This Site's Actual Traffic

I went to the Administration page, just now, and saw that there are forty people reading the posts at the moment, here, rather than the four indicated on the homepage. Also, there are two members among them: Jose and I, rather than one member.

I had long assumed that NSA and/or MI6 hackers are queering the readership data on EW because the numbers haven’t changed in two years but I know that there are more readers, now, than there were two years ago

I think the world odor’s hackers rely heavily on my incomputeracy. I kind of stumbled onto this evidence of the genuine level of traffic on EW.

My hope is that we can sort of hover on the internet somewhere between complete obscurity and media notoriety because this is the ‘safe zone’ for facilitating a global, non-violent revolution these days. I want us all to remain free of bullets and character assassination. We can handle the world odor’s poisons, implants and energy weapons just fine and if we’ll each continue to drive our cars with at least as much awareness as taxi drivers, we’ll avoid being T-boned in intersections by MKids.



I saw you today too, thanks for starting this thread. November the 3rd, I was astonished at how many people were reading at the same time, I was so amazed that I took a picture (screenshot) at it, but then I thought that maybe it wouldn´t be so important the thread and I never post it. anyways, here is the picture.


Thanks, Jose. When I found that 40 were reading the posts, yesterday, the homepage number was ‘four’ so we might assume that when the homepage indicated ‘37’ we could tack a zero on the end of that, too

I wish I were proficient at putting images in posts. Every time Dooney and Stevo come to visit I mean to ask Dooney to show me how to do all that but in that party atmosphere I just don’t think to bring up work. Of course, they come over to do the chats and that’s work, I suppose, but the rest of the time isn’t. I want to do a screenshot of the admin panel that shows the IPs of all the readers in the moment. DB told us how to find the CIA operatives by checking those numbers. I suspect that agents won’t flood a board this way because it’s too easy to detect them–I think they just copy the sites they want to surveille and then distribute the copies among the sewer rats, leaving the ‘active reading’ to only their moles. When we first met DB, he told me that every email I write is copied and distributed to hundreds of people in the CIA and NSA for analysis. This is part of their profiling effort, also part of how they plan strategies for discrediting genuine people. It’s also how they determine how to create their designer moles, which is why each succeeding mole effort is slicker and more effective than the previous, exposed one.

In the ‘zone’ of discussing moles, of course, one is likely to look crazy or paranoid so I rather focus on exposing the agencies themselves by drawing attention to things like the subject of this thread.

I don’t know how many readers know experienced commercial computer software designers or troubleshooters but in my contact with folks like this I’m constantly amazed by how studiously they all avoid mentioning the human wave of sewer rat agency hackers who plague the web. I get the impression that they’re all keenly aware and I haven’t been able to put my finger on just why they would rather have their throats cut than to speak about it, especially to someone like me.

When my new laptop arrived (I had beaten the previous one mercilessly for four years and the power supply was dying, again) I was unable to connect to DSL, so I called for tech support. When teh nice fellow at the cable supplier’s regional HQ tried and failed to help me he referrred me to a higher power–a gal in Phoenix who obviously was very confident and competent. She took me for a tour of the HTML bowels of my computer and tried half a dozen strategies until she was finally able to apparently undo the programming sabotage that had been done to my puter enroute to our home, then I was able to finally get it online. Having learned my lesson about spooking techs by mentioning the NSA, I didn’t do so this time but I could tell that she was pretty challenged by the task, which took about a half hour.

Five years ago, I was hacked so much that I had to send my laptop to the fellow I bought it from in Ashland, Oregon, and that guy had been a nuclear engineer in a former life, so he and I were comfortable talking about The Way Things Are. He told me that nine viruses had slowed the hard drive down so much that I essentially became unable to do email any more. That was in the days when I used email software, of course. After that, I stopped using email programs and I’ve never had a virus since then. I do all my mail on the web with squirrelmail, now. I’ve used mail2web a lot but it’s slower than squirrelmail.

I know folks whose computers were destroyed by sewer rat hackers and they still kept using email software after that. Caveat emptor, I guess. ‘My people’s computers perish for lack of knowledge’ is one of the more lucid quotes I like to paraphrase from the Old Testament.

I used the Phoenix Mail program for a year or so, on DB’s recommendation, but the server’s computers eventually stopped recognizing the code, so I had to stop. That one didn’t give me any trouble, at least–European software is often free of spyware. Maybe that’s a function of distance from Bill Gates, the highest priced hooker. That would be some epitaph for him: The Highest Priced Hooker in the History of Our Specie. Maybe he’d be second place to the Whore of Babylon (QEII), though, or the Pope. ‘Win, Place, Show.’

Here’s something that gave me a little thrill, yesterday: right after I posted the first ms in this thread, hackers blocked me from getting online for the first time since I started using DSL, a couple of weeks ago. If I’m not mistaken, it’s hard to hack someone off of a DSL connection. A popup, which I hadn’t seen before, indicated, ‘The signal is strong and you’re online!’ but of course I couldn’t go to any URL on the web by then. Everything’s running fine today, though. I use a wireless transmitter, hooked to the Time-Warner DSL cable. I didn’t add security measures because I hope that any of my neighbors who can’t afford DSL will now be able to get online for no charge. The range of the transmitter is pretty big.

I still can’t believe how lucky we all are: we have a cleare opportunity to connect with potentially thousands of kindred spirits around our wonderful planet via the internet and to share our accomplishments and information among our peers. The sort of instant notoriety that gets parcelled out by the corporate Jabbas who own teh What To Think Network hut is closed to us but that, too, is a blessing because it means we won’t be high profile targets. The sewer rat agencies, here and abroad, whom we’re perhaps fatally wounding, won’t likely draw attention to the work we’re doing by shooting any of us or setting the IRS dogs on us so we’re more or less free to pursue and achieve relative prosperity by openly making and selling healing devices in a free, global market. It’s amazing how little sabotage and interference we’re subjected to but that happy condition has been hard won, in case you didn’t know. We regularly go to bat in the Sunday chatblast sessions for targetted vendors, here and abroad. We’ve even forced the drug cartel and their government bureaucrat stooges to leave a few reputable healers, including Dr von Peters, alone who would otherwise probably be out of business or in prison by now.

Meanwhile, we’re building up an extraordinary body of empirical evidence for the empowering effect of orgonite-distribution because reputable people are posting about our experiments and accomplishments, demonstrating the consistency of the dramatic results of gifting. At some point, when enough people are also taking down the world odor’s hidden mass murdering moguls and their willing tools, this, too, will be accounted as empirical evidence for the ‘other’ work. For now, a few of us (representing a dozen countries and including Jose) on at least four internet forums in N America and Europe are content to just get together and do the tasks each week in a timely way.


I’m getting hacked in a constant cluster $%^& since I reported the real and, now, i have to use my old puter withteh verizon wireless connection because DSL is completely trashed (apparently at the source, not at my puter). I guess we’ll kick some hacker butt on Sunday.

The numbers, now, are 29 visitors and one member (me) though the homepage shows six visitors and one user. I guess we can’t just add a zero to get the real number, after all

Here’s an interesting response to the thread that I got in email this morning and when I first posted it a hacker garbled it, so I had to take time to straighten it out manually:


I read your last entry about: “This site’s actual traffic” and something

struck me.

When you said:

> > I don't know how many readers know experienced commercial computer

> software designers or troubleshooters but in my contact with folks

> like this I'm constantly amazed by how studiously they all avoid

> mentioning the human wave of sewer rat agency hackers who plague the

> web. I get the impression that they're all keenly aware and I haven't

> been able to put my finger on just why they would rather have their

> throats cut than to speak about it, especially to someone like me. >

it occurred to me that everyone that I’ve encountered doing support work

aren’t studiously avoiding naming who is behind malware, viruses, adware,

etc. They are really just another class of PJ people whose eyes have not

yet been opened.

Most of us are just involved, up to our necks, in getting people up and

running again and we really don’t take the time to think about who or what

might be behind these attacks or whether there is really anything that can

be done about them. To make the next leap to accepting that there might

be a coordinating force behind all the crap never even shows up on the

radar screens of most of us. I’ve been doing this sort of work for over

15 years and that has been my experience and indeed my own mindset up

until about 9 months ago.

I don’t think most support folks are really paying attention but I also

don’t think most of them are generally accomplices in the plots of the NWO

either. I have no doubts that there are legions of contracted hackers

abroad in cyberspace, but everyone that I have met doing support work in

the trenches is just a wage slave who is as frustrated by the dreck that

ruins productivity as the end-user is. It’s not that they don’t want to

tell you who is doing it–they generally don’t know themselves and they
don’t want to admit that they don’t have all the answers. The end-user

community isn’t very accepting of an “I don’t know” answer either!

BTW, this isn’t a criticism it’s just my opinion, from where I sit.

Thanks for all the work Carol and you do and have a great holiday season.




Thanks, Dean–I figured this is the case. Most of the problem solvers like yourself won’t want to consider the vastness of the sewer rat agencies’ hacker numbers, nor will they want to look at the profile of the ones among us who get hacked, either, because PJ folks, no matter how talented or experienced they are in the working world, are simply uncomfortable with the notion of personal accountability.

The ratio of PJ folks to responsible people probably isn’t going to change but if you feel inclined to raise awareness among your peers it would be productive to gift your workplace, then keep your eyes/ears open for coworkers who are curious about how the world actually works. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one or two and that will actually make you a majority in real terms. I figure there are as many sewer rats as there are potentially awake/accountable people in the world.

Dr Reich was very concerned about turning the tables on the sewer rat minority, too, by the way, and he said that the only way to do it is to constantly answer expressed irrationality and paranoia with rationality and a balanced response. I keep finding that the way we do things in this network is along standards set by Dr Reich before most of us were even born.

Truth always outs, this way, if one pursues integrity, of course, but please don’t be discouraged if most of your peers remain studiously asleep. The few among them who will attack your character on account of your relative wakeful state can be avoided as much as possible, unless you take pleasure from confronting people who are in that condition. I don’t but I think it’s just a question of style.

Dr Reich used to apparently enjoy taking them on when they thrust themselves on him. If you gift your workplace you’ll have a distinct advantage over the terrormongers, though, because it will handicap their ability to express the baser emotions adequately. I call this, ‘etheric street fighting.’


By the way, we won’t likely ever meet anyone in the regular world who is consciously aware of being a hacker. When you consider how vast and penetrating the Monarch Program’s and Tavistock’s walking assets are it’s not surprising. After WWII the sewer rats achieved the ability to force their assets to work outside of 3D and without memory of their doings, so it’s very likely that many or most of your coworkers, Dean, are doing time this way for the world odor. These would likely be the ones who are most uncomfortable hearing about any of the work we’re all doing and may even be violently opposed to having it aired objectively.

We should feel some compassion for this level of PJ folks, though, rather than assume that their motives are selfish. Our approach in the Sunday sessions is to go after the people who set these programs up and run them. These are the real culprits and we won’t likely ever meet them, either, unless we’re born into the Illuminati/Vril families, have unwisely allowed ourselves to be directly employed by them or are imprisoned by their world odor.

Most gifters don’t even care about the stuff we’re discussing and I think that’s one of the strengths of this grassroot, non-violent revolution. For the ones who get hacked a lot, though, information and support like this thread might be quite valuable.


For the record, the hacking sort of reached a crescendo, yesterday, and included a lot of deletions from my email box. AT the end of all that, DSL was cut off for the rest of the day. I’d planned to call TimeWarner’s tech support number today but now DSL is restored and my mailbox is unmolested, though several folks who wrote to me won’t get answers due to their mail being stolen by the sewer rats before I could get to it.

When DSL went down, our Verizon wireless connections worked, at least, so I guess we’ll keep them. That’s $160 per month, as opposed to less than $20 for DSL but we don’t want to be cut off from our business email. DSL is a hundred kb and Verizon wireless is a slow 26kb, like a phone modem (excuse me if I didn’t get the numbers or terminology right).

I’m still going to ask the psychics to help us hunt down and ‘correct’ the remaining hacker horde who are still plaguing the network. I think we ought to keep at this until they aren’t a problem any more and I wonder how many more htousands of PC users will benefit from that. It might be fun to track that and maybe Dean will give us some feedback if he can, since he’s a professional PC troubleshooter whose eyes are open.

An annoying feature of the hacker plague is that I get ten spams for every legitimate email and a lot of it looks like it’s been styled to irritate me, personally. A few months ago I was plagued by hundreds of ‘undeliverable mail’ emails per day when the sewer rats started sending perhaps many thousands of spam emails to strangers from my site. I wonder if they were trying to discredit us that way. The ‘returned mail’ messages seemed pretty innocuous, at least, adn probably carried virus attachments. At least it wasn’t pornographic

That abruptly stopped after I posted about it here, so let’s see if I start getting less spam in my mailbox. Either way, we’re going to smack the ever living $#!+ out of these cyberparasites adn their masters, all the way up the parasite foodchain, regularly until all of us stop having to jump hurdles in order to email each other and to post on this board.


Dear All:

I have not read, yet, in deep, whole thread. I’ve just stopped where Don said

“I want to do a screenshot of the admin panel that shows the IPs of all the readers in the moment. DB told us how to find the CIA operatives by checking those numbers.”

and may be this can help. It’s a state-of-the-art (as far as I can see, and I’ve seen lots of port blockers!!!) ultra small file written by a spanish guy. It’s so nasty for spanish tel. co. that they have arranged all servers in Spain to keep track of anyone who download it. So I got it from e-donkey net. Once you activate it and depending which sites you’re visiting it is amazing the amount of intrusion attemps blocking rate with IP identificatión values. Sometime you just can not follow amount of intr.attmps.

Don, I’m sending it via e-mail

Best Regards


Pedro, I didn’t get your email so you’re probably being blocked by hackers from contacting me.