They're Testing Our Metal

Right now as I write, they have the weather people channel in Birmingham predicting voluminous tornadic activity. Well we gifted a reasonable part of Birmingham last year and I do not expect anything that would amount to much down there. But as far as the northern part of Alabama goes, I do not have a single solitary worry. They have been testing the HAARP network here lately causing lots of high winds and I don’t believe they have the expertise to pull a fast one on us. If they do, we’ll just know where to gift next that is all. If rotations occur, they will not be able to do much at any rate because of the ambient orgone energy. The really bad weather happens above and below North Alabama even with all the antennas going up daily as O’bama brings spineless change to the USA.
Why don’t we all watch the media frenzy with our families, listen to the weather alerts and alarms and call it a day around early thirty.

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Hey everybody, Stephanie Abrams just threw in the towel in Birmingham!! We are starting to get heavier rain in Huntsville and as you all know she is still trying to justify possible mayhem! They are still sounding the alarm and now they are talking about Huntsville!!! Give me a break! I’m going to work out and go to bed!!!

I guess I’ll have start watching the SCI-FI channel again because we ain’t getting any action in this neck of the woods. Will keep you posted, just in case….



You’re right, I couldn’t sleep due to all the Phenomena occurring around us but the severe storms have now passed through Huntsville and the only thing I heard was a trailer park in Lacey’s Spring (just south of us) had some trailers get damaged by strong winds but that was it. (a church was also damaged by strong winds) Decatur got some flooding and Huntsville got lots and lots of rain! Now for the bad news…our trailer sprunged (sprang) 2 leaks and we lost satellite TV for 15 minutes! I guess I’ll have to gift around that dad gum directv dish a little more but not until soak up some zzzzzzz’s!

That is all.


All in all it was a rather uneventful evening. I hear we’ve retired a few more local meteorologists, someone said the man upstairs must have been watching over them maybe he was, but you and I know what really happened.


In reference to the third installment of this post, the small (ungifted) town approximately 30 minutes to the south of us by the name of Lacey’s Spring was officially hit by a tornado according to news sources. I believe the entire situation has been blown out of proportion by the national weather service, but at any rate North Alabama is being thoroughly tested by the weather weapons! (If all goes well we will retire a few more local meteorologists this year like we did last year) The trailer park in question was pretty damaged, but we found out most of the mobile homes were over 30 years old and wind alone could be responsible for what I saw. Last sunday I arrived at the scene in Lacey’s Spring and a large 300 foot death type of cell tower was situated directly in the middle of the park, with another similar device less than a quarter mile behind it and another about a half a mile from the touch down site. On April 10th (last Friday) north Alabama was hit with lots of severe weather (and a few tornadoes) in similar small towns scattered around Huntsville none of which had been gifted. Most of these places are so obscure and have less than a thousand residents, some have less than a hundred people living there. So far, Huntsville which has the most orgonite of anywhere in our state has only received strong winds and is virtually unscathed. Please understand this is weather warfare and the elite do not have any plans to stop building up their arsenal of weather weapons. We have now counted a total of 10 doppler-type of radars all within a 50-mile radius of each other! We just discovered the 10th doppler unit this month and it is too close to the ground to spot it from a distance so I am not sure how long it has been there. We have no plans to throw in the towel because we are still receiving lots of rainfall when this time last year we were at the lowest of lows for rainfall in many years.

Please see the latest US drought monitor: [Image Can Not Be Found]
This is well documented proof, nothing else needs to be said beyond this point! But as you know, I will say that if you study how droughts occur you will discover it usually takes years for mother nature to experience a drought in a given area and it also takes years and sometimes even longer to be relieved of a drought…

It sure would be nice to get some orders for orgonite, so we can save more lives before it’s too late. "ALL THE MONEY WE RECEIVE FROM ORDERS ON OUR WEBSITE IS USED TO GIFT AS MANY PLACES POSSIBLE, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL."This may be related to the economy, but right now is when lots of orgonite is needed more than ever! BTW I still am unable to post any photos as back up for our gifting reports or show photos of my work. This is obviously in someone else’s hands and I am powerless to resolve this situation, but I do not plan to STOP GIFTING regardless of the motivation behind these apparent anomalies.

Please view this link for more information on my orgonite:

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The following information speaks volumes to me and firmly explains the future intent of the NWS. Right here in Huntsville we have a firm by the name of Baron Services, Inc. who has designed new high power weather radar systems and is selling them all over the world. Here is the link and a brief synopsis with interesting details from their site:

Contact: Jenna Shepard
[email protected]
Baron Services & Bay News 9 Unveil
First-of-its-Kind Weather Radar
December 15, 2008, HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Baron Services, a leading weather technology company, and Bay News 9, Bright House Network’s award winning 24-hour cable news channel in Tampa, Fla., today unveiled the first weather radar of its kind, Klyde, part of Baron’s KHDD radar series. Branded by Bay News 9 as Klystron 9, the C-band klystron dual-polarization radar packs more than one million watts of power and houses a revolutionary calibration technique that vastly improves the radar’s accuracy and performance.
“With Klyde, we have jumped the curve,� said Bob Baron, President and CEO, Baron Services. “It has more power, more precision and more capability than any other commercial Doppler weather radar in the world.�
Terry Dolan, Vice President and General Manager of Bay News 9 added, “We always have and will continue to be 100% committed to providing our viewers with the very best weather forecasting technology — that’s why today we are proud to introduce Klystron 9 to our viewers.�
Until now, dual-polarization weather radars could only be calibrated when precipitation was present, but with Baron’s patent-pending calibration technique, the system can be quickly and easily calibrated at any time under any weather conditions, a ground-breaking improvement by Baron in the accuracy and performance of weather radar systems.
More power means Bay News 9 meteorologists can see storms farther away, providing viewers with earlier warning of significant weather threats. With earlier warning, viewers can make better informed
decisions and take action to ensure the safety of themselves and their families. By sending out a more

4930 Research Drive Huntsville AL 35805 I phone: 256.881.8811 I fax: 256.881.8283 I
robust signal in both vertical and horizontal orientations simultaneously, the radar can obtain more information about the type of precipitation within a given storm from farther away. In testing, the system demonstrated that it can see storms and precipitation other radars are unable to detect. Equipped to transmit 500kW per channel, Klyde outperforms all other existing commercial klystron weather radar systems worldwide.
Elliot Wiser, Corporate Vice President of Local Programming, Bright House Networks said, “This new radar further demonstrates Bright House Networks’ commitment to its customers by supporting Bay News 9 and its prominent position in weather forecasting.�
Patent-pending 4.5 second micro-pulse calibration technology guarantees ultra-precise data resolution and accuracy. Similar to the uniqueness of a fingerprint, each pulse is digitally coded ensuring the radar reads only its own signal returns. As a result, surrounding radar signals don’t interfere with the radar system’s pinpoint accuracy and subsequent trip echoes are eliminated.
Producing high-resolution velocity and reflectivity simultaneously with every scan, Klystron 9 enables Bay News 9’s meteorologists to instantly read wind speeds and storm intensity without waiting for the radar to complete an entirely new scan. Therefore, Bay News 9’s viewers get the most accurate information sooner than ever before.

About Bay News 9
Bay News 9 a 24-hour local news channel located in St. Petersburg, Florida, is owned and operated by Bright House Networks, which serves over 1 million cable households in the Tampa Bay area. Bay News 9 has the largest staff of certified meteorologists in Florida. The channel is based in Pinellas County with newsrooms in Manatee, Hillsborough, Polk, Pasco, Citrus and Hernando counties. The cable-based news station has been in operation since 1997.
About Baron Services
Baron Services owns numerous weather technology patents. Through its partnership with L-3 Communications, the company is part of the team that was awarded a five-year contract from NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) to provide design, development and production for a comprehensive system-wide upgrade of the 171 NWS, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Defense (DOD) NEXRAD radars. In addition, the company delivers advanced forecast modeling, mobile weather analysis, cutting-edge radar systems and localized weather displays. Operating primarily from Huntsville, Alabama, with offices in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Florida, Baron Services includes five specialized divisions that continue to advance the weather industry by providing systems engineered to save both lives and property. The company has, to date, installed all broadcast dual-polarization radars in the world.

It looks like they’re going to keep us all quite busy for a while, accidents don’t just happen anymore in the world of high technology and global manipulation! NOW TELL ME WHAT THE WORDS CHANGE, AND HOPE??? Get the picture! ORGONITE AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN OURSELVES ARE WHAT WE HAVE ON OUR SIDE IF WE ARE GOING TO BRING ABOUT POSITIVE CHANGE IN THIS WORLD! That said, only the ELITE will have to pray for HOPE!

I only have 1 question, why Huntsville? I think I might just know the answer…


After doing a little research on the recent spate of severe damage just outside the Huntsville area I was able to determine that straight line winds, not tornadoes caused most of the damage in these ungifted areas. A few months ago I listened to an audio tape of Alan Watts who said if you look at things in nature such as trees, mountaintops, etc. you can see mother nature uniquely designs everything with squiggly lines and not straight lines. His comments about this was due to man’s limited way of way of thinking using his mind and not doing what comes natural. Mathematics and geometry most certainly come into play and the rest is history. The point I’m getting at is that when the storms came through, they came across the radar screen in a perfectly straight line that covered most of Alabama (from top to bottom) and part of Tennessee. This CLEARLY POINTS TO MAN-MADE TECHNOLOGY BEING USED. I believe they are unable to produce critical rotations for tornadoes so they may be utilizing the EXTENDED network in other states to create the straight line winds.

Here is some information I obtained about straight line winds and a more radical type of wind called a DERECHO (they may be producing with all the new million watt technology in work and all the upgrades taking place on the older NWS equipment below)



There are several terms that mean the same as straight-line winds and they are convective wind gusts, outflow and downbursts. Straight-line wind is wind that comes out of a thunderstorm. If these winds meet or exceed 58 miles per hours then the storm is classified as severe by the National Weather Service. These winds are produced by the downward momentum in the downdraft region of a thunderstorm. An environment conducive to strong straight-line wind is one in which the updrafts and thus downdrafts are strong, the air is dry in the middle troposphere and the storm has a fast forward motion.

When the National Weather Service does a storm damage survey they distinguish between straight-line wind and wind produced from a tornado. Straight-line wind damage will push debris in the same direction the wind is blowing (hence the creation of the term straight-line). Tornado damage will scatter the debris in a variety of different directions since the winds of a tornado are rotating violently. This type of survey can be used to determine if straight-line wind occurred instead of a tornado or vice versa. Straight-line wind intensity can be as powerful as a tornado. Because of this some people in the general public will believe a tornado occurred when it reality one did not occur.

To reduce the damage from straight-line wind it is important to secure objects that can be blown by the wind. It is also important to keep trees well pruned. Tree branches falling on cars or houses produce a significant amount of damage in high wind events. Also make sure you are in a safe place when the straight-line wind strikes such as in the interior of a brick home. Storms with severe straight-line winds often also have hail and tornadoes.

and below … ofacts.htm


What is a derecho?
A derecho (pronounced similar to “deh-REY-cho” in English or pronounced phonetically as “”) is a widespread and long lived windstorm that is associated with a band of rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms.

Click here to hear how the word “derecho” is pronounced.

Because derecho is a Spanish word (see paragraph below), the plural term is “derechos”. In this case there is no letter “e” after the letter “o”.

What is the origin of the term “derecho”?
The word “derecho” was coined by Dr. Gustavus Hinrichs, a physics professor at the University of Iowa, in a paper published in the American Meteorological Journal in 1888. A defining excerpt from this paper can be seen by clicking here. Dr. Hinrichs chose this terminology for thunderstorm induced straight-line winds as an analog to the word tornado. Derecho is a Spanish word which can be defined as “direct” or “straight ahead” while tornado is thought by some, including Dr. Hinrichs, to have been derived from the Spanish word “tornar” which means “to turn”.


What kind of storms cause derechos?
Derechos are associated with a band of showers or thunderstorms that are often “curved” in shape. These bowed out storms are called “bow echoes”. A derecho can be associated with a single bow echo or multiple bow echoes. The bow echoes may vary in scale and may die out and redevelop during the course of derecho evolution. Further, derecho winds can be enhanced on a smaller scale by embedded supercells within the derecho producing storm system.



How strong are derecho winds?
By definition winds in a derecho must meet the National Weather Service criterion for severe wind gusts (greater than 57 mph) at most points along the derecho path. In the stronger derecho events winds can exceed 100 mph. For example, as a derecho roared through northern Wisconsin on July 4, 1977, winds of 115 mph were measured. More recently, the derecho which swept across Wisconsin and Lower Michigan during the early morning hours of May 31, 1998 produced a measured wind gust of 128 mph in eastern Wisconsin and estimated gusts up to 130 mph in Lower Michigan.

Are the strong winds associated with a derecho relatively constant in speed during the period the derecho exists?
The winds associated with derechos are not constant and may vary considerably along the derecho path…sometimes being below severe limits (57 mph or less) and sometimes being very strong (from 75 mph to greater than 100 mph). The patches of stronger winds embedded within the general derecho path are called downbursts and they are often in clusters. A derecho is made up of a “family of downburst clusters” and by definition must be at least 240 miles in length. An example of a derecho where the varying wind speeds are quite evident is the one that occurred on July 4-5, 1980.

What happens when a strong derecho hits a city?
As mentioned above, whether inside or outside a city, people are most at risk of being killed or injured when they are outside, in vehicles, or in mobile homes. Another factor that often affects large numbers of people after the passage of a derecho is the widespread loss of electrical power. And in large cities the power loss can affect hundreds of thousands of people. In some instances, portions of the city may be without electrical power for one to two weeks. Examples of large cities in which strong derechos resulted in long power outages in much of the metropolitan area include Kansas City, Missouri (June 7, 1982) and Memphis, Tennessee (July 22, 2003).


Can derechos and tornadoes occur with the same storm system? Derechos and tornadoes can occur with the same storm system. This is particularly so with strong, migrating low pressure systems that produce “serial” derechos. The tornadoes may occur with isolated supercells (rotating thunderstorms) ahead of the derecho producing squall line, or they may be associated with the squall line itself. An example of a serial derecho, with both extremely damaging straight-line winds and significant tornadoes associated with supercells embedded within the derecho producing squall line, occurred in Florida during the “superstorm” of March 12-13, 1993.


What are some of the more significant derecho events that have occurred in North America?
Records indicate that many significant derecho events…causing severe damage and casualties….have occurred in North America (typically in Canada and the United States) during the last few decades. Listed below are the dates and areas affected by some of these events. By clicking on the individual event dates you can see the areas affected and learn some of the details about what happened.

Independence Day Derecho Events

July 4, 1969………….“The Ohio Fireworks Derecho”….MI, OH, PA, WV
July 4, 1977………….“The Independence Day Derecho of 1977”….ND, MN, WI, MI, OH
July 4-5, 1980……….“The ‘More Trees Down’ Derecho”….NE, IA, MO, IL, WI, IN, MI, OH, PA, WV, VA, MD
July 4-5, 1999……….“The Boundary Waters-Canadian Derecho”….ND, MN, ON, QB, NH, VT, ME

July 1995 Derecho Series

Series Overview…….Montana to New England
July 12-13, 1995……“The Right Turn Derecho”….MT, ND, MN, WI, MI, ON, OH, PA, WV
July 14-15, 1995……“The Ontario-Adirondacks Derecho”….MI, ON, NY, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI

Labor Day Derecho Events

Sept. 7, 1998…………“The Syracuse Derecho of Labor Day 1998”….NY, PA, VT, MA, NH
Sept. 7, 1998…………“The New York City Derecho of Labor Day 1998”….MI, OH, WV, PA, NJ, NY, CT

Serial Derecho Events

April 9, 1991…………“The West Virginia Derecho of 1991”….AR,TN, MS, AL, KY, IN, OH, WV, VA, MD, PA
March 12-13, 1993…“The Superstorm Subtropical Derecho”….FL, Cuba

Southern Plains Derecho Events

May 4-5, 1989……….“The Texas Derecho of 1989”….TX, OK, LA
May 27-28, 2001……“The People Chaser Derecho”….KS, OK, TX

Some Other Significant Derecho Events

June 7, 1982……………“The Kansas City Derecho of 1982”….KS, MO, IL
July 19, 1983………….“The I-94 Derecho”….ND, MN, IA, WI, MI, IL, IN
May 17, 1986…………“The Texas Boaters’ Derecho”……TX
July 28-29, 1986…….“The Supercell Transition Derecho”….IA, MO, IL
July 7-8, 1991…………“The Southern Great Lakes Derecho of 1991”….SD, IA, MN, WI, MI, IN, OH, ON, NY, PA
May 30-31, 1998…….“The Southern Great Lakes Derecho of 1998”….MN, IA, WI, MI, ON, NY
July 22, 2003…………“The Mid-South Derecho of 2003”….AR, TN, MS, AL, GA, SC


What derecho events have occurred in the United States in recent years?
The Storm Prediction Center’s severe weather records have been examined to determine those severe weather events that involve widespread damaging winds associated with convective storms. Information about these events, which include all the derechos that have occurred within the United States, has been gathered for the years 2004 and 2005. Click here to observe this information. (These records are preliminary and do not include the official National Weather Service report information listed in Storm Data. They also do not include reports from Alaska and Hawaii.)

We here in the southeast are looking to a considerably bright future and look forward to new challenges all the time. First and foremost the safety of the public is our HIGHEST PRIORITY, and we will GIFT until we cannot gift anymore! Furthermore, we will improve upon our current skills and we welcome commentary from other gifters as well as listen to their insights about the status quo. We will perform damage control via orgonite gifting night and day until…


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