The X-periment

Some more science to demonstrate what orgonite can do

An experiment in order to verify the mitigating effect of a simple orgonite button of 26mm diametre on cell phone radiation. The button used consists of aluminium orgonite with crumbs of quartz, black tourmaline and amethyst.

An inspiring precedent

When I visited Germany in 2005, I got hold of a copy of the magazine NET (Neue Energie Technologien) where a Dr. Grünberg had published a very convincing Experiment for testing a
different (based on tachyonised material, I think) “radiation neutraliser” for cellphones.

In his experiment, 3 samples of water were prepared. 1 was radiated with 2 cellphones calling each other without any protection. One was radiated with 2 cellphones with the device to be tested. The third samle was kept seperate and not radiated at all.
3 equal samples of sproutable seeds were then watered with the previously prepared water samples.
Interestingly Dr. Grünberg found that the Sample watered with the water that had been radiated with the “protected” cellphones produced better and healthier growth than the totally neutral control sample. Of course this immediately reminded me of the general observation of all all frequent orgone gifters that gifting a cellphone tower (we call them deathforce transmiters) with
simple orgone-ite towerbusters transforms that tower into a source of positive orgone energy (POR) thus creating a situation better than simply eliminating the tower.
Plant growth experiments have also been used by many others to demonstrate the effect of orgone-ite.
The reasoning is simple and straight forward: If Orgonite does indeed strengthen the life force, this should show measurable results in plant growth and plant health.

Other plant growth experiments

Many others have used plant growth experiments as a means to demonstrate the efficacy of orgone-ite. The most recent one that got some publicity was conducted by Mr. P Barker from Brighton, England. It was published in Fortean Times, Issue 249, p24, available at
Mr. Parker, an initially sceptical organic farmer conducted several systematic experiments, comparing the growth of vegetables and sprouts in the presence of orgone-ite and without.
To his surprise in all cases he found that the samples exposed to orgone-ite at close range showed much better growth and healthier appearance.

The Barker experiment

The Minishield Experiment

With all these inspiring and encouraging precedents, this is what we did:

14 Nov 2009

Sample 1: tap water was radiated with 2 “unprotected” cell phones for a bit
longer than 1/2 hour.

Sample 2: water sample was radiated with 2 cellphones calling each other for a
bit longer than 1/2 hour.
In fact I forgot to switch this one off, so we ended up with some 42 minutes on sample 2.

This little oversight would actually make our argument stronger if sample 2 would produce the better results than sample 1 or the neutral control sample.

Sample 3: As it came out of the water tap

The amount of unsprouted check peas was measured in a small espresso
cup to ensure all 3 samples would start off the same amount of peas.

All 3 samples were covered in water, approximately 1" or a bit more than 2cm of their respective water sample and left over night. This is the normal sprouting procedure.

15 Nov 2009

Next morning: The samples have soaked up the water and grown considerably in size. From now on all 3 samples would be rinsed in the prepared water every 12 hours approximately (all at the same time).
Again, this is the standard procedure for sprouting. Basically a small amount of water is poured into the glass, the content shaken with the water and then all excess water poured off.

20 Nov 2009

Finalisation of the experiment: the pea sprouts in sample 1 are not happy.
About half of them have already started to rot. They feel slimy on touch. It looks as if the volume in the glass is also smaller. Sample 2, the ones sprouted with the water that was radiated with Minishield protected cellphones look healthiest of all 3 despite the fact that the water was radiated 41 minutes and the one in sample 1 only 33 minutes.
They definitely look healthier than the control sample that was sprouted with ordinary, untreated, tap water. Sample 3 looks reasonably healthy but somewhat lower in volume than sample 2.

I poured the samples out on plates to have a better visual comparison and then proceeded to weigh them on a digital kitchen scale.

Sample 1, 148g: note, there are quite a few brown and rotten sprouts already.

Sample 2, 165g: the sprouts look healthy, lots of green shoots and leaves ready to unfurl. The weight is higher (more biomass)

Sample 3, 150g: even though this sample’s water has received no cellphone radiation above the normal ambient level, the sprouts are not exceeding sample 2, the one where the water was radiated with the minishield protected water. They look healthy but not abundantly healthy and their biomass is only 2 grams more than in sample 1.


The experiment demonstrates 3 principles in our opinion:

  1. Water does indeed carry information or “subtle energy imprints” and transfers the effect of the original energy it has been subjected to other objects (here he sprouts).

  2. The effect of unmitigated cell phone radiation is indeed negative!

  3. The application of a small orgonite button does not only neutralise this effect but creates a situation better than in the non radiated sample. This is what so many people (including ourselves) noticed when busting cell phone towers: They are turned into life force generators!

We believe that the button will neutralise the DOR emanating from the cell phone, but not necesarily the thermal effects of heating the brain tossue at close proximity. So we would still advise to use a hands-free kit for prolonged conversations.


Nice write-up sir.
with me, you are preaching to the choir on matters of orgone device benefits. This is not the case with most people though. So i have a few comments that nay-sayers are going to come up with.
From the pictures it looks like the sample#2 has the most peas to begin with. Why didn’t you use the digital scale to measure the peas at the beginning as well?
Did you use the same phones or at least the same model phones on samples 1&2?
Why are the phones in different configurations in samples 1&2?
These are the type of things people will pick on that are looking to discredit your work.
a couple more esoteric thoughts: someone that doesn’t think the orgone buttons do anything should try the experiment. The “y” factor could enter into the equation and effect the results. “y” is you. If the experiment works the same with a skeptic conducting it, that would really mean something.
Also it would be interesting to add a 4th sample; water that has been in microwave oven for a minute or so.

Hi David,
good questions because they might be similarly raised by others. But they are easy to answer too.

  1. In all 3 samples the amount of peas was measured with the same espresso cup that was filled exactly to the rim with no consideration in which sample they would end up in. So +/- one cheack pea it should really be the same. Using the digital scale already there would have added accuracy, but I don’t think there can be much difference in the mass of unsprouted peas.

  2. The same phones were used and also in exactly the same confiiguration. I am only showing the ones with the Minishields in lying position to show the chips. the phote thereunder (about the duration) shows the phones in the same position while sending.

Did I “want” this outcome? Yes, sure!
But I didn’t really belive it until it happened. (the sceptic in me)
Also the radiated sprouts in Sample 1 (no orgonite) made a dash for it and seemed to sprout faster in the beginning. But then they withered just 2 days before the finishing line. Could be a a phenomenon rather like the false recovery of cancer- or AIDS patients under radiation/chemo/ARVs.

The only real systemic criticism that I believe is valid is that the experiment was conducted in a HIGHLY ORGONISED ENVIRONMENT which may on it’s own have mitigated a lot of the negative outcome for sample 1.
Would be interesting to repeat it in a higly DOR infested corporate or government research lab. I’m looking forward to hearing of such follow ups.

Definitely the massive roll out of toxic AIDS drugs in South Africa is based on much lesser evidence, believe it or not.