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When I was living in Tonga in the mid-1980s I did a lot of reading while waiting in vain for a work visa to go to Fiji, where a job was waiting for me. That’s when I read my first conspiracy book, which was censored in the US at the time. Remember censorship? It disappeared when the internet became popular Cool. I was also giving freemasonry a fair shake at the time & reading their puff literature with an open mind. I came across an illustrated pamphlet introduced into Tonga by the International Red Cross Society. In it was a curious claim that ‘Count St. Germain started the Red Cross.’ The standard illustration by Benjamin Creme was presented. In grade school I was taught that the Red Cross was started by Clara Barton during the Civil War. Ct St Germain features heavily in masonic, theosophical and rosicrucian (Rosy Cross) literature and we evidently used to encounter that one in our defensive exercises, where he was seen by the psychics as a hideous predator; a very old offworlder who is good with disguises. To the undiscerning it’s always been common to confuse feces with roses with a little brain trickery.

When I got back to the US I found Eustace Muillins’ WORLD ORDER: THE HEGEMONY OF PARASITISM, in which he showed that the Red Cross was used to supply food during the last stages of WWI to the German Army from the US, disguising it as ‘Belgian Relief.’ The corporate order, in those days run from London, needed to keep the war going long enough to create the conditions for the WWII a generation later. If you want some fun, read Greg Hallett’s HITLER WAS A BRITISH AGENT.

Mullins was named by J. Edgar Hoover, ‘The Most Dangerous Man in America.’ He was a clerk at the Library of Congress and that’s where he got nearly all of his documented evidence about the crimes of the corporate order. After he was poisoned about six years ago I sent him a zapper. He recovered, though also with the help of others, and sent me one of each of his published books as a thankyou. He was evidently murdered a few months after that. I traded a zapper for some of Hallett’s books after he was poisoned while visiting one of the Rothschild nimrods in England but Carol had also given him some orgonite when they met at John Scudamore’s place. John has, an outstanding source of intel about the deeper, uglier operations of the corporate order.

I mention stuff like this from time to time because I think it’s very, very important to expose the criminal activity of the parasites who presume to rule us. I never advocate resisting them with violence because they want us to do that and orgonite, after all, has the potential to take away all of their power and flinging towerbusters is always an act of healing, not an act of anarchy or terror. They’re heavily vested in preventing the spread of orgonite but that’s not working very well for them Wink.

The quicker the parasite is exposed, the sooner enough people will start flinging orgonite to end this ancient horror.

In light of this, and because too many people are still being led by the nose by the terrorists who own the media and academia, I want to share something Azti sent to me about the Ebola issue. I don’t know who Jim Stone is but what the AFrican woman is allegedly reporting seems to be right in line with how the agencies of the corporate order operate throughout the African continent:


I just wanted to add some info on the Ebola scam from observations in the chat. Francisco (Spain) and I were both called to look at this worldwide scam today in my chat room. From the 13th dimension, you can see the big picture on the planet and all the energy lines connecting different entities and situations. What I saw were a lot of energy lines all over the planet, connecting to hot spots, which looked like “sore” spots on a body. As we boosted, we cut the energy lines to stop the fear energy from continuing to spread, and the sore spots began to shrink. We were boosting a lot of Triad and alien insect entities who we see perpetuating this scam.

This is a typical method of boosting for me when there is something big going on around the planet. Instead of focusing on the regional happenings, I look at it from a 13D planetary perspective to give my boosting a bigger bang, if you will. With Francisco and I boosting together, we were able to make a big change in the energy in just a short time. We both used Tesla technology and wave boosting to clear the energy channels and heal the sore spots.

This scam is just another way for the darksiders to create a lot of fear and then feed on the fear energy. Anyone who buys into the fear is feeding the darksiders. It’s helpful to see things from the 13D perspective. The whales hang out in 13D and today I saw them basically yawning and rolling their eyes, as if all this Ebola drama was just ho-hum, another day on Earth. :-)

As always, keep in mind that this is a subjective account of the chat happenings. I encourage everyone to do some boosting on their own to help change the energy around this situation.


This is a patent owned by the CDC and the US government on the Ebola virus:

Patent applicants are clearly described on the patent as including:

The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control.

The US government “owns” it. Proof right here.

YAWN here too

A study by the US Department of Defense, which was de-classified in 2009 (I bet they are regretting this), shows that Colloidal Silver, of a particle size of 10 nano meters or smaller (easily done at home), is highly effective at stopping viral replication and constitutes a solution for Ebola infections if administered within a few hours of infection or if taken as a prophylactic even in small doses:

Download CS_viral_inhibition_DTRA.pdf

Additionally, Mega doses of Vitamin C will cure almost any infection and restore the body to health… I would say that the best possible protocol for any life threatening infection, such as exposure to Ebola, is an initial large dose of Colloidal Silver and Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C (which you can also easily make yourself, see linked video) followed by regular smaller doses, and the continuous wearing of a Zapper.

Bottom line, none of us that know what we know and are clued in, need every worry about Ebola, or any other Pathogen… We need only worry about whether the Corporate Government Goons manage to sufficiently scare the population such that they can attempt to force vaccinate everybody… Frankly, I believe that they are already starting to back off on this Ebola Scam as too many people have already figured out the Scam and they know, by now, resistance to such a campaign would be fierce and cause them too much of a publicity backlash… Statistics are beginning to show that the population is quickly catching on to the Vaccine Scam in general, witness this report on a huge plummeting of Kindergartener’s vaccination rates

Al Kaida, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, ISIS, Global Warming (now climate change), Ebola - every year something new. As Dooney said - it’s just designed to keep people in fear.

Here’s an interesting article on how human emotions can affect the whole planet. In it you’ll find charts how negative emotions connected to 9-11 spiked the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field and Evidence of Collective Intuition per 9-11.

“GCI researchers theorize that when large numbers of humans respond to a global event with a common emotional feeling, the collective response can affect the activity in the earth’s field. In cases where the event evokes negative responses, this could be thought of as a planetary stress wave, and in cases where a positive wave is created, it could create a global coherence wave.”

Link to the post and the charts here.

Speaking about “ebo-lie”, as an addition one can search the net for ‘CNN and NYTimes Ebola scam’.

Today, in Dooney’s chatroom, the psychics all saw the parasites behind these terrorist scams as having weakened considerably. They have a sense that we’re over the hump, now, in terms of the parasites being able to pull off any more large scale mass murder schemes, such as a widespread bioweaponry distribution, which is evidently what the Ebola thing was supposed to have turned into before now.

Michal suggested to us as a better alternative than, which we’d been using for many years. The psychics really like because it doesn’t feel so much like they’re in an NSA fishbowl in that venue. A week ago, when Carol and I were under a big dogpile of psi assailants the chatroom was completely hacked for the first time, ever, so Carol and Dooney took care of it later in the day in another way. When we got into together soon after that we cleaned up the mess Cool

Thanks, Michal!