Three Ounces of Rock, Metal and Glue?

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Don Croft
25 Feb 2008 04:57
Subject: Three Ounces of Rock, Metal and Glue?
hello its emil again,
sorry to bother you with fan mail.
i just sent this to info [at] worldwithoutparasites [dot] com
and there was delivery failure. try2

I was just reading “How Incomprehensible Are we”, and
I feel compelled to tell you that:
i do not believe it is necessary to make a glossary
for your phrases.

any real person smart enough to wake up will have
enough appetite for the truth to read enough to
understand your phrases. i think. you already spelled
it out.

ok now i will tell you that I am an armchair skeptic.
yes I am still a fan. your material is very
interesting to me.

My personal belief is that these towers are capable
of creating earthquakes.
i like good energy and everything,
but is a 3 oz piece of rock, metal, and glue really
going to stop this tech. ?

I dont personally think that the aliens are going to
let a few small pieces of rock-glue-metal stop their
armageddon technology.

but If you say so. then i will agree. because it
sounds reaaally good.

sincerely, emil coty


Thanks, Emil, and keep your skepticism but please try your hand at towerbusting, too, okay? You could do it without the crystals if you make your towerbusters five ounces instead of three. It’s a good way to put the use of crystals in proper perspective. It’s important not to mystify this work, I think.

I’m sorry I gave you the impression that the new death towers don’t cause earthquakes becuase Carol and I believe that they can, actually.

More specifically, we found a ‘weatherball’ in the bottom of a narrow, deep valley on the north slope of Mt Rainier, in November, 2002 and busted that with a half dozen towerbusters, apparently. According to Carol, the deadly energy from this facility was doing directly under the mountain. She started laughing and told me that there were Sasquatch all around us, expressing their gratitude. I’d seen (and heard and smelled) them, before, so I didn’t doubt her. Pretty cool confirmation, though a subjective one, of course.

I think the death towers are used for a variety of tasks that involve broadcasting deadly orgone radiation. They were apparently used to bring HAARPicane Wilma across the Florida peninsula, in an un-natural straight course to ground zero, which was our little town, JUpiter, a few weeks after we arrived in Florida. Eric Carlson, Jeff McKinley and I disabled all those towers a few months later.

The death towers on the seabed are perhaps even more ‘versatile’ Cool

Thank God for energy sensitives and psychics who can see or accurately sense subtle energy! These are the ones who assure us that a single, simple towerbuster changes the average death tower into a life force generator. We all had a good laugh, by the way, when Jeff, who is highly energy sensitive, was getting some coaching from Carol on one of our Florida gifting expeditions. She told him to notice the dark line that’s about a meter from the tower; an outline, so to speak.

She said that this is the edge between the deadly orgone radiation, produced by the tower, and the healthy orgone that has been transmuted from the death energy and broadcast by the tower into the atmosphere. He said, ‘Gee, I thought those were just guy wires!’ When he and I were out at sea in the boat I relied on him to find the underwater DOR sources and he never missed.

Once, Carol dowsed a spot, about 30 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, northwest of Tampa, where a massive amount of bioweaponry was dumped by the feds to poison the Gulf coastal waters downstream to the Everglades and Keys. When we were motoring toward there from Tarpon Springs, Jeff saw the DOR above that spot before I showed him where Carol dowsed the cand the two were seeing the same target. That was the day Carol was met by a SWAT team when she took the boat trailer to a ramp to pick us up—another nice confirmation! Laughing



Following my posted request to stop sensationalizing unproven devices, a week ago, the hacking of my email became rampant, our business has been nearly stopped, the server in Chile went down for over a day and I’ve gotten hate mail from several complete strangers. Let me know if info [at] worldwithoutparasites [dot] com bounces after today, okay? Dooney and STevo had a session with Carol and I this evening to stop the interference and that usually does the job of getting the CIA/NSA/FBI off our backs, again. The psychics found a new murder plot being directed at the four of us, by the way, and I think we flatten that Fatherland Sekurity tire, too. I guess they didn’t get their martial law wishes granted for February, by the way, though there are a few days left in the month Laughing It used to be so easy for them to liquidate 50,000 of their non-criminal enemies without attracting any real attention to themselves.

Don Croft
25 Feb 2008 05:01
Subject: Re: Three Ounces of Rock, Metal and Glue?
I don’t expect anyone to accept our observations, during the international chat sessions, that there are fewer and fewer alien predators involved with the world odor as time moves along. I think this is mainly because thousands of gifters are jerking the energy rug out from under the world order, so their ‘out of town’ partners find it nearly impossible to maneuver by now, except perhaps in the underground bases, which can be fairly easily disabled with earthpipes in a timely way.

I think we made a significant discovery about some more ethereal players (‘Fallen Egos’) in this evenings chat session, by the way, but I’ll discuss this in the Serbia thread.


Don Croft
25 Feb 2008 06:53
Subject: Re: Three Ounces of Rock, Metal and Glue?
I’ve been unable to send an email to Emil due to hacking (I’ve been able to send to just about everyone else) so here’s what I tried to send to him in response to a link he sent me about vote fraud in California:

Thx, Emil–I posted a reply.

Sure, election fraud is the rule, not the exception. It points up the fact that centralized power is obsolete and poisonous by now. When proper political and economic autonomy has been returned to smaller communities we’ll see genuine democratic processes in action, again.


Hanh mitakuyapi / hello my relatives.
I have a question about the variety of metal used in making the orgone pieces. I see people specifying aluminum shavings, which are a relatively synthetic metal, very hard on the environment in terms of liberating the Al from it’s parent ore, & indicated to be a part of the epidemic we’ve seen of recent years of Alzheimer’s. Encapsulating it in resin seems fitting, but I wonder if “Al” is needed, or can other metals such as iron, copper,or brass be used?
And if they can, are the results any different? If so, in what way(s)?
Orgone being foreign to our Indigenous Ways, I have little first-hand experience with it, thus these simplistic questions. Pilamiyaye / thank you.

Hi Pahinh, aluminum is not “synthetic” it is actually the most common metal found on the earth, all of the soil everywhere is full of aluminum, it is also the third most common element on earth, after oxygen and silica, composing 8% of the total weight of the earth. I think the problem is when aluminum is injected into the body (via vaccines) or ingested as aluminum salts in some processed foods, that produces several health problems. In any case, you can use any metal instead of aluminum for orgonite, steel, iron, brass, copper etc. They all work. The reason aluminum is used the most is because it is cheaper (or free) and lighter, which makes it more practical when deploying large amounts of orgonite. Most metals, unless they are intrinsically toxic, such as mercury and lead, will just oxidize or corrode into inert substances and become part of the soil. Of course large concentrations of metal oxides in soil could cause imbalances, but orgonite encapsulates the metal, preventing its corrosion, so orgonite made from any metal is quite inert in the environment. Even if the Aluminum in orgonite fully corroded over time, it would release an insignificant amount of Aluminum into the environment, considering the abundance of this metal everywhere.


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Hanh Alejandro. Thanks for the perspective. My question had to do more with reactivity than anything else, and I realize that there were guys in iron suits chasing dragons when I got my degree+ in chemistry, but I don’t think things have changed all that much in the intervening eons, so I will argue some of what you said.
First, Al is not the commonest metal in/on the earth, according to the online search I did to check on my memory from my university time. It, & its ore, bauxite, weren’t known as such until all the other ‘common’ metals had been in use for about as long as I’ve had my degree+ & bauxite was not processable until humans had electricity for some decades. (I say ‘degree+’ because I worked on a Master’s but decided not to finish it. No matter… It’s that picky scientist thing I still carry.)
I include the following link regarding extraction of Al from its ore & some of the environmental considerations attendant on that extraction: … inium.html
Given that iron, copper, & silver are easily extracted from their ores by simple heating & collection of the liquid metal, then Al qualifies as “synthetic” insofar as its extraction goes because it requires electricity in order to free it, which is a recent invention on the human time scale. Iron has been founded & worked for over 4,000 years, copper & silver for far longer, we all know, thanks to National Geographic if not to our history classes.
Aluminum is strongly indicated to be a factor in Alzheimer’s disease, therefore I do my utmost to avoid it & not only in food preparation. We each only get 1 brain, after all. Aluminum is strongly indicated to be involved in various environmentally-unfriendly situations as well.
I relate well to your statement that Al is lighter than any of the others & certainly that’s a factor when hauling dona-hey pounds of orgonite to gift, but in terms of safety, I don’t think it’s worth the risk to either the environment or to me. If/When I ever make any orgonite, I’ll stick to iron, I think. I have lots of that on my own, from machining &/or filing & it’s far safer to work with. It protects my brain from
Alzheimer’s & from becoming anemic… and if I have to carry fewer chunks of orgonite to wherever, or put them on a little cart, I’m willing. Now if I could just get past the fumes of the resin & my concerns about them. If there’s an alternative for me to use to encapsulate, I’ll find it… The concept is interesting…


Given that soft drink and other cans are AL, as is some cookware, other containers as well as some piping. I would suggest that your more likely to come in contact with it and consume particles of it that way than filings sealed in resin.

While you may personally cut those off the list of things to interact with, it doesn’t mean any of the restraunts etc are doing the same.

I think they wrap candy and some other food stuffs in it too.


There is bio-resin which is made from plants. Don’t know how it smells and it cost more than polyester resin.
you should wear the correct protective gear when using polyester resin. working out doors in the shade is helpful.
Everyone should wear gloves to handle alu. shavings as well. it can pass thru the pores in your skin.

on another note i am finding that using local stones seemed to improve the potency of the devices for me. olivine and obsidian are embedded in sandstone in certain places here, and it really helps the orgone devices.

Hi Pahinh, you´re right, aluminum is very rarely found in its pure state and has to be processed out of bauxite with lots of electricity. That said, it is the most common metallic element found in nature, although always found in oxidized forms or mixed with other elements. This is because pure aluminum oxidizes extremely fast, being very reactive to oxygen. All aluminum products have a coat of aluminum oxide that makes it very resistant to corrosion, but if that layer is removed, Al will corrode into a white dust in just seconds just by the reaction with the oxygen in the air, i´ve seen that demonstrated in chemistry lab at the Uni.

I have found that some of the Al shavings I get have turned to dust a few days after getting them and some will remain intact and even shiny for years. Always the shavings that corroded came wet with cutting solution and apparently something in that solution stripped the Aluminum oxide layer and exposed the Al to rapid corrosion. Clearly, the Al shavings that do not corrode are NOT reactive or only minimally. Also the aluminum oxides that form from the metal are not toxic to the soil unless dumped in great concentrations that will alter the soil physically, there are lots of Al Oxides in the soil naturally.

I personally don´t see a problem with using Aluminum, but there is always steel and iron to replace it if you want to avoid it and you can also take all the precautions you want when handling Al. Steel is easily avaliable, in machine shops and will work just as good. I use whatever metal is avaliable, which is mostly Al and some steel. Al has some toxicity, but most metals do, even “good” metals like iron are toxic in their pure metalic form in the body . Most metals in their pure form tend to deposit and acumulate in tissues, even colloidal silver, if not in nano-sized particles will produce a toxic accumulative effect over time. Apparently if the silver particles are small enough (nanometers) they can be eliminated easily from the body without producing toxic effects and still enjoying the antiseptic effects of silver. “Reduced iron” which is addeed to flour and lots of other food products in the name of public health, is toxic in the body in its pure metalic form, even though iron it is essential component of hemoglobin in the blood. Reduced Iron is just very fine metalic iron dust. You need to ingest organic substances such as meat or leafy greens or algae than contain iron, not the pure metal itself. We are not plants after all and usually need to get minerals, metals, etc from plants(or animals), pre-processed and in and organic(chemically) form.

In any case I think the most important point is that any toxic effect that could be attributed to Al is greatly overshadowed by the healing effects of the orgonite. In a cost-benefit evaluation, the benefits greatly outweigh the “costs”, in my opinion.

The resin is really harsh when before its cured. Maybe some day plant resin will be as cheap as polyester resin, but for now polyester resin is the only affordable resin that will do the job well. Tree resin is usually ver

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