To Denis In Croatia

Don Croft
15 Jun 2008 14:17
Subject: To Denis in Croatia
Denis emailed a question to me about cloudbusters, which I answered, but my reply got blocked on his end by hackers so I hope he’s reading this.

One of the very first cloudbusters was built by a French woman who was working in Croatia, by the way, but Denis is the first person in that country whom I’ve heard from since then.

He asked whether fewer than six pipes and whether shorter pipes are acceptable and I told him that the length of pipes seems to determine how high up in hte atmosphere the effects will occur and the six-pipe configuration has held up pretty well with experimentation. Reich used six pipes in his CBs and may have come to that by experimenting but I don’t know. Our six are in a circle and his six were in a rectangular arrangement.

We use a shorter, smaller CB in our boat in order to bust up storms in our path.

I also mentioned that it’s more important to disable the death towers and weather weapons than to have a CB, though it’s useful to have a CB to guarantee an absence of violent weather and flooding, locally. Disabling the tower weaponry won’t keep that stuff away.