Time Lapse Photography

I found an inexpensive timelapse video camera in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog and immediately sent for one. It’s $160.

The instructions are quite simple, though I screwed it up on my first try, yesterday (go figure). This morning, at dawn, I set it up and turned it on, again. I have it on a short camera tripod near the base of Jumbo Funky, our old large-scale orgonite cloudbuster, which is pointed just above the horizon to the south with a good field of sky in view. The cloudbuster’s target area is indicated and the CB’s pointer end will be in view, I think.

You can set the exposure increment from a minute to a day. This camera was intended to film plants growing but it has a long-range option, which is what you use to watch the sky.

When Kelly was here the other day I told him about it and he’s going to get one, too. When he first set up an orgonite cloudbuster, 6 yrs or so ago, he documented hourly observations of the sky for a month or so (I think) which is kind of like timelapse photography but it’s so much easier and more convenient to compress a day of watching into a few minutes of video, after all, and one won’t miss much, this way. I especially want to see the activity of Sylphs.

The atmosphere all around is is so vital that the field effect of a cloudbuster might not be evident but I’ll sure bring this camera, along with a cloudbuster (we have several sizes) in our travels to document some surgical DOR-busting in the sky the way Dr Reich did.


Funny that you start talking about that
I’m also investing about the same amount of money but in another way [Image Can Not Be Found]
To buy 4 webcams (or more, I’ll see what I can record with 4 at first) to film the sky around my house in permanence using cctv software to record one frame per sec or so on each webcam simultaneously to be able to make a timelapse panorama video of the weather around my home, because it’s impossible to show the effect of a CB without a panorama… anyone living near a CB or well gifted area knows this, clouds always have a tendency to form holes above the zone sometimes for a whole day, sometimes many times a day depending on the type of clouds around. But PJ people always ask for proofs so I ended up on that idea to finally have indisputable proofs

Also like you to document the work of sylphs who almost always show up by dozens when there are many chemtrails being laid in the sky and how it is cleared in some minutes or hours depending on the amount of chemtrails.

I hope I’ll be able to set that up soon

Hi Don

Can you post a direct link?

I’ve just loaned my Canon G9 to someone to do timelapse but the time between shots is only 1-2 secs. Can’t be set.

Also the battery needs changing often.


this may well be the camera Don is referring to:

cheers, will add it to my wish list.


I thought that might be of interest for timelapses of cloudbusters effects etc.
I was always looking for 360° lenses to be able to film the whole sky with one camera, but they’re so expensive more than 500$. Yesterday I found the answer and it’s so cheap! [Image Can Not Be Found] ! Use a door peephole and just put it in the front of the camera, you will just need to cut it short if the camera can’t zoom.


I tried it today with a 200° peephole it’s quite impressive, just need to make it well adjusted and cut it short (somethign that’s not in the tutorial, so that the borders are not in the camera shots, because webcams can’t zoom)

Funny it seems sylphs were testing me today [Image Can Not Be Found] the 200° is still not enough, but it’s quite good already hehe.
so I had a look on internet there are 290° peephole even cheaper in the US, it’s a bit more expensive for me to get it shipped to france. But, hey, less that 10$ a piece is quite good to have a 290° viewing angle!
In the us you can get it for 2.99$!
Ah I no more need to buy many webcams and cctv program and panoram stitcher [Image Can Not Be Found]; just one webcam for all of it [Image Can Not Be Found] I’ll record it on ethericresearch once I get it setup right with a 290° angle to monitor the top of my place 24h a day.

It would have been helpful to have some timelapse footage when we first set up an orgonite cloudbuster but better late than never (still waiting to see some footage online) after my current bill paying drudgery I’ll finally do it.

Here’s what Giany sent me–good advice for folks who can do it:

Hello Don,

I read your posts on EthericWarriors and noticed that you were looking for a timelapse solution. Well there is a cheaper alternative, one that uses cheaper cameras (point and shoot) and hacked firmware that gives more flexibility than what the original camera’s firmware offers.

Look there at https://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK and for timelapse samples look there at

You have to find a camera on the supported list and install the firmware and you are good to go right away. One more thing, you could also buy an external pocket charger for the camera so that it can last beyond the current battery charge. I have one and it lasts beyond 6 hours when connected to the camera. It’s called NOMA Pocket Power Charger R12. That is a product available in Canadian Tire stores, so I don’t know if it is sold also in US.


All is well,


Also webcams can be used for the same purpose.


I just got this from Miguel (thanks!) in Washington State, Mark [Image Can Not Be Found] :

Thanks a lot, Miguel–will add that to the thread! ~Don

Nice time lapse thread. Just researched and applied a shareware program called Flix, which allows one to use a webcam to….

  1. Time lapse with duration settings

  2. then make an .avi video from same program.


Leaves watermark on pictures, Ten dollars to buy.

Create/export movie from Flix at the frame rate of your choice.

Just tested, works to description, no functions muted other than the watermark.

Take care Don….

Heheh, this thread is a year old and Miguel has now successfully taught me to do timelapse filming. I’ve got it down so well that when I see something in the sky I can have the camera on it in five minutes. I think this is going to pay off in Tornado Alley pretty soon [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ll post about the camera he recommended, which I bought from MalWart inexpensively and it has a timelapse setup, easy to use. It has SloMo, too.

Braikar had arranged for the fisheye lens to be sent to me so I could forward it to him. I think it’s a terrific approach because I noticed that in my first Sylph film the Sylphs drifted out of view [Image Can Not Be Found] --an hour compressed into a minute at one frame per second, I think. So I’ll probably focus on the more immediate dramas, like the new super CB’s effects on the DOR matrix in Tornado Alley and filming the chemtrail-eating Sylph episodes, which happen pretty much in one spot and relatively fast.

All that remains for me to finally get my photos in posts without agency ‘participation’ is for Ben to finish setting up our business site for self-editing–almost done.


I am looking forward to see your videos Don!

recently i ve been searching for underwater cameras and was recomended a GoPro. It is ideal for any extreme conditions and has also timelapse posibilities at 2,5,10,20 & 60 sec shots. it cost 180$ but better versions are a bit more expensive with extra things you can add.
The basic ´do comes with a full mount case and can be used under water or just anywhere. You can stick it to a windhield of a car or mount it on an airplane ;-d
it sure can take a beating!

here ´s a guy shooting it from an arrow :

and here are some guys taking it in a baloon up to 80,000feet and got back to earth and did not break


here s a channel of a guy who likes doing timelapses of the sky but i do not think he is aware of some of the anomalities he is catching with it:

sure is going to be amazing to watch comfirmations of the sky with time lapsing.