Those Pesky Implants

Dear Don,

One more question please! I read somewhere in your adv some yrs ago that DB used a tesla coil for deactivating implants that seemed quite effective. I ordered the cbsworks implant killer but couldnt find anywhere an ik using a tesla coil… Found a descr.but i cannot build that by myself. What do you think is the best way? Maybe a strong beck pulser >10000 Gauß may also do the work. I also found a pendant from Lilly (ethericwarriors?!) to protect from getting them. But i dont want to wear thousand items and decided me for the Harmonic Protector. Will that also help?
And last but not least,why not use a potentiometer to make your zappers freq.adjustable,eg 7.8-40hz might be nice…

Thanks for saving our world with such courage,


Andreas, if you do a search online you’ll find a tesla coil for $200. It’s been several years since Carol and I have been concerned about implants, though, and they shoot us with those all the time, no doubt. They seem harmless enough.

A tesla coil is the most powerful generator of ‘blue’ orgone that we’re aware of, so it’s just nice to keep one running in the house, I think, if you can stand the buzz noise. To zap an implant, just run a wire from the ball at the top and put the other end of the wire close to teh skin where you reckon an implant is. You’ll know when you’re on target [Image Can Not Be Found] and I suppose it’s fun to do that in terms of recognizing how they turn some of us into walking pin cushions. When I was in Uganda the only co-worker I checked who wasn’t implanted was our host, an elderly African aristocrat who prefers to remain un-named.

A zapchecker (the cheapest model from finds them but 8 years ago they figured out how to shoot implants in ch’i meridians, evidently, so the entire meridian lights up a zapchecker, making it harder to find the implant. I found out that taping magnets to each end of the lit up ch’i meridian helps narrow the search until the implant is found with the zapchecker, then a few minutes after a magnet is taped, there, teh signal vanishes.

There’s some evidence that the magnets also disable nanobots after they’ve been injected (?) and a zapper evidently draws the poisonous nanobots out thru the skin, leaving a green hole. I guess you have to get the ground electrode right over the site of the injection. This is not common, though, don’t worry. Unless you’re busting up billions of dollars worth of their public weaponry they probably won’t poison you, much.

I like the line from DR PARNASSUS: He doesn’t want to save the world; he rather wants the world to save itself [Image Can Not Be Found]