Tom Feeley Threatened By Felonious Feds?

Don Croft
10 Aug 2008 20:48
Subject: Tom Feeley Threatened by Felonious Feds?
Soon after Joe Vialls exposed the cause of the tsunami in Southeast Asia (a US Navy H-bomb, detonated on the seabed nearby) Vialls was murdered by the sewer rats.

A similar situation may be developing for Tom Feeley, who has

I didn’t know who Joe Vialls was until I read his piece about the tsunami and I hadn’t heard of Joe Feeley until today. Scanning his site, just now, I have the impression that he’s reporting real news and info and I’m going to ask the psychics to look into whether the threats from apparent NSA jerkwads in his kitchen are valid so that we can try to prevent the feds from murdering this guy in coming days.

The US Government has formally turned free speech into ‘sedition,’ after all. I think that the only thing saving any of us, thus far, from going to prison or getting a bullet in the back of the head is that these ruinous agencies are mandated not to draw attention to the work we’re all doing. They still pick on reputable journalists of conscience, though.


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