This Activist in Europe Was Also Hacked When EW Went Down L

Hi Don,

Was silent for all a not totally unexpected reason…. after one week of being down,
finally had the computer systems rebuilt from ground up and now up again.

I was completely hacked to hell about a week ago, but had noticed the “signs” of
virus attacks etc earlier., so I switched and rotated about 3 weeks back between 4
diferent ant-virus programs. They always found some things (Trjans etc.).

Then last week I lost it all… windows, internet exporer, everything, total
disintergration of key. rgisterss… exe, dlls files, etc…

The friend /whizz kind I got to fix the message scrubbed (his words) the drives and
found 30+ virus in the machine, embedded in the OS, the files, and morphing and
copying itself using false names to otehr files, each time I went onto the internet.

Lucklity all my data files were seperate and I have retained all in archives, so
that lots of work is safe.

Must be doing something right (or pissing off somone in the process!) to get this
attention !

Never had any such problems in all my intensive internet work for past 10 years. No
problems though now, but clearly all due to the organite subject and problems
started soon afetr my intial contact with you, so guess they “flagged me”.

The whizz kid put a whole range of great traps and new browser system etc. so we
should be OK for a while, but we cannot rest, as these people seem to have plenty of
time to play these games.

Will be late to visit you, trip delayed due to other business timings that have also
delayed, but still planned to come over, probably slips to mid-march now, But we
will see how, where … we know the “why” !!! [Image Can Not Be Found]) will advise soonest.

I guess I got a small badge of attention… not so much honour yet !

Be well regards to all.

****, anyone who does email with a software program is susceptible to virus attacks by the world odor’s hacker hordes. The reason I started doing my email on the web, almost five years ago, was because it was just impossible to stay clear of viruses. Since then I haven’t lost a computer to hackers and I even stopped using anti-virus programs several years ago. I have a decent firewall and that seems to be sufficient to keep the sewer rats from destroying my hard drive, though they still can knock me offline occasionally. In that case I just go do something else, then come back later and get the interent stuff done.

Apparently it takes a huge, concerted effort to interfere with any of us with that much intensity. Unless a computer wiz is savvy about the nature of and intention of the world odor’s hacker hordes he/she isn’t going to be much use in the long run; I think that loading up one’s computer with protection programming is less effective than adopting a very aggressive attitude toward hackers.

Youi’re already connected with Dooney and I’m sure she can help you become an effective, intimidating internet Spartan like some of us are by now.

I don’t know if you’re doing email online but I hope you’ll consider it, if not. I use squirrel mail, which Steeve DeBellefuilleset up for me, years ago.
Before that, I used but squirrel mail is less cumbersome and faster.
Some programs, including Squirrel Mail, have address books.

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