Tough Times in Sudan for the Gifters

I got the following from Salva Kirr in Sudan, whom I haven’t heard from in some time. He and his wife, Christine, went with David Ochieng, Leonida Odondi and her son, Billie, to MOmbasa to give more orgonite to the dolphins offshore about a year ago. A lot of our readers are probably new since then and I haven’t checked whether the CIA sewer rats destroyed those reports when they last took down the Etheric Warriors site last June, so I’ll recap a little bit:

David, in Migori, Kenya, took donations for the trip and made all the arrangements but when they all got to Mombasa David got poisoned immediately and remained bedridden; had to be carried onto the bus for the return trip and spent some time in the hospital when he got home. We went to bat for him in the internatinoal chat session as soon as we learned about it, which was (if memory serves) during the Mombasa visit. The others carried out the task admirably and provided plenty of details about their interactions with teh dolphins. This was (if memory serves again) right after the US Navy apparently slaughtered hundreds of dolphins nearby on the coast of Zanzibar. We went after those criminals in a previous chat session, of course.

Salva, Christine, their children and other family members had been driven from their village by CIA-sponsored terrorists a few years ago and spent a long time in a refugee camp just over the border in Kenya. After Dr Kayiwa travelled through Southern Sudan, a couple of years ago, and gifted the battlezone the fighting suddenly stopped and the Sudanese refugees were able to return home. Salva asked for some assistance moving to Yei, the southern capital, where Christine had gotten a job nearby as a school teacher, so we collected some modest donations and they were able to build a house with that on some donated land. Those African houses are quite nice and very simple. The only real capital investment is for the dcoorjamb and door since the rest is made of saplings, thatch and mud.

I was quite disheartened to read the following becuse it’s apparent that the CIA and probably MI6 have been able, again, to finance and direct another terro;rist campaign against the populace in Southern Sudan. Georg told me, when we were in Uganda together, that they routinely do this sort of thing in order for the world odor’s corporations to remove the natural resources without having to deal with locals, after paying off the government officials, of course.
It’s apparently a lot cheaper for them to conduct a war than to wrangle through democratic processes but, of coruse, this is how the world odor was created in the first place, mainly through The City’s sponsorship for the past four or so centuries.

You and I probably haven’t faced starvation, though some of us have experrienced poverty. A hundred bucks takes care of lots of people in times like that, though, at least in Africa. I’m going to ask teh chatters to see whether we can stop that terrorist campaign by going after the top sewer rats involved but if you can send Salva some orgonite he can probably end the fighting and enable the economy to support the populace, as Dr K did earlier with a modest number of simple towerbusters, intelligently placed.

I’m still experiencing a lot of hacking by the sewer rat agencies even though email to my older email addy has all been routed to the new address effectively but, thankfully, Salva was able to get this to me through David.


> Hello Don,
> How are you doing?. Hope you are doing fine. With me its been like hell to
> us over here in Sudan, Fighting every now and then. That forced us to stay
> at the refuges camp for so long with ought communication. At least now we
> are back to our various homes and I hope and pray that every thing will be
> okay and I will be able to start doing the gifting again.
> Dear Don can you please assist me with $100 am in need of it. For some time
> now we have been going without food and we are really starving. With
> that I can a sure you it will help us a lot .
> When sending the money please just send to Dancan in Lodwar,Kenya
> Address:P.O B.o.x 210 Lodwar
> Post code:20106
> Town:Lodwar
> Country:Kenya
> Thank you
> Dear David Am sorry for not being in touch with you for so long and I hope
> you know all about Sudan Crisis,but promise to be in touch every week.
> Thanks for the new email address of Don.
> Salva Kirr

We normally reserve the Wednesday chat sessions for individuals who are being overwhelmed in the moment by the sewer rat agencies’ psi corps or other official predators but we spent some time in today’s session attempting to stop the CIA/MI6 terror campaign in Sudan.

The psychics, which today were Dooney and STevo, were immediately drawn to look at and under Khartoum in this case. Dooney was looking for a primary pirated vortex to heal and in the process they apparently discovered another ‘well of souls’ in the huge vortex at Khartoum. This is an ‘open all hours’ snack bar and ‘takeaway’ for the world odor: reversing the energy spin of the host vortex normally frees the trapped souls in this case, depriving the world odor and their parasitic out-of-town and hyperdimensional cronies of DOR sustenance.

We also went after the crooked Sudanese politicians and the terrorists’ MI6/CIA overseers, of course.

I personally believe that a soul can only be scammed into believing he/she is trapped, by the way. According to the dead paradigm, a ‘soul’ is something one carries around, like a wallet or sandwich, and can be bartered or stolen. Really, I suspect that one human soul is more vast and complex than the entire physical creation, rather, and entirely beyond the corrupting ability of even the worst efforts of the world odor and their bedfellows. Look at how well the PJ folks have been scammed into assuming that they’re powerless, for instance. Why would that change after a soul ‘abandons the physical garment,’ if that soul failed to ‘get it’ while here?

Some people are just hooked on drama, of course, and maybe these are the prime candidates for enslavement. Most PJ folks are that way, after all.

Have you ever wondered why suicide rates are so high among Westerners and almost non existent among AFricans? It might be because Westerners have become convinced that this physical life is the most important one. The more NationalSocialism or communism in a country, the higher the suicide rate, by the way. Note how these artificial belief paradigms put all of their emphasis on the physical and none on the spiritual.

We always watch for feedback after our sessions but, really, we all do it because it just feels appropriate and fun. Also, it’s often impossible to know if something is feedback or is not entirely related to our efforts, of course.

The direct, sometimes instant feedback we generally get from people who are treated to healing and/or protection by the group is quite gratifying, though.

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