The World Odor's 'Best Effort,' to Date, to Start WWIII in A

We got wind that Tony Blair is stepping into political oblivion soon–partly because the Brits aren’t swallowing the terror bait he’s been casting into the awareness stream on behalf of the world odor–and the new UK gov’t in April will reportedly pull all of the British baby killers out of Iraq and Afghanistan in an attempt to salvage some credibility for that horrid London regime, which will leave a huge gap in the world odor’s attempt to destroy Iraq and Persia. This might be what’s behind the fake US president wanting to send a lot more of our stupid legbreakers/cannon-fodder/murderers to Baghdad, ASAP.

Did you notice that he’s getting no support at all for his warmongering, except from the noissome What To Think Network? Sending Condollleeeezzzzzzza around the world to represent him is comical but also creepy, like sending Charles Manson, Rain Man or Lizzie Borden; counterproductive for this failing US regime. It also exposes the sheer stupidity and malice of this regime to PJ folks around the world, who are learning not to blame US residents for the crimes of this treasonous government…

Notice that there’s no more discussion/threats about a draft in the US, even though the What To Think Network is rattling sabers at Persia. I think they know that the of-age generation would simply not show up if called to sacrifice themselves for the world odor and that would probably be enough to expose and bring down the world odor. These youngsters have figured out that ‘freedom is bondage’ and other double-think concepts are just wrong.

More news to the psychics is that Mossad (‘The City’ in London has these bloodthirsty killers as their primary terrrorist arm) fully intends to nuke Iran in April, flying over Turkey to do it, with Turkey’s approval.

People in the UK generally don’t know that the world odor’s infrastructure is controlled through London. Carol told me that she was shocked to see, during her visit to UK, that the mainline newspapers in Britain are the same as the tabloids at grocery store checkout stands in the US–as overtly contrived and laughable as professional wrestling and B-grade science fiction movies are. We know that lots of Brits are on the ball, though–probably enough of them to eventually overturn this satanic world odor just with gifting in London.

Did you know that Turkey, Russia and Persia are historic rivals? Only fools conduct land wars in that region, of course, and the borders of Russia, Turkey and Persia have remained pretty much the same over the centuries. Russian troops have always been stopped at the Elburz Mountains, north of Teheran, and the Armenians and Kurds historically got the brunt of Turkish, Persian and Russian brutality until very recently. I think this is the first time, ever, that the Kurds, Armenians, Iraqis and Aderbayjanis have their own countries, which is actually pretty encouraging…

Until the end of World War One, Iraq was simply part of the huge but deterioriating Turkish empire, though Britain had destroyed Turkey’s monarchy with subterfuge and terrrorism in 1906, as they also got rid of the Shah more recently and put Khomeini in his place. Baghdad was once the diadem of the Turkish empire. Remember that Sinbad called that city home? Most of the Imams (appointed successors to Muhammad) were murdered in Iraq by Turks. hence the Shiih shrines there. Persia is the stronghold of Shiih Islam, where lineal descendents of Muhammad are called Siyyids and are highly honored, often on account of exemplary lives.

It amazes me how much essential information just can’t be learned in school or from the What To Think Network in the West. See how much like the silly tabloids those two institutions are?

Did you know that German businessmen financed the Orient Express? It was Germany’s bid to establish a trade relationship with the Turks and help them build up their eonomy in the region. WWI started before the Germans could get the railroad to Baghdad. See, Germans wanted to increase their own influence by helping other nations prosper through trade with them; the Brits (London: the world odor) simply wanted to destroy those governments and take their resources, which they did after destroying Germany’s economy and will with WWI, then again through London’s insane proxy, Hitler. As you can see, the Germans have bounced back in spite of all that. This is because the world odor is simply parasitic.

Remember when that earthquake destroyed ARmenia’s infrastructure on the day that the mass murderer, Gorbachev, whined to the UN about the breakup of the Soviet Union? Apparently that earthquake was generated by Russia: sour grapes.

In the mid 1980s, a reputable Persian refugee told me that Russia, not Britain’s proxy, clergy-dominated Persian regime, held the part of Persia between the Elburz Mountains and the Caspian Sea by then. Russia and Persia both border the Caspian Sea.

Last weekend we started working at disabling the current WWIII bid by the world odor, based on what I mentioned.

Since this effort is apparently much bigger than the previous ones we’ll keep working on it each week or so until the threat is finally gone, God willing.

Mossad stopped firing missiles at Israelis from Southern Lebanon before that bid for WWIII succeeded, thank God. I think they were close to being exposed and that would probably have brought down the entire world odor. Lots of things can bring the world odor down now, of course. All that’s needed is exposure because they lack the resources to defend themselves against the entire world. Earthpipes can guarantee that they can’t hide from us underground, too.

If people generally knew how disjointed, fractious and ineffective Islamic regimes all are, also that they were each (including Turkey’s) set up by Great Britain and are policed by the postwa German/Austrian/Swiss SS (Vryal/draconians), the What To Think Network would have no audience at all for their incessant terrormongering. There’s plenty of evidence in books and on the web that all terrorists work for the CIA and MI6 (Mossad is a subgroup of MI6) and since there’s been no mass murder by gov’t terrorists in the US since Sept, 2001, there’s not a lot of interest in the concept of ‘terrorism,’ nor enough public paranoia to enable a draft. MI5/6’s murder of a few people in the subways, last summer, apparently backfired, hence the demand to boot Blair the Pigeon.

The US armed forces are too small to conduct a real war, which is why most of them are cowering in Baghdad, now, when they’re not murdering women and children. Recruiters can’t find many volunteers, either–no surprise, there.

The only way our armed forces will regain whatever honor they once had would be to cordon off Washington, DC, of course.

Once in awhile I post about the draconians’ involvement with teh world odor, especially organizations like Mossad and SS/Vryal. The reason I don’t do it more, though we encounter them each weekend, is because they’re essentailly just parasites, not the grand overlords that disinformants want you to believe they are. Since the world odor is parasitic it makes sense that they would welcome offworld assistance but, really, the dracs are NOT a big deal–they’re no more menacing than tapeworms or plantar warts and we know how easy it is to get rid of those.

Dr STevo derives a lot of pleasure from seeking out the draconian Big Shots and ‘dodecorating’ them out of the way and I want him to get credit for it. We discussed the possibility of eventually getting some huge draconian heads stuffed and mounted but we’ll see. It would look pretty cool on the high wall in Dooney and STevo’s living room in Montana–a hell of an ice breaker for parties.


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