Three HAARP Arrays Bit the Dust

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would report my gifting runs from Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, I biked out to Brighton, NY and gifted 2 huge HAARP arrays, each had four antennae. It was a difficult journey as it was only 14 degrees F, that’s -18 degrees C. I was well dressed, but my toes almost got frost bitten. I couldn’t find my thicker socks.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I biked out again to Brighton,NY, and gifted another HAARP array, just a mile away from the other two. This one was very tricky to gift seeing as it was on the other side of a highway, so I had to place the four gifts in strategic places on the far side of the Highway, about 150 meters or so from the array. It was a chilly 11 degrees F, -21 degrees C, and there was a biting head wind, but I perservered.

These two gifting runs were a lot of fun and I bettered my snow biking skills seeing as there was 1 to 1 1/2 inches of snow on the Erie Canal Path, which I took to get to Brighton, about 6 or 7 miles from my house.

Remeber folks, just because it is cold and you might have snow, it doesn’t mean you can’t gift. I have had great experiences gifting in the snow and would reccomend it. Some people would argue that in the winter, the snow prevents you from burying the orgonite. Just throw the orgonite in amongst some brush and the orgonite will eventually get covered over and buried in the springtime. Also you have an excuse to wear a face mask, if you are in to being sneaky Cool Keep up the motivation everyone, we are all doing great!

Ned Walsh