live in begins to right itself.

For example just about anyone who buys anything oil related has come to accept the increased energy/fuel costs. I have had acquaintances suggest the solution is to take Venezuela’s oil away from that nation. but most of us just go around muttering about the high cost of energy.

In this stunned frame of mind how many truly see that we live in a sea of energy? If you are gifting you already have that confirmed. Being conditioned by the system is a kind of band. These are bands which have locked in perception to submit to the counter clockwise rotation of the life.

Nearly every week we pop the straight jackets that restrict the clockwise rotation of wheels. Each wheel spinning properly adds to the others and we get closer to natural order.