Things Are Not Looking Good For The World Odor This Year

Don Croft
10 Feb 2008 15:41
Subject: Things are Not Looking Good for the World Odor This Year
At the end of 2007 Carol felt anxious to hunt for new hidden plots to initiate world war three, since ‘2008 is a One year–new beginnings.’ Her sense was that if the vicious but dispassionate eunuchs of Langley and ButtF*&^ingham Palace (mainly employing their Mossadomites, of course) Cool weren’t able to get some significant momentum toward a global conflict before Jan 1 they aren’t going to have much success after that.

The current, failing attempt to turn Kenya into anothger Rwanda, for instance, was initiated in December, just after the Whore of Babylon (QEII) visited nearby Uganda. Kenya has the infrastructure for massiv-scale mayhem due to having been overrun with the UN agencies and forces, of course.

I bet these rats are already pining for the ‘good old days’ when they could accomplish genocide with very little effort. The gifters in Kenya, especially Judy Lubulwa in Nairobi in this case, perhaps, had probably flattened the tires of this juggernaut Laughing and I just found out that she and a friend have just initiated a new gifting campaign, there. That’s the way to be proactive!

Meanwhile, Mrs Odondi told me, a couple of weeks ago, that the schools already opened up again in Kisumu, Western Kenya. What the media liars won’t tell us is that the countryside in much of Kenya has always been dangerous for travellers. Carol, when she was there in Sept of 01, encountered highway bandits for instance. The tires in the car she was riding in were bitten by hyenas that were chasing them, too Laughing and she saw an enormous herd of zebras pass right through a village. I bet you wish things were as wild where you live. I do,except for the bandit part but of course most of us in America are armed.

She got some confirmation from Maria,a skilled and observant astrologer friend, who noted that the solar eclipse that just happened during Aquarius’ full moon guarantees that for the following year the hidden horrors of the world odor are likely to be exposed to even the Pajama People. You know how evident something has to become in order for the PJ folks to take notice of it, right? This parasitic world odor, so far, has survived for millenia, mainly, by hiding so do the math!

I see that the world odor is giving up on putting that murderess, Hillary, into tgeh White House and are running a Black, instead. That looks like another act of desperation to some of us; a sort of plea to keep this federal behemoth breathing beyond this year.

I know that when I refer to such massive scale horrors as the CIA Monarch Program, which is based on the half-century-old, systematic molestation of millions of children throughout the world and has resulted in a vast army of sociopaths who ruin every conceivable group effort to oppose tyranny, I stretch most people’s credulity to breaking. So, when she told me about this I felt a lot of hope and encouragement.

In Dooney’s chatroom, yesterday, the psychics found no significant new plots to commit mass murder, which was pretty refreshing as well as a confirmation that the world odor is running out of DOR energy by now.

Like any other cornered beast, though, the world odor’s murderous eunuchs will continue to try to take as many of us down with them as they can, so we’ll keep hunting.


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