Things are starting to get public attention

These days , like never before, chemspray is reaching a level that has never seen in all the country,

and many people are starting to notice the planes.

In January I received can email from a guy who wanted to draw the public’s attention on the chemtrails

problem in Italy and shortly after (sciechimiche means chemtrails in Italian) was born.

The site grew immediately and catched quite some attention, now the guy is trying to send a petition to

government officials about the chemtrails , collecting signatures and I’m supporting him.

Please tell all your Italian speaking friends and associates to visit and sign up the petition at either at , or directly at page

as we need to gather as many signatures as possible , the petition will be sent to all the main Italian government

officials and also to the European Union president, we’re at over 1100 signatures.



I can confirm quite a bit of chemtrail activity on the south coast of France near Italy.

Not nearly as frequent as in the Us and around Boston, but chemtrails nonetheless.

Orgonite to the rescue !


Hi Eric !

the 22 CBs placed in alla the peninsula now are making a big difference and even local newspapers are talking about some

unexpected and strange improvement in the weather (contrarily to the European wheater service predictions – HAARP use

predictions [Image Can Not Be Found] – of a hot summer) , I’m also getting continuous emails from people taking moves to build new CBs so there

will be even more CBs pointed at the sky very soon, the spray is massive these days but it don’t last long where CBs are


I don’t obviously care what that petition againist the chemtrails will do to government officials , they will surely

throw it away , but this will hopefully serve to catch and raise some more public attention and stimulate people to "look

up" and guess what’s going on…