This Hacker Need our attention

This RAT have been hacking Quebec Orgone And Orgone-art on Blinx Server so that why EW was down…!!!

So [email protected].

I think, that HE is in lack of affection and need us to send love and good energy Smile.


We’ll go to work on that tonight, Jacques. Dooney, STevo, Carol, Jeff and I experienced some extraordinary assaults since Sunday, including two murder attempts by federal agents on the highway, yesterday, and this seems to tie into what you mentioned.

We disabled a huge, primary weatherball together on Tuesday in Western Montana, then the trouble increased. Not surprising if NASA got bitten by that but all the sewer rat organizations are one organization, after all.

Thanks for the intel! I’ll post about our findings after the reprisal session.


I’ve been getting hacker interference off and on all day today and yesterday.

Maybe they don’t like DorkBoy’s CLOUDS OF DEATH being on YOUTUBE ?

I can’t wait to get some mkid federales on video and then post it on YOUTUBE.

Assuming it is a wise idea, next murder attempt Don you should film and post on YOUTUBE .

I think they want to hold us occupied in one direction…!!!

Anyway …!


Ya right……… now I am unable to access my administrator panel……

so predictable …! But I can still post


Haha–we’ve got those freaks on the run. If we can’t access the chat, tonight, with Dooney and STevo we’ll get it done over the phone.

Hang in there, Jacques.

Thx for the COD note, Eric. This is probably another factor in the Fatherland Security freaks’ frantic frenzyCool. Our site,, has even been hit this time, but our webmaster will fix it.

These sewer rats will shortly discover, yet again, that 'Payback is a MoFo Wink

I think they have a short little attention span and/or are just full of hubris.


By doing some googling, it seems this hacker is called Elias, and signs his hacks with his e-mail address at

He greets his friends from a group called “Romania Security Team”.

He could be romanian. He apparents likes to leave traces in the forum configurations.

You can see one of his apparent successes.

We went after that hacker group on Wednesday evening–Dooney, Stevo, Carol, Jeff and I used the chatroom for the effort.

As I suspected, this is not one person but is rather quite a big crowd of coordinated hackers. The psychics found a Vryal freak directly in charge, but that one was hidden until we blasted a Man in Black (NSA) official who was officiating a roomfull of drugged MKids, all of whom were working hard at stopping Etheric Warriors site’s smooth functioning, especially getting in Jacques’ path. A NASA mainframe was being used this time. I don’t doubt that KGB types are also involved, as Steph suspects, especially since Vryal has been instrumental in Russian/Romanian espionage, too, but every time we go after the hacker horde we’ve found mainframes in a wide variety of locations around the world. We’ll sure pursue your suggestion in Sunday’s chat, Steph, thanks.

Most hacking, and I suspect most ‘identinty theft,’ counterfeitting, terrorism, child abduction, ad nauseum, in the world is carried out by government employees, of course. I think the world odor want us to believe that people in general are that degraded and predatory. Most hackers are apparently MOnarch and MI6 programmed assets–automatons who probably get rewarded with drugs. The really talented hackers are good guys, I believe, who go after ‘secure’ gov’t sites.

Hacking in general has decreased for our network but has increased around a few individuals, including Jacques and I. This narrowing of the sewer rats’ focus has been a good confirmation that our regular assaults on their infrastructure have been productive. Dooney’s chat group is also shaping up, which is extremely heartening for us. A couple of years ago I envisioned dozens of blasting cells like EW’s but it wasn’t time for that, yet. Let’s see what develops this year.

One confirmation that the network is progressing, by the way, is that new investors are making enquiries about funding very large regional gifting efforts. Millions of dollars are apparently going to be available for that and we’ll do what we can to make sure that this is spent efficiently. My eye is still on the goal of reversing the Sahara Desert with a capitalized ‘Blitzkrieg’ gifting effort, including aircraft and Doc Kayiwa’s many government contacts.

We like to check our work by getting feedback, so I’m asking Jacques to keep me updated. I’ll post reports in this thread as we move along. There are a few EW members, too, who have been entirely unable to post for some time and I was unable to get in touch with Jacques about them until this week. All of the email between him and me has been erased for some months but since he posted this thread I’ve been able to PM with him again, finally. I should probably get his phone number but I don’t like the phone and he’s not fond of EnglishWink

I can normally access the administration panel but when Dooney was here and was helping me try to get Dirk’s posting privelege restored, hackers stopped us while we were online. That was around the same time EW was taken down for a few hours. Last week was so eventful for some of us that our heads are still spinning a bit.

The psychics, at least, are taking heart from all of the more overt attempts to interfere with us, including massive hacking and Tuesday’s murder attempts.

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