This may be hard science evidence of some of orgonite's work

Hi Don,

While going through the Steven Smith articles, I made an observation the radar absorbing paint used on the F-117 is basically orgonite.
section 1.2.2.
"Radar absorbent materials are based on the principal of converting coherent electromagnetic energy (radio waves) into incoherent electromagnetic energy (heat). And when viewed from this perspective, the term “radar absorbent material” represents a subtle form of disinformation. The material itself is a liquid composite, formed from low Q ferrite particles, suspended in a radar transparent organic binder, applied to surfaces in a manner similar to conventional paint.

The low Q ferrite particles act as lossy (low efficiency) resonators, thereby transforming incident microwave energy into heat. A wide range of particle sizes are used to allow the material to function across a broad spectrum of frequencies. However, the spectrum of frequencies over which the material will convert microwave energy into heat is not unlimited. In particular, the lower end of the microwave band (200Mhz – 800Mhz) is NOT effectively absorbed. This compromise was considered acceptable, since modern radar systems employ frequencies several octaves higher.

Here is the Achilles heel of radar absorbent materials. Lower frequencies require larger ferrite particle sizes, and these in turn require a thicker coating, resulting in surface imperfections (bumps), which impair aerodynamic performance."

Ferrite being iron based. Size of particle dictates what frequency range is absorbed.

If we were to relate this to the death towers and what their transmision frequencies are, it may go far to explain why orgonite is effective.

Phil R


Excellent observation, Phil! Thanks a lot. I’m really enjoying Smith’s site–lots of info there and he seems genuine to me, so far.

Years ago, a student at the University of Dublin emailed to say that when he put orgonite in a powerful microwave oven in a college laboratory and turned the power up all the way, the orgonite didn’t even get warm. When I read your email it reminded me of this. Jeff in Florida put an orgonite device in his kitchen microwave oven a few years ago and the only part that got hot was a piece of metal that was sticking out of the resin–that acttually glowed, then melted and I think there was a little sparking, too. The orgonite itself didn’t get warm in that case. A psychic would likely see an explosion of healthy blue or violet orgone in that situation, when the oven is turned on.

I’ll try to contact STeven J Smith and ask him if he knows about what we’re doing. It would be easy enough for him to do some of his own experiments if he’s interested. We don’t get a lot of feedback from actual scientists, probably because most scientists who don’t work for the CIA/MI6/NSA/KGB are mere intellectual bigots [Image Can Not Be Found]

bigot: one intolerantly devoted to his or her own prejudices or opinions. In the case of institutionalized scientists and academics, those lockstop opinions are the products of efficient indoctrination that poses as education.


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I’m not able to contact him through his website but I think anyone who has email software can do it. I do all my email on the web, since May of 2002. If you want to help me out, just send him an email through his website contact buttton asking him to contact me at [email protected] , okay? His site is

What a fun, informative place that is!


I wonder how he knows about NSA creation of psychic alters in children?

Suggests an insider.

Sounds like something out of the series Heroes.

This may also relate to why metal detectors won’t easily find orgonite. I’m not sure how metal detector’s work but after Carol and I went through the airport Gestapo’s metal detectors a few times, in the months after the feds blew up the World Trade Center, we noticed that we could wear our zappers through the doorways and could eventually even carry our metal through there, too, without setting the things off.

Later, when Carol had begun making and selling Harmonic Protectors (these are literally loaded with titanium and copper), this effect became a little bit more pronounced, presumably because the orgonite was near the heart chakra in this case.

I once took my HP into a RadioShack and asked a clerk to perform a few experiments with the best metal detectors they had, including the same wand models that the Gestapo was using for up close work. When the HP was on the counter, the most sensiitive detector sounded of when it was about two inches away but when it was near the heart, the detector had to get within a quarter inch before the sound went off. Same HP; same detector in that case, so it was a good experiment.

There seems to be a little bit of capacitance going on in the case of wearing zappers thru metal detectors. I say that because sometimes the detectors go off and sometimes they don’t. This may be a function of the wearer’s emotional state in the moment and there might be other variables, too.

I don’t know whether capacitance is an accurate term but the human body definitely absorbs, then transmits healthy orgone or DOR, depending on the person and the circumstances. A electronic capacitor absorbs electrons (ions) and either emits them gradually after the source is turned off or keeps them and emits them all at once when a circuit is later completed. I think it depends on how the device is made, in this case, but a capacitor is consecutive layers of metal and insulating material, like an orgone accumulator also can be. In the latter case, the insulating material is organic, which is to say it’s made of hydrocarbons

Many gifters (including me) have experienced what might be described as a grander-scale process of capacitance: travelling through an arid region and experiencing the formation of clouds in one’s path. In my case, when my African acquaintances in Namibia took me along to a resort in the Kalahari Desert, a hundred miles or so north of Windhoek, clouds formed along our path and slightly ahead of us and an hour or so after we arrived, the clouds overhead thickened, darkened, and a thunderstorm occured. They hadn’t seen rain there in a long time and it was the dry season (mid summer). My companions all looked at me and it wasn’t hard to see that they felt I was responsible or the rain. After the storm disappeared the sky remained clear the rest of the day, including the trip back to the city.

When Kelly was experimenting with water-based resin for orgonite, he put some charged water in a few towerbusters and hiked to the top of Moscow Mountain, which we clearly saw from our house (Moscow, Idaho). When he got back, we watched in astonishment as a very dark, big thunderhead began forming above the peak and expanded outward in all directions for about five miles. I don’t remember seeing lightning, that time, or hearing thunder but the density of rhe rain was probably enough to drown anyone who looked up with an open mouth [Image Can Not Be Found] . It rained hard for a half hour or so, then within minutes the storm literally disappeared, sort of like the storm did in Namibia. All that time, the sky all around the storm was filled with scattered, small cumulus clouds, as was teh sky over the city after the storm ended. We still haven’t figured out just what happened and when Carol got home a copule weeks later (she was gifting in Ireland, then) she said that the special towerbusters that Kelly made for that mountaintop (there is an array there) were no more or less powerful than ordinary ones, according to the energy she was seeing.

Most of us rely on empirical observations to determine what effects our gifting achieves in the atmosphere and environment. I think this approach is more useful than a purely technical approach because everyone can relate to shared, common experiences but only people with technical educations can relate to the jargon that scientists and engineers use. I’ve always felt that scientists will someday make important contributions to this effort but the trick is finding one who has an open mind, of course. Maybe scientists and engineers will eventually help us develop practical applications for orgonite, like the sewer rat scientists with secrecy oaths are doing for the $#!+bird agencies right now by perhaps weaponizing forms of orgonite. Inducing one of these corporate scientists to apply his talents toward helpful tech might be no more challenging than teaching a toddler not to eat boogers.

David Ben Stein produced an insightful film documentary, titled EXPELLED. I haven’t seen it yet but will soon. It’s about how physicists and biologists who assume that the universe has an intelligent, rather than accidental design are routinely fired from universities. Stein is not referring to ‘creationists,’ whose infantile worldview is no more relevant than the alleged world view of the instutionalized atheists who control the universities is. The academic citadel of materialism is probabl one of the more durable institutions of the corporate world order but at least it’s got a few cracks in it, by now. I feel really bad for Dr Reich, who assailed those ramparts, literally alone, in the days when they were the strongest and eventually lost his fortune, his freedom and then his life in the process.

Many of us have seen that orgone, itself, is apparently intelligent and very interactive. Those of us who are particularly fond of intellectual integrity and freedom have even glimpsed ethereal life forms and their workings and they’re sure intelligent and purposeful, as anyone who has p!$$ed them off can attest. Maybe the goal of any truth seeker is to gain the mental discipline of a genuine (as opposed to merely institutionalized) scientist and to regain the innocence and open-ness of an observant child. I recommend marriage to an accomplished and balanced psychic to achieve the latter sooner than later

Thank you, Madam Carol!


Yet another measurable phenomenon associated with orgonite is the static spark that gifters sometimes and painfully experience when we get out of our cars while gifting heavy DOR (deadly orgone radiation) areas, like the downtown part of cities. If this only happened in winter, we could write it of as a typical static discharge but, in fact, several of us have reported this happening on warm, even humid days. This probably relates to orgonite’s curious ability to ionize the immediate environment. We assume that the orgonite in our cars generates so much ionization that when we step onto the ground in the DOR mess and touch the metal on the car’s chassis in the process, a lot of those happy ions rush toward the ground through our hands and feet, causing quite a spark in the moment. Jeff, when he was grid-gifting gifting smoggy downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, generated so much electricity this way that when he put his foot on the ground several electronic components on his old car literally shorted out–the trunk even popped open [Image Can Not Be Found]

Anyone who has a trimeter can measure the strength and extend of the healthy orgone field around orgonite devices, even the shape of the field sometimes. The nice thing about using an instrument is that one can corroborate what psychics have been directly seeing. I’ve seen orgone in various colors occasionally, so I know that our psychic associates are seeing this stuff. Talented folks can see it, anytime, and the rest of us consider ourselves lucky to see it occasionally. It helps us appreciate the pros even more.

Adding some pipes to a mass of orgonite makes one able to affect a distant area this way. Length, volume and number of metal pipes determine distance and shape of the field and the amount of orgonite in the base determines the size of the field. It’s pretty cut and dried, in spite of some questionable chest-pounders’ claims to profound but proprietary accomplishments with less. By now, the readership and gifting population are generally more discerning than years before, so when anyone makes a grand claim he’s expected to back it up before he can be taken seriously. Otherwise, we’ve only scratched the surface with discovering what orgonite can do.

Trevor Constable’s asssociates are attacking our work again (after six years of conspicuous silence [Image Can Not Be Found] ) on, by the way, but if you look at their accusations you’ll see that they’re basing them on the assumption that we’re simply repeating Dr Reich’s experiments. They won’t mention orgonite, which is the element that changes a Reich cloudbuster into a simple atmospheric-energy balancing device that mainly operates above 10,000 ft altitude, apparently, in a sort of flattened, very spread out cyclonic field. Recent reports of chemtrails being spewed below 6,000 ft over cities may indicate a desperate experiment to get the old poisons to start sickening people, again, but when they do that, even teh Pajama People tend to notice so it’s probably counterproductive for the $#!+birds. San Francisco is one of the current test beds, apparently. California folks are generally the last to notice anything around them, after all, which is evident by how few people in Los Angeles notice the relative lack of smog for the past six years–strange but true. Folks in Mexico City are noticing the dramatic reduction in their smog.

One can get phenomenal results with a Reich cloudbuster, as Constable himself has demonstrated quite well, but there’s always a risk involved in using one. There is no risk with using any orgonite device, except dropping it on one’s foot. It’s the essential balancing effect of orgonite that makes it so popular, I think. The balance of any environment is characterized by an abundance of ions. Ions represent the presence of life force (orgone). The corporate world order gave their best shot at creating an atmosphere and environment on our planet that has a net deficit of ions, which is to say that deadly orgone radiation predominates. The millions of new death towers and weather/earthquake weapons, along with omnipresent chemtrail jets, all of which is more costly than all of the wars in history combined, no doubt, all failed to accomplish that goal, thanks largely to the grassroot distribution of orgonite.

If we factor in the bill for thousands of new, interconnected underground bases, which some estimate at around forty trillion dollars, then World War Two looks like a bitch slap by comparison. I bet it won’t take us more than a couple more years to drive the ‘underground civilization’ out into the open and I bet they all hate sunlight and orgone-saturated air


John, you apaprnetly posted your comment while I was writing my more recent ‘reply’ but Smith has a lot of material on the site about mind control, so maybe if you read some of that you can commnet further. I’m not seeing that he’s crediting any other sources, by the way, which is a little unfortunate. I’ve read a lot of this stuff before, so he’s obviously sharing a lot of information that was already published by others.

One of the handicaps of many conspiracy authors is that they’re reluctant (at best) to mention other sources. The same is often true of inventors, all of whom base their discoveries on the work of people who went before them.

Rife’s work is obviously based on Abrams,’ for instance. Clark plagiarized Rife and even altered the material beyond effectiveness. Maybe some ‘peer pressure’ will eventually induce authors and inventors to not be such chest pounders

The “static electricity” discharge has me facinated. I thought it was just me. My car started doing this when I started gifting. Now I’m surrounded with “meta-kaolin” used as a concrete additive. The static discharges are very powerful, of course I gifted the area as part of everything I do . I believe the pryamids were covered in metakaolin.


Thx for mentioning that, Brent, and I’m glad I could help you figure it out, too.

Here’s one I don’t have a handle on: Pedro, who gifts in North Spain, said that after he put some large orgonite pieces in his cellar his family began experiencing long, turquoise-colored sparks from their hands to objects in the home. I think he said these were not painful, like static sparks are. He said that when he removed the orgonite from teh cellar the sparking stopped. We’re going to visit Kelly tomorrow and I’ll ask him and Carol what they think about this.

Steven Smith contacted me a few days ago. He said that there was a sudden increase in his site’s traffic, so he looked into it and found that it was from the link I posted in this thread. He read the thread, then emailed me.

John, he did mention alters to me in our correspondence and I hope to post something about it but we haven’t discussed what I’m allowed to share in posts, yet. He had written a very interesting discourse on what he was seeing with Dr Reich’s cloudbuster. It’s fresh material, based on observable electronic and physical phenomena. I’m going to post it and, meanwhile, I’m sending him some stuff to experiment with so he can get familiar with orgonite and related tech. Very interesting fellow!


Static charge is part of the cake mix nessesary to replicate the effects of “dustifying” the 7 WTC buildings. When I read Dr.Judy Woods website I thought our experiences with orgone energy and its effects with static may help her studies. My experience with metakaolin, static and orgone culminated in huge discharge of static energy. It’s all knowlege and if it ties in with LENR and free energy devices then all the better. One should include antigravity into all this too, as I know if you point a cb at a maglev it will fall out of the sky.

I’ve seen a form of orgonite also in modern microwave ovens….ceramic interior…if you look closely it appears like a thin orgonite layer! Personally I have seen orgonite cause people to go into Herx reactions overnight just by being near it for a few hours. My chinese tai chi master when I first gave him a piece without saying what it was told me after a day that it pushed back shieh chi and left a clear tsing chi zone that was good for meditation. He also said it changes sha chi to sheng chi outside. Both of these are DOR to OR, personal and environmental respectively. Anyone who gets emotional about the effectiveness of orgonite is suffering from severe emotional plague.